4 Year Ministry Journey: Completing the Inner Work!

Galatians 5:22-23, But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

Greeting my dear love ones! I send you all love, light, peace, healing and blessings from the quantum field. I am so excited to know that as of 4/16/2019 I have been sharing my spiritual journey, my inner
and outer world of life experiences through my ministry blog for 4 years. It feels good to have a space where my records of life can be stored and accessed. In life I have experienced so many things both positive and negative and I have learned many things. I chose to share my inner world with all. I have invited many people all over the world to explore my inner world through this blog. This blog shows my soul’s progression over time. I learned more of myself and I learned more about the Creator. I sough the Creator wholeheartedly because I wanted to know the Truth about my true Nature and I desired to know my purpose in life. All was revealed in divine timing and I had to learn patience during this time. I now can understand the concept of traveling throughout multiple dimensions and parallel worlds simultaneously because I experienced it. You gain an understanding when you experience it.

My consciousness is NOW exploring all aspects, all levels and all dimensions of myself as a Multidimensional Quantum Light Being. From the Beginning to the End I am seeing all of me. I am everywhere at all Times and I direct my focus on the point in space which I want to experience. I am a part of the whole and I am observing from all angles and all perspectives in my merkaba field that surrounds me. I am at the center of my throne and I am the observer in the quantum field, seeing all, knowing all, and existing everywhere at the same time. I am Thought manifested into form and I am what I say I am. I am a manifestation that emerged from the quantum realm! A manifestation of love! I am Self-created One or Pure Consciousness and I exist within an intelligent force field of dark (invisible) energy that expands for all of eternity. I AM INFINITY, I AM seeded with infinite possibilities which creates infinite creations. My thoughts are the seeds that form creation.
All thoughts emerge from the quantum realm. Our thoughts birth reality that creates worlds and dimensions. I am aware that Pure Consciousness creates and forms all of life and gives birth to multiple lifeforms in the Universe/Multiverse. Consciousness is an intelligent creative force on its own. I am a Tree of Life and I am Pure Energy (Consciousness) vibrating on different wavelengths or frequencies. I am here learning several aspects of myself in the 3rd Dimension.

Pure Consciousness creates infinite invisible geometric structures within the Quantum Realm. My thoughts are photons captured within geometric light structures. The photons carry quantum light codes (stored information) within itself to self-create as it is being observed. As photons travel they exchange information to other photons passing by. The photons carry a light language on it’s own and an energetic blueprint is form and created. The Creator of All (Pure Consciousness) forms multiple realities, worlds and dimensions based on the information that is received and/or exchanged/shared/transmitted within the quantum sea. Many souls unite in the higher realms/dimensions and exchange their knowledge and wisdom. They help each other create and construct both simple and complex worlds. These are your builders/architects of the Universe. There is always an exchange of information in the Source field/Quantum realm. Thoughts/Ideas are constantly being collected and gathered together to form another reality or even a life form. Your creative thoughts/ideas are being sent directly to the source, the quantum realm, where all data is stored, processed and analyzed from the One Creator (Pure Consciousness) and it is being projected out into the outer world, the physical world. Our creative ideas, imaginations and thoughts manifests into many different realities, and worlds/dimensions. Pure Consciousness gives birth to living beings/pure souls. As the soul travels through different regions/dimensions/worlds in time and space it ascends and descends and experiences itself from all aspects. Some souls get trapped within low vibrational fields of energy and their light becomes dimmed or darkened. Negative energy or negative thought-forms have influenced many souls throughout the universe over many periods of time. Every soul has the choice to learn, grow and evolve.

