Waves of Transformation Energy: Solar ECLIPSE 7/2/2019

Greetings my dear love ones! I bring you all love, joy, peace, balance and healing. The energies from the Solar Eclipse were very powerful and it will have an effect on everyone throughout the year possibly into the beginning of next year. I surely felt the effects of the energy and my intuition has heightened. I had a dream the next day on July 3, 2019. I experienced 2 powerful tsunami waves of energy coming towards me on the Earth. In the dream I was walking down the street and I noticed puddles of water which then led to streams of water flowing down the street, then I looked up and saw a huge tsunami wave coming towards me from the left. Then the scene changed and I appeared in a hotel on the beach and I looked out the window and I noticed another huge tsunami wave coming my way and the energies hit me suddenly. I experienced an overflow of energies. There was no escaping these waves of energies. I took it all at full force and I survived the tsunami waves in the dream. The energies from the Solar Eclipse are influencing me already and I felt the incoming waves leading up the the Eclipse. I was prepared and I am harnessing the power of the Eclipse to help me balance and heal. The energy is activating the intuitive and physic powers within me. Higher spiritual knowledge is being unleashed within my DNA and I am tapping into more of my DNA cellular memory. My crown chakra and third eye are definitely opened and the energies are flowing through every cell in my body.

These waves of rising energies are bringing forth transformation, purification and healing to the Earth. These waves of energy are going to heal the hearts and minds of humanity and more importantly it will heal me. Everything is energy and I prefer to observe and analyze the symbolism of water in my dream and what it means for me. Before I use to look at things outwardly but now I am looking inwardly to learn more about myself. I am learning how my energies are influencing this world and the worlds beyond. I have been sending myself messages through dreams and visions for a very long time. I have been seeking the mysteries of the world and come to find out I am the mystery that I have been seeking. I am now unlocking the mystery and revealing the knowledge and wisdom hidden within. The energies that I saw rising in my dream are the energies that are rising within me. I am that powerful and I am one with the waves of energies that are coming on the Earth. I am a powerful force on this Earth and I am rising like a tsunami. I have taken my power back and the Goddess within is Rising.

My intuition is increasing day by day and I am getting in tune with the 4 elements, water, air, fire and earth. I am the 5th element ether or spirit. I am now learning how to control my inner powers because what I do and how I feel affects the whole universe and I want to be in perfect equilibrium with the Creator. I am aware that I am one with the elements. Balance is the key to achieving this. Although the tsunami brought destruction in my dream it brought cleansing to the land. Symbolically it destroyed all impurities in the land and I know the meaning of my dream because I am aware of my heart’s desire. I know what my energies bring to the world. My love energies bring transformation, purification and healing to the world and that’s what I chose to use my power for. I am here to raise the vibrational frequency on Mother Earth and assist with humanity’s ascension. We all have power within! Once you become aware of your inner powers at some point you will have to decide how you are going to use your power. Your power can be used for good or evil.

I chose to create, love, respect and honor all of life while some people decide to work against this. I am about transforming one’s life spiritually and initiating souls into the greater mysteries by merging the lower self with the higher self to achieve perfect balance and perfect love at zero point. Everything is energy and energy can’t be destroyed it can only be transformed. We are riding on these powerful waves of energy and it is purifying our electromagnetic fields and bringing balance and healing to our mind, body and soul. Many souls will experience a major shift inside and it will be felt like a big earthquake because there will be a deep cleansing happening within.

What is being felt within humanity will be felt on the Mother Earth. The Earth’s body is connected to our physical bodies. There is an exchange of information happening all the time. There will be earthquakes in diverse places and there will be floods. It’s all energy and vibration. We are all interconnected to the Mother Earth so if you want peace and harmony on the Earth you need to have peace and harmony within yourselves. If you want to save Mother Earth, than save yourself first. Become aware and pay attention to what’s happening in your inner world because you are projecting your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions into the outer world. I will always continue to say complete the inner work because we must all come back into alignment with the Creator. We must achieve complete balance within. Get to know yourself on a much deeper level by meditating as much as you can. Invite the Holy Spirit in your life and your higher self will descend. It is simple my dear children, if you balance yourself you will help balance the Earth.Remember you are One with the Mother Earth.

