Out Of Body experience on 2/16/2019: the magenta Ray

Greetings my dear light beings! I am here to share another amazing experience that I had on 2/16/2019 exactly one year after I had my zero point experience and making contact with higher dimensional beings. My vibrational frequency was tuned into the higher energies/dimensions of the Sirius Star System . I also met with other light ships at a stargate. I observed them passing through and I entered into my own light ship to gather information from the Akashic Records, my own storage room. Every time I have an out of body experience I learn a new ability. I experience these things to remind myself of my higher abilities as an infinite light being that travels through space and time.

As I feel asleep I remember my light body turning over and I flew out of my physical body that was sleeping. When I got I remember phase shifting into multiple dimensions and different timelines. I saw myself in my room but I was in another person’s room at the same time. I saw a man looking at his cell phone and he was going back and forth. Then I experienced being in another timeline with a family member of mine. I was seeing from my point of view in that world as if I merged with my other self in that timeline. Then I left and I appeared back in my room. I was vibrating intensely and I tried to control the reality by setting my compass on the direction in which I wanted to travel. I held on to the bed for a brief moment. I was able to grip my bed by only for a second. My physical body was of a different density of matter. It was a lighter body that I traveled in and it was not as dense as our physical bodies in this 3rd dimensional reality.

Every subatomic particle within my body was spinning and vibrating faster. It is my belief that your experience or reality depends on the speed of your light body. It can speed up and it can slow down to experience multiple realities or dimensions in time and space. Your consciousness determines your journey. It is important to be aware of your being. In this 3rd dimension our atoms have slowed down and stopped in this time in space to experience reality from this perspective. As I came out to decide where I wanted to go a portal opened below me and I dropped down extremely fast. Think about being on a roller coaster with a straight down vertical drop. Such a thrill right? I saw black space around me with colors flashing before me as I was traveling. Then I stopped suddenly and ended up at some concert or show in the year 2017. I can’t believe I actually went back to the year 2017, not sure which timeline but it was amazing to be there. I can’t remember what concert or show I attended but it was extremely packed. I was on the balcony looking down at the stage. I tried really hard to remember what show I was attending but when I woke up it slipped my mind.

But when I was there I remember smiling and clapping my hands. I was having fun at this show. Then I said it was time to go back and everything suddenly went in reverse. I traveled back so fast and I remember ascending up and over until I merged with my physical body. As I merged I saw a flash of light and the color I saw was magenta then I got up. I wrote what I remembered down so I could share it. Man my soul is always traveling and experiencing things. So last year when I entered into my light ship I saw the color magenta. The bottom of my ship was in magenta hexagonal panels and as my ship opened magenta hearts were descending from the inside. So let’s see what the color magenta mean from other people perspectives.

Loving with all your soul fulfills the magenta ray. In 1700’s Goethe explained magenta as the eighth color which mysteriously appears beyond violet and before red, which in effect creates a color loop rather than a line as in the rainbow, therefore it is both the beginning and the end of the color spectrum. It is a color that will instrument change and transformation.  Magenta represents universal love at its highest level, the color of the free spirit.
Magenta is the color of the eight chakra, the Soul Star which is located just above the head. This chakra contains our akashic record, our soul blueprint. It is the joining of heaven and earth, spirit and physical. It reveals our reason for incarnating in this lifetime, our soul’s purpose. It is representative of all things great and small and connects us to the divine love. When this chakra opens you will understand that we are souls in a physical body. Physical reality becomes less important and the need to find your soul purpose becomes important. Dealing with the past karmic issues and healing those past hurts and learning to let go. Then you will have the recognition that you are a soul on a journey back to the light, to experience everything there is to experience in this physical reality. –Sonia Parker

