Complete the inner work for your soul’s ascension

Greeting my dear love ones! I have been receiving alot of downloads and I just have to spread the love. My life consists of exploring the nature of spiritual reality. I am seeking my full potential and allowing my creative intelligence to guide me into higher realms. You should do the same! Surround yourself with like minded individuals. Be around people that will raise you to higher states of consciousness. Some things just gets old in life and you just can’t keep going on the same cycle. It’s time to move on and ascend to higher levels. Your soul’s growth is very important so you should take the time to complete the inner work for your soul’s ascension.

The Creator experiences itself through all of us and all the things we perceive around us because we are one with the intelligence of infinite consciousness. Our consciousness is part of the Creator’s consciousness and the Creator gets to experience a part of its infinite potential through every lifeform on this planet and in the infinite worlds created throughout the Universe/Multiverse.

Meditate upon this yourself, the Creator’s Consciousness is Omnipotent (All Powerful/Almighty), Omnipresent (Present in all places always) and Omniscient (All Knowing having infinite awareness, understanding and insight, Wise)

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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