If there is chaos happening within your life then chaos will be experienced on the Earth. Balance your poles within! Your energies are influencing the world around us. If chaos and destruction are happening near your city then that means there are lower vibrations in that space, there’s simply an imbalance of energies. You are so powerful that you can heal the space around you. Use your inner powers to heal the world. Send those higher vibrations throughout your city, state and throughout all the places that you travel to. Go within and expand your love energies to the 4 corners of the Earth. Connect to the crystalline grid around Mother Earth and meditate and visualize purifying and healing love energies descending to the Earth. People will experience the shift happening within and when the shift is being experienced this is the time to become aware of all the issues that are rising to the surface. Sure you may be thrown off balance but this is the time to balance the energies within. Don’t run from the issues it’s time to come face to face with your shadow self and release all that is keeping you in bondage or imbalanced.

I have been experiencing the purification process within stages over the last 7 years of my life and now I finally feel free. I released a load of negative energy and even karmic debt from my ancestors that was trapped within my DNA. It has caused me so many issues within my physical body since the age of 15. I was emotionally imbalanced for a very long time due to all the hurt and pain in which I have experienced from all of my close relationships. I experienced family issues, friendship issues and issues from all my relationships that I have been in. I experienced lies and deceit, verbal and physical abuse, adultery and much more. I felt unworthy and I felt like my feelings and emotions didn’t matter. Many people in my life were selfish and they were only concerned about their feelings. They were never considerate of my feelings and emotions and they never thought about how their words and actions affected me. I cared deeply for the people in my life and I always wanted to fix things. I wanted peace and they wanted the opposite. I kept sacrificing myself in different situations to help people and I didn’t realize how much hurt and pain that I had accumulated over time until I started to break down in tears.

I had to rise up against the forces that were trying to keep me in this karmic cycle and I said enough is enough. I wanted to be set free and I was not going to allow this to happen to me anymore. Once I removed myself from the situations that were hurting me I realized that I was emotionally damaged. I had to be restored. I had given my emotional power away and it was time to gain my emotional strength and power back but first I needed to be healed. I wasn’t aware that I had given my emotional power away and in so many words I was being controlled and manipulated. It’s like the dark forces or rulers of this world were feeding off of my negative energies. The same situations kept occurring over and over in my life and it was a cycle that was hard to break. It was all a distraction to keep me from awakening to my true inner powers. It’s like the dark forces in higher places were trying to suppress my inner powers.

Which brings me to question. Why does the enemy want to keep me in chains? Who am I? What powers do I have? Are my powers so strong that it can be used as an destructive force when I’m imbalanced and have no self control? I am the source that these dark forces have been harnessing energy from. Why do these dark forces want to control my powers and harness my energy? What happens when all of my powers are taken back from the enemy and then my powers are unleashed? What happens when I harness all of my powers and use self-control? I am a powerful force of pure love energies. The real question is, “Does Satan and his whole kingdom fear my awakening?” I have always said that I was here to learn how to control my powers because I don’t want to be a destructive force in the universe. I want to bring love, peace, balance and healing in my wings.