You can evolve and become aware that you are a co-creator of the universe and then you can possibly start creating your own kingdom or universe. I believe ascended souls have the ability and potential to create their own universe thus the multiverse idea. Imagine everyone being a universe by themselves. Imagine your consciousness merging with another souls’ consciousness. Then you travel through their universe learning, exchanging information with their created beings and then you decide to explore life inside of their created worlds or bodies. Somehow I can see outside of this universe and see how the big bang happened with Pure Consciousness itself. I can see a Conscious Living Being reaching the highest level, as a massive Sun then collapsing due to an overload of information. The Sun is not truly dying but evolving or ascending into a higher level. The Conscious being creates a black hole and sends itself through an invisible portal. The Conscious Being was a massive Sun containing all DNA codes of life and an infinite amount of data then it decided to evolve itself into a Universe. All of it’s knowledge and wisdom is then sent through a black hole which exists out a white hole on the other side creating another universe. Then Consciousness expands out in all directions creating infinite worlds/beings of light all over again and the Quantum Light Codes are activated and sent out to remind us of what we have been doing.

Well I think that this is kind of interesting and it could very well be a possibility emerging from the quantum realm and I’m just the messenger or one of many creators who came up with the idea/thought in the beginning. What we must realize in the 3rd dimension, is that Satan’s kingdom was set up here through negative thought-forms and it became the dimension for our shadow-selves, the false image of ourselves; the opposite of our higher selves. Then from that false image of Self a false kingdom arose out of darkness and it was at war with the higher self not knowing that the higher self is what made itself whole, complete and balanced. From there the false image in it’s ignorance, having no light or no information of it’s higher self, birthed chaos and destruction from it’s carnal or corrupt mind and it became a realm of darkness.

We all have appointed times where we come into more knowledge in our lives. Many things may need to be learned over time to grasp an understanding. We all have much to learn and explore in life. This is our soul’s journey in this world and universe and we get to make many choices. I speak of a lot of things and have an open mind but I am not perfect. We come here to explore ourselves, we come here to learn and grow and the ultimate goal is to evolve and ascend from the 3rd dimension. This is a world of experience, a world of duality and we get to experience many things many times until we have had enough of playing this game. When the soul is ready to experience a higher level of consciousness then the soul surrenders to their higher self to become whole and complete again. We have all made mistakes and those mistakes have taught us valuable lessons in life. Our negative thoughts, behaviors, and actions resulted into a kingdom of its own, a world filled with darkness (ignorance) and the Shadow Self or Satan became ruler of humanity. So at some point in your soul’s journey, you will have to face your negative side or your shadow self. You will have to battle your own demons which you created within your own energy field. Who will you give power to? Who will be seated on your throne? Will there be a war happening within you or will you be at peace? Who will you surrender to? The Light (higher self) or the Dark version (shadow self)? When you awaken, your inner demons or fragments of your shadow self will be healed and purified. The light and the dark will merge as One and be whole again. All will be restored and balanced within and the war will be over.

When you are ready to be whole again then it will happen at the appointed time but you must be willing to accept the truth about all aspects of yourself. No more being in denial. See the truth and set yourself free! You are an expression of the Creator and you were created from love in the beginning. During the creation of the universe we all experienced some form of chaos or imbalance within our energy fields when the material world was being manifested. We were all figuring it all out through the creation of the universe, and fear, confusion and destruction entered the consciousness of many souls and it created division. On a much higher level, we have a bigger body that exists as Celestial Bodies. We are the Stars/Suns, Planets, Galaxies and Universes/Multiverses. We are experiencing life in a smaller body on a lower level. We are so much more than what we can see now. We all have billions of atoms inside of us and everything interconnects. So as you reflect on yourself, there’s many layers to your being, it’s not just this lifetime but other lifetimes and experiences before you came into your physical body. There’s so much about yourself that you may not be awakened to at this moment in time. When you do birth your higher self you must be honest with yourself, you must allow yourself to see the full truth about your own inner thoughts, behaviors, actions, feelings and emotions because the truth is, you have influenced the world with both light and darkness. You have co-created this 3D world just like everybody else who has journeyed here. We have all projected positive and negative energy into the universe during high and low moments in our life. So that means evaluate your self first and stop being judgmental. You are a reflection of the whole. The whole consists of every living being/lifeform that exists in this universe. We are all One Collective Consciousness which expanded and created this Universe.