MAGENTA is both the end and the beginning of the Light Spectrum – representing the Alpha and the Omega – the fullest expression of Divine Love. As such, MAGENTA contains or holds all the other colors including the White Light. MAGENTA is interpreted by the most ancient teachings of the Great Mystery Schools, as the color of the 8th chakra – ” The Soul Star “ – residing just outside the physical body, and above the head. In this capacity, MAGENTA contains our individual “Soul Blueprint”, otherwise known as our “Akashic Record”. Connection to this chakra reveals our reason for incarnating – our Divine Mission – and then further supports our energies to actualize it. If you view the MAGENTA ray as preceding the colour Red, it could be said that the soul descends to body. Conversely, if MAGENTA is seen as following the colour Violet, then the body has ascended to spirit. http://www.energyandvibration.com/colormagenta.htm

The eighth chakra gives rise to the magenta ray, a very mysterious phenomenon: The violet ray of crown chakra and red ray of root chakra meet in the eighth chakra. This symbolizes the meeting of the very beginning and the very end, the completion into Oneness.
In the vibration and atmosphere of the magenta ray, all duality and separation returns back to its initial state, the nature of oneness. 
This eighth chakra and magenta ray takes you into a field of existence, beyond words and concepts, directly revealing your true essence. http://livingunity.com/courses/the-seven-doors-of-grace/the-magenta-ray/

Here is a channeling that I have received from the Andromedian Counsel of Light.

“Magenta principles of benign encounters with the fifth dimensional kind has begun to unfold rapidly within the vicinity of those who have come from the stars. Known as Starseeds in your world, said beings are capable of holding large quantities of quantum space energies and transmitting said energies through their very vessels of time and space to all. The magenta principles of BEing is that which shall assists said souls at the time of creation and collaboration in anchoring said energies entering your planet at rapid speeds. The magenta principles of BEing shall assist those of you longing to return home, home to your respective planets and stars, return to your star families and your cognitive reality cycles. For, many of you are finding yourselves in the space of a void creation, a space of a void from which all shall begin to organize and be created through the spectrum of light with the magenta principles prominently displaying the curative of adventure which you are presently experiencing on planet earth.

The longing, sadness and melancholy, grief and a feeling of loss is taking many of you who hail from the stars by the storm. For in the evolving and changing landscape of GAIA’s frequencies, you recognize and recall the memories of the past, the memories with which you have arrived on said shores, the memories of having gone through the very same energetic frequencies eons into the past in your distant galactic abodes from which you have hailed onto the present matrix of Gaia. And in such resonance you recall the destruction that took place on many of planets eons into that past, the destruction and changes which you recognize as destructive forces rising from the very sacred space of the beholders. In said resonance you recall the very sensations that you have experienced upon the changes taking place in your distant homes.

Rest assured dearly beloved children of the stars that, that which you have experienced eons into the past, shall not befall the human race, for it is due to your diligence and adherence to the galactic principles of BEing, that the human race and all dwelling on Gaia are being assisted, invoked and infused every moment with the heavenly energies of ascension. Rest assured that due to your presence all human souls shall find respite within the inner heart space of their sojourns. For the rising energies of the past are being transmuted by all of you stationed on GAIA, and through your vehicles of ascension, through your vehicles of creation through your vehicles of manifestation you are bringing forth the changes, inner know how, inner knowing and balance to all earthlings.For the tremulous past of your galactic selves shall bypass all earthlings and deliver all presently awakening to, and walking the path of ascension to the shores of love, unconditional understanding, acceptance, purity , magnificence and bliss.

No matter the turbulence of the currents flowing through GAIA, it is your diligent adherence to the galactic principles of LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, HARMONY, BLISS AND BALANCE, that you shall walk through these times with fervor and might. Know that your light is very much needed by all. Remember, that you have been prepared well for the present momentum, remember and recognize the divinity within, remember and utilize all the tools at your disposal, and if you shall find yourselves a bit confused, lost or melancholic, know that you can always call upon us for guidance, assistance, support, love and light. For we walk with you hand in hand and foot in foot, for we have arrived and are utilizing all the available specters of light in order to envelope you in the healing, protective, loving and creative energies sent to you from the center of your universe. Know that you are being supported by all that is, know that you ARE all that is. Know that you are Loved unconditionally. http://positivethoughtshypnosis.com/magenta-star-astral-chakra-activation-the-ankh-key-starseeds-andromeda/