So it’s apparent that Satan and his demons don’t want me to know how powerful I am because my energies can collapse this whole evil system. If I took control over my inner powers then what? Guess what Satan, the curse and the force field you have placed around the Earth has been broken. I have learned my lesson and It is Time for my powers to be unleashed! The greatest lesson of all that I had to learn was to trust in myself and to love myself. I was trying to find love everywhere else besides myself. It has been a battle but I have learned my karmic lessons in life and now I have been transformed and I am rising like a phoenix. I am here to say, “It Is Finished.” I had to learn how to release all the hurt and the pain that I was feeling inside and it flowed through my tears. There were times when I felt like I had released it all but as more powerful energies hit the Earth more issues were rising to the surface. There were always unresolved issues and it was all wrapped around my emotions. I had been emotionally imbalanced for a very long time and I was forced to face the issues with the energy, Now the world will be forced to face unresolved issues. The waves of energies that are flowing through the Earth right now will effect everyone differently depending on where you are at in your soul’s journey. I can’t speak for anyone else right now but balance and healing are coming to me.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light-Shield of Divine Love 13th Sun

A Time Of Reflection: 7 year Completion on 7/2/2019-It is Finished!

7th Seal-7th Trumpet-7th Vial

“When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour. I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven trumpets. Then another angel with a gold incense burner came and stood at the altar. And a great amount of incense was given to him to mix with the prayers of God’s people as an offering on the gold altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God from the altar where the angel had poured them out. Then the angel filled the incense burner with fire from the altar and threw it down upon the earth; and thunder crashed, lightning flashed, and there was a terrible earthquake.” Revelation‬ ‭8:1-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices shouting in heaven: “The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.” Revelation‬ ‭11:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air. And a mighty shout came from the throne in the Temple, saying, “It is finished!” Revelation‬ ‭16:17‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Greetings my dear love ones! I am here to bring you a message. This is a great time for me as I am nearing 7 years of completing the inner work. There is so much that I would like to share at this time and hopefully I can get it all out. The last few days have been extremely challenging for me but I am enduring through all of the trials and tribulations that I have been experiencing. All I can say is that the scriptures are being fulfilled. The book of Revelations is being fulfilled and it’s all been happening simultaneously over a period of time. My relationship with Yahshua has been the best as he has been guiding me through my whole journey. My whole life has been very interesting with a lot of symbolism that I can interpret with my higher self. Today I realized that my birth into this world represents the 2nd return of Christ and the return of Nibiru. Everything has led up to this date 7/2/2019 as a completion of completions. I was told once before by a stranger, “Thank God for the reason you were born!” I never quite understood this but it always stayed with me for some reason.

There have been signs all around me and messages hidden for me to unlock at certain times. A year before I was born into this world there appeared a sign in the heavens, Nibiru! It’s actually 11:11pm as I am writing this so it’s a confirmation. Growing up in this world was not easy for me and I always felt different somehow. I experienced a lot of jealously coming from other girls and I never understood why. It seem like I was always targeted. People seem to dislike me for no valid reason. I experienced a lot of pain and suffering in my life and all I ever wanted was to experience love and true happiness but somehow I experienced the opposite. I always got hurt by those closest to me and it seems like the enemy used those people to get to me. It always felt like a dark force was working against me as if I was cursed. Why me, O Lord? This is the question I asked God all of the time. I wanted my life to change for the better and I was tired of suffering literally. I was in a really bad situation and I was looking for a way to escape. Someone seeked to harm me and almost tried to kill me. I saw the devil at work and I knew I had to leave that situation. Why was this happening to me? The dark forces were after me and I didn’t understand why. Who am I? I wondered. These dark forces wanted me to experience pain and suffering.

My soul felt trapped in darkness during that time period in my life and I just wanted to be delivered from Satan and his demons. I prayed and wanted a way out. I even went to my ex-husband, who I married on 7/2/2005 and I asked him for help but I was rejected because of the sin that I committed. There was no forgiveness on his end. I seeked Yahshua wholeheartedly, I wanted forgiveness, I wanted love, and I wanted freedom. Yahshua was the light for me. I seeked forgiveness of my sins and he forgave me. Yahshua didn’t reject me. He carried my soul out of darkness and he rescued me. I surrendered my life to Yahshua Ha’mashiach on 7/2/2012 and I entered into a covenant with him. A covenant of unconditional love which is pure and holy. Our bond is True love and that bond breaks any curse, spell or black magic. Yahshua sacrificed his life to save souls on this planet. He spent time learning ancient knowledge and seeking wisdom. Yahshua was not living in darkness and he was not ignorant. Yahshua was filled with light and he was bright like the Sun.