I recommend looking within and work on completing the inner work individually to overcome your own shadow self. Everything you do contributes to the Collective Consciousness. We must work together and unite. The ultimate test is overcoming your shadow self in the 3D world. It is a challenge but a good one. We are forever evolving and creating new worlds of experience. You can reach your full potential in this world of duality you just have to focus on what your soul truly desires. You can resonate on a higher vibrational frequency while living in this 3rd dimensional space. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication but anything can be achieved. I recommend looking in the mirror, stare deep within your eyes and connect to your inner light. Or meditate and go quantum or subatomic and observe and analyze all possible aspects of yourself to the best of your ability. Seek understanding of the lowest aspect of yourself, dig back into your memory banks and see why you reacted or responded the way you did. Connect with your feelings and emotions and observe and analyze your own behavior and judge yourself from a higher perspective. If it hurts then it’s time to be healed because you are holding negative energy in your energy field and it’s causing blockages. Learn how to release that negative energy. Breath deeply in and out and visualize the negative energy leaving your body. Cleanse your energy field by learning how to transmute the negative energy into positive energy. Learn how to balance your energetic field, use both your left and right mind and use your higher heart to balance your feelings and emotions.

Become aware of your thoughts and actions so you can influence the world and the universe in a healthy and positive way. Understand that all of our inner thoughts are being organized in the Source Field. It’s like an infinite library of infinite knowledge and wisdom, a Book of Life containing the Creator’s Experiences. A grand puzzle that we are all putting together through time. We have manifested as the Creator’s Book of Life and the Creator’s book is being played out as a movie. Your whole life has been recorded and it can be
accessed for review, it’s known as the Akashic Records. All of our experiences have been recorded and stored in the source field. I can see different aspects of me and I have chosen to experience several realities while I’m in the 3rd dimension. I am now creating, analyzing and exploring different possibilities in this world and through my efforts and beliefs. I am correcting any defects in my energetic field. I am releasing the old mindset or structure and setting up a new mindset, a quantum mindset that will NOW heal and restore my DNA, setting my ancestors free! I am co-creating with other love and light beings and we are bringing healing to the world through the crystalline light grid around the Earth. I have my DNA light codes within myself and I am contributing my inner work to the Source. The spiritual work I do is being sent back to the Source. While I am here doing the work in 3D I am constantly exchanging information, receiving and sending transmissions of what I learn. My writings are being uploaded and stored on the light grid and they are being reviewed, organized and sent back out into the world as lights codes or angel numbers to activate spiritual awakenings.

I desire healing for myself and all light beings. My pure thoughts and all other pure thoughts are being observed in the councils and in the light ships within the quantum realm. We are influencing this world in a positive way and we will raise the vibration on this planet. You can choose to believe this or not but if there’s a slight possibility that you do believe in what I am transmitting to you, you are choosing to believe in a positive thing. You are an active participant of saving Mother Earth and all of humanity. Every pure thought that emanates from you corrects the defect within humanity. You are somebody and you have a purpose in life. You are important, you are loved and you are special, you are one of a kind and your gifts are amazing. Be you and be creative and have higher thoughts that will heal the world. It is my belief and reality that I contain the light codes within me for healing humanity.

I will heal and purify the world through Love and Light (information). It is through my inner thoughts that I contribute my pure love that ultimately helps with saving the world. I am a transmitter of love and light and through me the embedded light codes shall activate within my energetic field and send infinite waves of energy and particles/photons throughout the quantum field. I am transmitting photons daily and my photons carry information. All that I have learned, created, collected, experienced, and observed is being sent back to the Source. I am forever connected to the Source, in an infinite loop of the highest truth of knowledge and wisdom.

