Wisdom is at the Gates: Are you listening?

Dear ones, Wisdom speaks daily! Knowledge and wisdom is spreading quickly in these days. Many souls are spiritually awakening and they are using their gifts to spread the light. Light is information and information is being downloaded and stored inside of us from our higher selves. Many people have the ability to channel information from higher dimensional beings and that’s one way the light is being sent. I am listening and paying attention to it all. I am gathering all information as it is all interconnected to the Source (the Creator). Most of my information comes from my higher self and Yahshua through dreams, visions and out of body experiences. I have the gift of discernment, telepathy, psychic and intuitive abilities and possibly more that I am discovering.

I can understand the light messages that are being channeled because I have the ability to match the frequency. What I can say is that there are light ships near our Sun and on the Earth in our clouds. Higher beings are here and the people who are resonating on higher frequencies can see them and communicate with them through telepathy. This information is true. I witnessed this myself and recently I heard a message from a light being. He advised me that I am doing great with interpreting the messages. He even called me by a New Name!

Christ Consciousness and Ascension are the main topics these days. I am learning and I can see things from many different perspectives. People are using different terms to describe the same things and people are calling it New Age. Well what’s wrong with doing something new and different from the rest. People are so afraid to learn something new. People fear things they don’t understand. There is always something new to learn. Sorry to burst your bubble but the True beings of light have awakened to their mission. The New Earth and the New Heaven is manifesting! We are assisting the benevolent beings in the invisible worlds or heaven. Out with the old mindset and in with the new mindset.

The New Creation is being birthed and the Earth shall shake. The vibration of Love is here and the beings of love and light have returned to the Earth. Stay in tune with the higher vibrational messages and transmute the negative. Balance your masculine and feminine energies and know thyself. Be whole and complete and be one with Love! Stay on the path of ascension and complete your own inner work and stop worrying about other people lives. Stop judging others and evaluate your own soul. I don’t know about others but my soul’s progression is important to me. I am focusing on myself so I can continuously share my knowledge and wisdom with others. Time is precious so use it wisely! 

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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