Peace in the Universe

On earth we see there is rivalry between different beings. We have seen throughout history that to unite two kingdoms beings have united with each other or married their children to each other in hopes of bringing peace to their kingdoms.

So what if the Creator brought peace to the universe in this manner? Just think the idea of uniting two kingdoms to make peace had to come from somewhere. As above so below. I believe the Creator looked amongst the children in the universe and saw fighting amongst them. To put an end to it the Creator decided to call two light beings from two different kingdoms before the throne. The two light beings did not want war, they only wanted peace and love throughout the universe. I believe the Creator as the Father and Mother together gave the two light beings a mission that would have them work together and also unite the two light beings by making them twin flames. The light beings were tasked with promoting peace, love and finding other light beings like them to promote the same. We are the Creator’s children and it saddens the Creator to see fighting amongst us. In my Calling all Guardians dream, I saw many guardians from different worlds resembling different beings. They came together under the call of Yahshua. We were all gathered in a great room (possibly a banquet hall or throne room) waiting for Yahshua to come in and present us with our orders. I meditated and sought more wisdom from the Most High on this dream. I remember in the dream where the guardians and warriors from the different kingdoms were pairing up in preparation of being sent to the earth. This made me think of a post that Sister Carter posted.

Sister Carter stated in her post:

When I gazed into Obadiyah’s eyes we connected instantly. A strong connection was linked between us in the spirit world and I think it’s a possibility that we once knew each other in another realm before we were born on this earth. The other day I envisioned being called to Yah’s throne from a galaxy that I lived in the universe and Obadiyah was being called from another galaxy in the universe. It seem like Yah called us from two different Kingdoms in the Universe and he had a mission for us both. I saw him telling us that we would be sent to the earth to complete a mission and that we would link up at the appointed time. We would work together on the earth as his servants. (These are just my thoughts on what happened). 

I am putting out a call to all of the guardians and light beings we have a mission. We have to meditate and bring forth positive energy. We have to have peace and love manifest in this world. If we can all get on one accord and raise ourselves to the same high positive energy levels, we can change the reality of this world. We can manifest the love and light of the creator. the love and light will shine through the darkness. The earth will vibrate at a high frequency and amplify the love and light energy. If we can get on one accord, the darkness will not win.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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