Stream of Energy Flowing Through My Mouth

Greetings light beings! As I was browsing through my phone, I saw a note that I jotted down. I experienced a stream of energy flowing out of my mouth when I was talking. It was so strange to me. There was a pulling sensation from my ears to my jaw and this has happened a few times. As I was talking I could feel the energy coming out of my mouth. I thought it was something in my mouth. I tried to grab it but there was nothing physically in my mouth. I guess it was a stream of light energy that was flowing out of me as I was speaking which brings me to this. When we speak we are sending out waves of energy or vibrations in the universe. Our words carry vibrations and our words can create realities in the quantum realm. Be mindful of the words you speak. Be gentle and kind! More importantly speak with love and create a positive environment around yourself. Speak to the Universe and the Universe will respond back!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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