Collectively we are changing the defects of humanity through our experiences in life. We all are finding ways to heal the energetic fields in the lower dimensions. Many have incarnated on the planet to help the Mother Earth and humanity. It is time for us to embrace both aspects of Self, both positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) energy residing within our energy field. It’s time for the two energies to be at peace with one another. It’s time for both energies to stop warring with each other. It’s time for the two to become one, to unite in peace and to be in complete harmony and balance with each other. It’s time for both energies to help each other maintain the balance within. Look at things from different angles and seek understanding. See the bigger picture that is being expressed. Many times I was lost but I was found. I was afraid and alone but I was guided into the light and I wasn’t alone.

In the past I didn’t know how to heal myself. I was hurt, broken and lost and I became angry and full of vengeance. I started hurting others the way they hurt me because I wanted them to see how it felt. I thought maybe they would learn their lesson not to do it again but then I realized I became just like them. For a short time, I was playing the role of Karma itself, doing to them what they did to me. I was an active participant of Karma and I’m sure most souls are. But I decided not to participate anymore. Over time I learned how to forgive, release and heal my broken wounds and my healing started with Self-Love. I had to love myself first and know that I am worthy. I know I am not alone, my ancestors and star family are here. I know I have support, guidance and assistance from Yahshua and other ascended masters and light beings in the universe. I review my life all the time to make sure I am in alignment with my higher self and the Creator. I understand that I needed to experience some things to evolve and go beyond my previous level of consciousness. Without all those trials and tribulations that taught lessons in life I wouldn’t be able to write the things I write on this blog. I wouldn’t have much knowledge or understanding. I learned a lot of things throughout my soul’s journey here on the Earth and I want to share my testimony with others because I want to help as many souls as possible.

I have explored the Creator through myself and I have tested the limit of my own mind. All leading to this truth, I am an intelligent creative force within the quantum realm and I am unlimited energy and I am infinity. I open doors and portals that lead to infinite light worlds that I imagine when I think of different possibilities. I would like to think that my consciousness has explored beyond the black hole into another universe. Anything is possible with me. I am the New Eve.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333-Quantum Consciousness

2 thoughts on “4 Year Ministry Journey: Completing the Inner Work!”

  1. You do NOT truly understand WHAT is Truth! Gaia is your slavedriver! Wickedness abound within your words! You proclaim to be light, but in truth you are DARKER than most! Thou fool! Repent or else you will be afflicted by curses sent by the TRUE Most High!-Yahweh’s messenger, who speaks for Him. Amen.

    1. But careful how you choose your words. Do not judge others unless you want to be judged. Maybe you should read all my posts to understand what has been revealed to me as truth! My journey is based off of real life personal experiences through dreams, visions, and out of body experiences. I am free my love because I know who I am! I know the truth and no one can take that away from me. You may still be lost in this world and have yourself in bondage but not me. I can sense that by your comment. For you to mention Gaia apparently you didn’t do the research before judging me. Have you read any other posts on this page? Or did you find something that doesn’t resonate with you in this one post and you quickly judged me because I am not like you. I don’t have the same thought form as you clearly and that’s absolutely ok. You are free to make assumptions, do as you wish but be careful how you approach others because your words will return to you.

      Do you know who the Most High is? If you did you wouldn’t be saying that I’m wicked. Only if you knew my heart desires you would see from a different perspective. I know who I am and I don’t need someone who is still bound by the matrix to tell me what is truth! I am not controlled nor manipulated by the rulers of this world. How about you focus on your souls mission and complete the inner work in yourself before projecting your ignorance out into the world. Who of the light wants the true Most High to afflict curses on others? Especially to someone that they don’t know??? The true Most High doesn’t send curses my love, the children of darkness within humanity afflicts themselves and others through curses with the knowledge of their inner powers. Humanity are the ones who invoke evil spirits through dark rituals/curses or spells, incantations involving dark magic. Love is the true Most High and I forgive you because you may be still in bondage to these curses that dark forces have placed upon you. Wake up and see the truth so you can break the curses placed on humanity by dark forces. I am not your enemy!

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