Feminine Power and GodDess Energy Expands Through All

Greetings my dear ones. We are living in a great time right now! I am so happy inside. Connecting to my higher self has given me so much joy. I love creating in my light chamber. I go within and connect to the Goddess energy and it feels so great. Today I revisited a moment when I merged with the Sun. It was an amazing experience and it definitely enlightened me. I saw myself as a Goddess of the Sun. As my consciousness appeared in space inside of a chariot I saw many others ships around me. We sped towards the pure light that was emanating from the Sun and I didn’t know what was going to happen but miraculously I merged with the Sun and it was like a burst of energy that came out of the Sun. It was like I became the power in the Sun and the flares emitted from me. My whole body experienced an activation and its like my body was upgraded. I could feel the vibration that was going on in my body. I was being transformed by the Sun’s pure energy.

The more I tap into my feminine power the more I release my love energy from my higher self. I am operating as a multidimensional being and every day my heart aligns with the Mother Goddess. My inner sun is expanding every day and I am sending love and light to all. I see my higher self in the galactic center and in the inner sun of the Earth. I feel as though my feminine energy flows through the core of all things in creation. I have learned that our light body or merkaba is a living organic divine intelligence powered by our higher self and it’s working in alignment with Mother/Father God. We receive photons from surrounding stars, star systems and the galactic center. We download the information that is carried in the photons and we convert this light into electrons and spin the sub-atomic particles within our bodies in increased light frequencies. We access our multidimensional selves and open portals that connect to higher consciousness. We create with the information that is given to us and our merkaba activates and stores all information and analyzes everything that it receives. It is intelligent on it’s own.

I am assisting with the planetary merkaba activation of Mother Earth. Many times I have been in deep thought and I just think of different possibilities. I had a pure thought about saving the whole world. In my mind I visualized a Mothership larger than the Earth. Earth would be able to fit inside of the Mothership. I had a thought about everyone ascending to the Mothership and that portals would open on the Earth. It would be like a elevator descending from the Mothership and then a portal would open. You would step inside of the elevator and ascend up to the Mothership. The Mothership would take you to the New Earth. Then recently I had a thought that the Mothership in which I had visualized could represent the New Earth. Is it possible for the New Earth to be here in this space? If I am a multidimensional being then Mother Earth is also. There is new world beyond what we can see. It is in a higher dimension and the New Earth has a higher vibrational frequency. The city of New Jerusalem is descending from heaven so there is an invisible world sharing the same space with this Earth. We just can’t see into this other world because we are not on the same vibrational frequency as the New Earth and it’s inhabitants. More to come…

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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