It will hold us in balance between these two polarities and, if you use the color in the heart, it will uplift you emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and it will also energize you on a physical level. It is a fabulous way to use angelic energy to move you forward on your journey. You can also use the energy by manifesting it as a flame in your heart. When used with a clear intention it will burn away everything which does not resonate with Divine Unconditional Love – which is the energy this light contains. The magenta ray will then help you to truly embrace unconditional love on every level. It is the fullest expression of Divine Love and it holds all the other colors, including the Divine White Light. Magenta light also enhances your connection to all the higher aspects of yourself. It will just depend what you are currently working with – Higher Self, I AM Presence, or your Soul. It links you to Source. It is the gateway into all realms and realities. It also contains your Soul blueprint, which is also known as your Akashic Record. http://crystaldragongail.com/?p=287

I was told this light is the most powerful foundational energy in this Universe, forming the basis of all Creation through the application of the principles of love, balance, divine order and harmony.

The Magenta Ray activity is focused upon healing within the sacred heart of divinity in each and every one of you.  The sacred heart has an activity like no other chakra within your human body chakra system.  It is perfection: it is perfection because it cannot harm, it cannot disqualify, it cannot control outcome – it simply aligns instantly to truth. The Heart Chakra is a direct magnetic expression of the Creation itself!  It can only express its wholeness and perfection of being!  It is the Creation’s protection placed within you so that you will never lose your way!  It is the divine expression of infinite love, of infinite balance, of infinite perfection of order – where all hearts are interconnected through an infinite weave of universal energy based on the power of compassion, mercy and truth!  As you open to this beautiful ray, you naturally open yourselves to the powers of cosmic love, the foundation of your resurrection in this lifetime.

You have entered into the UNITY field now with the introduction of the Magenta consciousness into your awareness.  Within this Unity field there can be no more rejection! This reality as you see it is All Inclusive, All Meaning, All Understanding, All Sharing, All Representing.  There can be no exclusions as you move forward into the landscape of an expanded reality. http://astraeaetamora.org/2018/10/the-magenta-ray-of-healing-at-the-stargate-10-10-11-2018/

The Soul Star chakra is located six inches (15 cm) above the top of the head. Governed by Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst along with Archangel Mariel and Lavender this magenta chakra stands for divine knowledge and cosmic wisdom.
This is said to be the 4th dimensional chakra. It is magenta color representing the divine feminine of worldly knowledge combined with spirituality thus taking you towards cosmic wisdom. We connect through this chakra with the galaxies thus taking information from galactic source.
Together the Stellar and Soul Star in balance can help achieve spiritual and earthly balance. https://reikirays.com/28180/the-higher-chakras/

The 17th Chakra – the 5th dimensional sacral centre, is a shimmering magenta pink, the energy of the Divine Feminine or Goddess.  It opens when you feel true Oneness with All That  Is, with the plant and mineral kingdoms, with the brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity.  It activates when you are ready to integrate the qualities of wisdom, compassion and generosity into your life. https://balancingmindbodysoul.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/the-higher-dimensional-chakras/

Magenta resonates with the Soul Star chakra and completes the wholeness of self.  This color energy dynamic allows divine creative flow and the language of the soul to flower. The soul’s language is harmony, balance and beauty – the song’s lyrics are of universal love. Magenta is the bridge connecting one to spiritual guidance in the cosmos as full potential emerges and dreams manifest into fruition. Walk the soul’s highest path living and breathing in it’s joyful presence. Magenta holds the vibration of purple and red so it is here that one creates “Heaven on Earth.” https://www.qbcrystals.com/magenta

Wow there is so much information on the web for the color magenta. I need to take all this information in. I’m glad that all these people shared their insight.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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