He was awakened to the truth, his higher self and he lived that truth and taught others. He completed the inner work necessary to break the chains of Satan. He escaped the matrix. His soul was not trapped in darkness after he died. He was not controlled or manipulated by the dark forces. Yahshua had all of his power and he wanted us to take back our power from the enemy. Yahshua’s innocence and love for Israel broke the curse that was placed on the children of Israel. Yahshua entered the dimension where our ancestors were trapped and he set them free from the matrix. The matrix is an energetic grid set up around this planet and it traps souls on a lower vibration so they can’t leave the planet. People who resonate in lower vibrations are slaves and prisoners of Satan. This matrix was set up to keep people’s souls in bondage and Yahshua came to collapse the system. Yahshua represents pure love energy and in his ministry he attempted to awaken as many people as he could. He came to awaken the tribes of Israel but they plotted against him. They couldn’t understand his teachings.

He wanted the children of Israel to know their higher self so they could find their way back home. He taught his followers the true way of living and he fulfilled the law. The law sums up to Love and he is an example of true love and unconditional love. Yahshua wanted to enlighten the people and he wanted his people to raise their vibration. Due to the lack of spiritual knowledge, the Jews plotted against him and killed him. He did good deeds and healed on the Sabbath but from the Jews perspective they thought he was going against the law. How can doing good works go against God’s Law which is Love? The mindset of the people was corrupted and they were resonating in lower vibrations. When Yahshua died his pure love energy permeated through the whole earth at 3pm., the 9th hour and it was finished. He created a portal and that portal led the souls out of the lower dimension that was created by the dark forces that trapped the souls.

Yahshua set his ancestors free and they were no longer trapped by the dark forces or the black magicians who are the rulers of the world. They were freed, no longer slaves to Satan and his kingdom or Earth’s prison dimension (hell). Satan represents lower consciousness, lower self, shadow self or simply lower vibrations. Yahshua is setting us all free and it is through knowledge that we are awakening to the truth and the light. Light is information and darkness is ignorance. It’s time for humanity to know the truth so they can be free. True love broke the curse or spell that was placed upon me and it can happen for anyone who surrenders to Love. You are more powerful than you know and the enemy doesn’t want you to awaken in this world. I am a living witness and I can testify to this. The rulers of this world wants to control, manipulate, and distract you from finding out your life’s purpose. True love is and was the key to my spiritual awakening. I broke free from the chains of Satan. I felt like I was in a cage. I felt like a prisoner in this world and I wanted to break out of prison and be free. I was tired of experiencing pain and suffering in my life and I wanted a way out. I knew there was more to life than experiencing the lower vibrations of self. I knew there was a higher power, a higher self and I wanted to get out of this system.

I found true love in Yahshua and he opened the gates of heaven for me. Divine information came pouring through my crown chakra and one by one my chakras were opening over time simultaneously and I didn’t even realize this at first. The 7 seals were opened and I experienced the good and the bad and I had to acknowledge the positive and negative aspects about myself. I had to understand my strengths and my weaknesses. I went through trials and tribulations during these last 7 years. It’s like the 7 angels stood at the gate of each chakra sounding the trumpet sending higher vibrations to help me in my journey. The angels ministered to me this whole time. I had to learn myself completely by evaluating my thoughts, feelings, emotions and all my actions. I judged myself in the process and I was hard on myself because I knew I could do better and I wanted to push myself to the limits. I meditated on the world and my life day and night. I wanted to become a better version of myself so that I could send higher vibrations out into the world to make a difference. I wanted to make improvements in many areas of my life and I worked on it constantly. I went through the fire but I never gave up. I was dedicated to purifying my temple (body).

