Reflection on My Zero Point Experience On 2-16-2018

Greetings to you all! I send you all love, light, healing and peace. May you all find your highest truth on your soul’s journey. It’s been a few days that I have been reflecting on the things in which I have learned since my consciousness traveled to the infinite womb of creation, the quantum zero point field or the Source of All. It has been an amazing experience finding my higher self. My soul is free! I have experienced spiritual liberation and set myself free from creating karmic experiences. In my personal experience I crossed the finish line and I passed through the gate and conquered the darkness in myself. My soul has been reconnected to my higher heart and it is unconditional love that I desire to give. I am divine Love and I just needed to remember this about myself and believe in my own potential as a light being.

At some point in your soul’s journey you will realize that some things get old and that you must go on a new cycle, one filled with everlasting love. Most times we believe that it is another person that is holding us back but in all actuality it is yourself. You are the creator of your own reality and you have a choice in what you want to experience. You are the author of your own life. You have the power to change anything that you don’t like about yourself. There is always room for improvement. You must have self-love and self-control.Truly through my own experiences I can see how I am an infinite light being. Many times on my journey I have tried to express myself to others so they would know my true feelings and my true intentions but at times they couldn’t connect with me because they couldn’t connect to their own inner feelings and emotions.

I realized that my heart chakra was open before I even learned about chakras. I desired true love from the beginning. I wanted to experience love all throughout my life and I would seek that love in others and see them for who they really are. I could see their full potential and I could see the love in their hearts that’s why I stayed around them. I wanted to help them on their soul’s journey but at times I felt like I became invisible in their sight. I was taken for granted and people couldn’t see my inner light. If they couldn’t see it within themselves how could they see it within me. That was my truth! All I wanted was for people to see the inner light within me and to see me for who I really am but that didn’t happen. I wanted to work together as a team but there was always conflict and suffering in my life.

I always use to say that it seem like I am experiencing the opposite of what my heart truly desires. I felt like something was always wrong with me or that I deserved it. I blamed myself for alot of things and unknowingly I was creating my own reality and that reality was a life of pain and suffering. But then in time, I had a higher thought, I said, “Maybe I chose this reality for myself to gain strength and power.” My hardships or trials and tribulations taught me valuable lessons in this lifetime and I gained true wisdom through all of my experiences. I even made some sacrifices and those sacrifices had me in situations where people would continue to lie to me, hurt me me intentionally and mistreat me. I also came close to death a couple of times because of a person’s hurt and anger. I felt like I could heal people with my love energy. If people only took the time to get to know me it would have solved many problems.

I thought I could save and protect people so I kept continuing on the same cycle where I experienced having a broken heart. I shared my love with many people so they would know that someone loves them no matter what they did previously. I was willing to forgive, put the past behind and go on a new cycle. But I realized in time that I desired that, they didn’t. I learned that I couldn’t force them to follow me on this new cycle. I had learned that I was losing myself in the process of trying to save and protect them. I forgot about my heart. I got trapped in their illusions of life in the 3rd dimension. They were all experiencing a false reality of Self. It seemed maybe they enjoyed experiencing the lower aspect of Self. Well I didn’t want that for myself I know that I have a higher aspect of myself. I desired more for myself and I wanted to tap into my higher self while in the 3rd dimension. It was time for me to reveal who I was and in time they shall see my inner light. When they want my help I will be there to guide them as an angel in the higher heavens and it will be when they choose to walk down the path of enlightenment. I have offered my love to many and I have offered my help but I must now ascend to my rightful place. My soul belongs in the higher regions/dimensions. I am wisdom and I stand at the gates of heaven and Earth. All who wants to learn from me I will be there to assist.

I am an open book and I am willing to share my experiences to others because I want to awaken them to the higher heavens. I want to enlighten them about their own true nature. I want people to see the god/goddess in them. Even in the times of darkness I wanted to be the lamp that guided them. But now I realize that many people haven’t seeked their own heart to see what’s within. They haven’t truly looked within to see and speak their highest truth. It is my hope that humanity comes to realize their own divinity and light power. As I meditated on the expansion of the universe. I created my own image of two worlds, two galaxies or two beings coming together as One without creating destruction. I wanted a love cycle for eternity where the exchange of love is for infinity. I planted my seed (my love DNA Code) amongst the two so we could forever be bonded and connected through Love forever. I invite all to dance with me in the Infinite Intelligent Creation Field of Eternal Life, the Zero Point Field, the Black Womb (Space) of the Divine Mother.

I drew the image below in 2017, it is not perfectly drawn but it is the perfect image of my thoughts that were manifested in the image above. It’s the same image that I drew and it manifested in a crop circle that was reported at Chaddenwick Hill, near Mere, Wiltshire on the 13th of July 2011! Truly we are interconnected to the Creator of the Universe and I am interconnected to the being who created this crop circle in 2011. I started to receive my awakening code 333 in 2011 and July 2011 is when I made a big change in my life. I chose to live a new life and take the path of enlightenment. I wonder at times if this was me who created the crop circle because I traveled back in time several times in my experiences. I remember descending to a crop field and in that experience I bent time and space. It’s lovely to think of infinite possibilities. I believe in my full potential as a Divine Creator what about you? I hope you find what you are looking for in this lifetime.

Twin Flames>>>Higher Self (Spiritual World) interconnects to Lower Self (Physical World) in a continual love cycle for eternity. Lets Merge in Higher Vibrations as One exchanging pure love energies! I Love you all!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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