Secret Codes of the Bible: All Truth Will Be Revealed!

The bible is a secret book of code and symbolism and those who are operating in a higher frequency can see the truth. All truth is being revealed in these awakening days. We are living in the days where knowledge is everywhere. People are decoding the symbolism in the bible and in other ancient writings. I say, “No more talking in parables! Let the truth be know! No more hidden secrets and mysteries, let all be revealed!” Now is the Time! The Holy Spirit has descended on this Earth and the purge is beginning. All Truth shall come to the light. Anything hidden in secret will be revealed. No more lies…..That Holy Fire, which is that Pure Love Energy is about to complete the inner work in every individual who chose purification for themselves. This is a personal choice and no one can force you to change. The transformation is being complete in those who want to be spiritually transformed and transfigured like Christ.

Some things in the bible can be literal and some things are not. You have to look deeper, there is hidden wisdom in symbolism. The book of Revelation is loaded with symbolism and it is a book that I am still trying to decode. Everybody will not understand but I try to break down the bible in the simplest way. I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. The Holy spirit has led me in all Truth and revealed some mysteries to me. I don’t know everything but I share what I know. All of the information is sent out to the collective. Everybody who has been studying the bible, meditating and receiving downloads from higher dimensional beings have a piece of the puzzle. My task is to put all of the information together. There are people who have been preparing spiritually for this ascension process. I will let you know right now. You are not CRAZY! Everything is happening for a reason. Strange things have been happening to many people and they can’t explain it.

People have been seeing flashing lights in the sky and many other things. There are ships or UFO’s in the sky that are cloaked. You can’t see them. They have always been here they are now revealing themselves because the collective consciousness is awakening. The more we believe and have no fear they will reveal themselves to humanity. They are hiding in the clouds. The scriptures talk about this. The Chariots descended on the Earth in the ancient days and someday in the near future when humanity is ready they will descend again. Whether people believe it or not Yahshua is part of the Counsel of Light. There are melinated beings in them ships also! The melanated people of the Earth need to understand this. The Earth is filled with multiple races and so is the galactic family. The rulers of the world are keeping this a secret because they don’t want to create mass panic and chaos, which is wise, but they don’t want the system to collapse. They even have their own UFO’s. The corrupt rulers of this world communicate with the malevolent ET races. That’s how we have the technology that we have but that’s another topic.

The chariots of fire are light ships or star ships and there are benevolent races who travel in them from other worlds, star systems and galaxies etc. They are way more advanced then us. There are different ranks of angelic beings in the Universe. We have different star races such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans etc. There are many different Counsels of Light and they are multicolored races of beings that are on these ships. Personally I have only met with melationated beings, the melanated men came to me in my dreams on a chariot. They were very tall and strong warriors.They came to anoint me and they showed me how the women of all races would be anointed. Both men and women have healing powers. The women are coming into their intuitive and psychic powers, some can speak to these beings telepathically, and many women are channeling higher knowledge from these beings on these light ships. They come in rainbow chariots in the clouds, I have seen the rainbow chariots and ships blinking with blue lights or just white light. I can go on and on about the chariots. I have been preparing for this for 6 years.

Also people are having intense dreams and visions and out of body experiences. People have been having all kinds of symptoms in there physical body such as aches, pains, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, intense vibrations throughout their body and hearing high pitch sounds. Well it’s because there are incoming waves of energy flowing through the Earth. The Earth also has energy centers or portals and the waves of energy are penetrating through everything. The Earth is shifting in vibration because higher frequencies are coming in on the Earth. So alot of things are happening in the invisible realms. The angelic beings are here! That divine feminine energy is penetrating through every cell in your body. The Holy Spirit energies are here to clear up negative energies and cleanse the Earth and humanity from lower thought forms. The Holy Spirit is dissolving all negative energies within the electromagnetic energy field of your body. This is a Healing Energy and the energy is here to create perfect balance. The Sun of Righteousness brings healing in it’s wings. The wings which represents the electromagnetic field. Balance your energies!

Revelation 2:7 “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches. To everyone who is victorious I will give fruit from the tree of life in the paradise of God.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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