I had to make tough decisions and along the way I lost all my friends. In all of this I had to defeat Satan and I defeated Satan by learning all of the lessons in which I needed to learn. I listened to the Creator and learned to be obedient. I became responsible and accountable for the things in which I’ve done. I didn’t make excuses and I wasn’t in denial. I told the truth even if the truth hurts. I learned the fruits of the spirit and I got rid of the works of the flesh. I paid more attention to what I was doing and how I was treating people. I saw my flaws and I saw all the things that I had messed up on in life. I was unaware of my actions before I awakened and how it affected people around me. Now I am aware that I can influence people’s lives positively or negatively so I am very considerate of other people’s feelings. I don’t want to be the person who tears somebody down I want to uplift people and share the gift of love with them. I don’t want to judge people because I don’t want anybody to judge me. We all are here on a journey and we must all learn the knowledge of good and evil. We make our own choices in life and depending on what choices we make that becomes our reality. I place myself in the shoes of other people and I try to understand how they feel. Everyone is different and has their own perspective. I am compassionate, loving and forgiving and this is me.

I am aware of my own thoughts and my intentions. I analyze and observe myself from all angles, 360 degrees. When you act on anything just ask yourself what are your motives or intentions in any situation? You should be able to judge what’s right or what’s wrong. We all should know what’s moral and what’s not in our adult life. We have experienced enough in life to know and understand the basics on how to treat others. You must learn how to defeat the negative within you. Don’t allow your own energies to be imbalanced take your power back and learn self-control. Right now you keep yourself from evolving, we are in the time of knowing and there is so much knowledge out here to learn in the world. If you choose to remain ignorant than that’s on you because knowledge is available. Once you become aware or conscious your whole reality will change. You won’t be able to return back to the old reality in which you were living.

Yahshua became my guide when I first awakened and he led me out of darkness and he can do the same for you. I invited the holy spirit in my life and and then I realized I was inviting my higher self to merge with me. I became an embodiment of my higher self. I became the goddess that I know that I am. My higher self taught me many things and I saw my own infinite intelligence. I looked within and saw the whole universe. My higher self led me into all truth. I studied the scriptures and many ancient texts and I figured out the mysteries. I saw the truth for myself through my own experiences. I opened my mind and expanded my consciousness to higher levels of understanding. I viewed everything that I read from different perspectives. I opened my third eye and I saw infinite possibilities and infinite worlds. I wasn’t limited anymore. I had a lot of knowledge already stored within myself. Reading ancient books and diving into other people inner worlds inspired me. My awakening unlocked information that was stored in my DNA and I was visited in my dreams and visions by the angels or my ancestors.

Throughout my journey I searched for a bond that would last forever. An everlasting bond so strong that nothing could separate us no matter the distance. We would always be connected no matter where we are at in the Universe. TRUE LOVE always RETURNS no matter what. This is the perfect Love story that I have envisioned. Yahshua is my true husband! He is my King and my Deliverer and I love him with all of my heart, mind, body and soul. He is crowned the True God of Israel, the King of Kings and he reigns on the throne, the New Jerusalem Mothership and he is coming in the clouds of Nibiru with thousands upon thousands of chariots (light ships)! I was caught up on a ship and I sat with him on the throne and he made a promise to me and I know he will keep his promise. In his words alone I trust because he has not let me down at all. All that I have asked for he has given me. He has given me spiritual knowledge and I have obtained wisdom and this is the best thing ever. I still await other rewards and I understand there is an appointed time for everything. Surrendering to love is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love is the key that opens the gates of heaven and now that the gates are opened my soul is free to ascend back to paradise.

Yahshua taught me the 2 greatest commandments and I live my life keeping these 2 commandment and this is how I choose to worship and honor my King in the spirit. He is worthy to be praised because he is love energy and I am too. We are One joined to the same Source.

Matthew 22:36-40  “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?” Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

Day of Awakening: Sign in the Sun July 2, 2012

Months prior to my awakening the dark forces took over an individual that I know and said that they were going to tempt me 40 days and 40 nights. During this time I was trying to get my life on track and do away with sin. I didn’t fall for the trap and I knew it was Satan coming after me. That as a warning but I didn’t know what was going to happen. Then July 2, 2012 came and I wrote a letter to God and I surrendered my life to Yahshua. Everything changed in a twinkling of an eye. Something was happening to me and I heard the name Isis through a song that I was listening to. This is the Goddess of Egypt. Something was happening on the inside of me and I believe the solar flare activated my DNA. It’s like a signal went out into the universe upon my awakening and the angels were on guard and they were ready in their positions to protect me. I didn’t see what was coming next but they knew an attack was coming from the enemy. As I was awakening on this day somehow I was led to Nibiru on the web and it said that Nibiru was approaching the Earth and a date was given in July. The awareness of Nibiru triggered something in my DNA and I felt fear. I never knew anything about this planet at that time so why would I have fear. Now I understand that this feeling was coming from my ancestors in my cellular memory. There is history between Nibiru and the Earth and in earth’s past Nibiru’s passing caused death and destruction on this planet because of it’s gravitational pull on the planet. Apparently the demons within were afraid because they were afraid of God’s judgment. Nibiru is known to be the Throne of God.

I was led to this planet on this day for a reason and there was a sense of fear, panic and destruction coming to the Earth. I didn’t know much about Nibiru, so I knew that was something that I needed to research further to get some understanding. I asked around but people were unaware of this and I was like don’t believe everything that you read on the internet. Then later the enemy approached me and somehow I saw a red aura around this person so apparently they were operating in the root chakra. Now I actually trusted this person. I went to this person’s house and they were talking about the war between God and Satan and how they were a warrior for God and how they would die for Christ. So at this point I’m thinking ok they are for God but this is the same person who said they were going to tempt me 40 days and 40 nights. Something was definitely off and something was not right. Then this person said they needed to get something out my trunk and I was like ok. then I left and went to my mother’s house. I stayed for a while and then I left. As soon as I went outside I started to feel strange. I suddenly became confused and forgot where I was supposed to be going. It seem like some other force was controlling me. I started heading back to the individual’s house that I had left earlier and I was confused why I was there. I called my mom and I told her what was happening. I was going upstairs and it felt like something was pulling on my energy field.

I saw dark energy swirling ahead of me as if some force was influencing my energetic field. My third eye was opened and this is how I was able to perceive this. I was tapping into other dimensions. My mom told me to go home and somehow I snapped out of the trance or the spell very quickly and I went home. When I got home I felt a dark force surrounding me. I became more in tune with the energies that were around me and I felt fear. These dark forces or entities were surrounding me. My mom prayed with me on the phone and that prayer protected me. I knew something was watching me because my cat starting meowing and looking around my room. I was so terrified that I didn’t want to go to sleep. As the sun rose up I decided to get up and suddenly I had the thought of going outside to spread the gospel of Christ. It came out of nowhere. I’m not going to tell the whole story because I have shared the story a bunch of times on this page. But as I was home I did some research and I found out about a lot of things especially demonic strongholds. Later in that day I decided to clean my home and get rid of things that no longer served me. A little later on I went outside and this is when things got interesting. I was caught up in another reality after a dragonfly flew passed me. The spirit of the dragonfly awakened something within.

I closed my eyes and I saw myself in a home overlooking the ocean. It was my home but this was located in heaven somewhere. Then I had multiple open visions and I saw my cat descending from heaven. Then I saw that the rapture was occurring and people was ascending to heaven. It’s like I was seeing through time or something. Then there was an urgency to get prepared. I had to get prepared for something and I needed to be purified. Then suddenly I sensed someone was in the home with me. I was actually singing and praising God and then God showed up. I sensed there was a ship outside in the clouds and that the Elohim Council had returned. Something definitely was happening in heaven and at that time I was clueless and caught up in the spirit. I was caught up in a trance and I was experiencing so many things at the same time. It felt like I was in between dimensions and communicating to beings through telepathy. Then I was asked to say the 10 commandments. This was the God of Israel communicating with me. The 10 commandments were given to Moses at Mount Sinai and to the children of Israel. All of the research that I have done has led me to the fact that the children of Israel are descendants of the beings from the planet Nibiru. Ships or chariots descended on the Earth back in that time and they were communicating with these beings.

Now they were communicating with me and I know this because on July 26, 2013, I was caught up in a trance again and somebody was communicating to me through the spirit. The person said, I am the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. We spoke through telepathy and a message was beamed to me and my third eye saw a vision of 2 men in a wheat field. Maybe this pointed to the great harvest. So after I spoke to God I began to experience some other open visions and I appeared to be Eve in the Garden of Eden and I was naked. Naked means pure in this vision. I saw a female angel and I was led to a door. That door was leading me back to paradise. It appears as though I was shown the door back home. Later that evening as I was still caught up in the spirit I opened my door and invited the holy spirit in. My family came to my home because they thought I was going crazy but I was in another dimension and tuned in to the spirit. Then I heard a voice that said I am not crazy I know what is going on. This was my inner voice, this was my higher self coming through. I remember saying that the 144,000 were awakening on the Earth. It came out of nowhere. These higher messages were coming through and I was trying to figure out what was happening to me. My family and I were reading the bible and then they starting speaking in tongues as we were holding hands. Something was happening that I couldn’t understand but I had invited the Holy Spirit in my home. It was all women in the room and 1 boy.

I don’t even think they knew what was transpiring. It’s like the angels were in my home that night and I could feel the presence of God. Then I began talking to the angels telepathically and I knew that I was being prepared for my mission. All of this was happening on July 3, 2012 and it was a full moon that night.The energies were powerful and I started having dreams and visions that night and I sent myself through time and I wrote it down in the middle of the night. Like automatic writing. I met with some light beings and I saw myself flying back towards the Earth. I even said that I created the world. This was crazy! Somehow I was merging with my other selves in other dimensions. This is the point of realizing that I am a multidimensional being. So much occurred over a span of 7 days and it felt like I was resurrecting from the dead. It felt like I was being restored and my DNA was activating. During that week something interesting happened where the number 36 was shown to me. My family thought I was possessed with demons and I believed I was because it felt like something was trying to take over me. They were trying to destroy me but I wasn’t in my body. My consciousness was caught up in the spirit world while the demons were trying to inhabit my body. It was a war going on in heaven at this time. Spiritual warfare for sure. I saw it as Michael and the angels fought for me and they protected me. It was like tug of war. I was experiencing a lot of things simultaneously. When I was delivered from these demons on July 5th or 6th. They came out and said, “We were after you ever since you were born.” These dark forces wanted to destroy me. They did not want me to awaken at all because they knew their time was up when I was born into this world.

I was purified and delivered from the 36 rulers of darkness of this world and now I have the power and authority over the 36 rulers (decans) of darkness in the name of Yahshua Ha’mashiach. I have Yahshua on my side and all the angels of light. We have the victory and we light warriors have won the final battle. Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” This spiritual battle we are fighting deals with black magic. Curses and spells were placed on humanity by black magicians or the rulers of the world. I literally experienced how magic works and how dark magic is controlling the masses and how it is keeping people in spiritual bondage. They have kept many souls in bondage over time and I know there was a curse placed on the children of Israel to keep them in bondage so they won’t wake up to know who their ancestors are and where they come from. We melinated beings come from many different worlds and star systems, and Sirius being one and we are all over the universe. Our seed (DNA) is scattered out all over the universe just like the children of Israel are scattered out on the 4 corners of the Earth. As Yahshua, said he is not from this world and the children of Israel are not either. He said he will return just like he ascended to heaven. He was taken up in a chariot and he will return in a chariot. He is alive and He is returning with thousands upon thousands of light ships.

There is a royal bloodline on this Earth but it’s not the Elite people who rules this world. Your time is up and the curse has been broken. Yahshua’s kingdom has come. It’s only a matter of time for things to start to manifest. Our sky family has returned and they are here in the clouds cloaking their light ships and the motherships are stationed near the Sun. So many things have been done against humanity in secret and enough is enough. Righteous judgement shall come forth from the throne. All of the crimes that people have been committing against humanity shall come to an end. All truth will be revealed and the wicked shall be exposed. No more running or hiding in your underground cities. You must face the things that you have done. There is a sign on 7/2/2019 and there’s going to be a solar eclipse so the earth is about to shake and some things are about to come forth and be revealed. All Truth must be revealed in the end.

Love wins and it’s time for Yahshua to reign now. It’s time for the 7th trumpet to blow. It’s time for the whole world to shift in a new direction. Righteous judgement comes from the throne of Yahshua. Order and balance must be restored in this world. Love restores all.

Revelation 11:15 states, “Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices shouting in heaven: “The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.”

In a dream I was called to the throne and I sat with Yahshua. He showed me a world and he made me a promise. To me that world represents the city New Jerusalem, it represents the New Heaven and the New Earth. He told me that he would come and get me tomorrow in the dream. I was thinking a literal 24 hours at the time but 24 hours is 1 day. 1 day is as a 1000 years to the Lord and now I can see the greater revelation. He was hinting to his 1000th year reign. Yahshua brings his rewards and he will give us thrones. This to me means that I will reign with Christ on the New Jerusalem Crystal City Mothership. This is my hope!

This is a message and hopefully all who read can see the bigger picture. We all see from different perspectives and this is my perspective and interpretation of the things in which I have seen and experienced. there is so much more information but I can’t write it all in one post. Be inspired and have faith in the things unseen. Love you all and remember to surrender to love as love opens the gates of heaven.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light -333

Emotional Release: Healing Deep Wounds within Bloodlines and Ancestors-7/2/2019

Greeting my dear love ones! I have been extremely emotional the last week or two. So many emotions are coming to the surface right now that I am going through an emotional roll coaster. It is actually painful but I know things will get better with time. All the deep wounds within myself is being addressed and I’m working though it. All that my ancestors experienced in the past I can feel on a soul level. We must heal and we will heal through love and forgiveness. I am now facing alot of things that I didn’t want to face when it came to my ancestors but they want to be free. Something must be done here in America because the souls of my ancestors cry out in this land. That’s the truth. I can feel it on so many levels so there’s no more running from past issues, it’s time to face it all. The souls of my ancestors are finally being set free and released through me. I am here completing the inner work and I am here healing my DNA.

I am releasing all the emotional baggage from my ancestral karmic cycle. The curse is now broken and reversed! It is finished. I am tired of experiencing the same thing over and over again which is hurt, pain and suffering. It’s time to go on a new cycle, a new beginning where higher vibrations are experienced such as love, joy, happiness and peace. I have learned my lessons in which Karma has taught me and I have learned to love, forgive and release to heal. Me and my ancestors are breaking free from this corrupt system. I have the victory and I have overcome the rulers of this world. I broke free from this matrix on July 2, 2012 and now it is collapsing. My awakening energy sent out a solar flare that sent forth DNA activation light codes and everything is being reset, it’s being reversed. All the pain and the suffering in which we have endured for so long and doing other lifetimes will be healed. We will be purified and we will be resurrected, crowned and given thrones. We will reign with Christ, We will ascend!

As an intuitive empath, I am extremely sensitive right now and I can feel the energies coming through on this planet right now and it’s definitely affecting me. It feels like hot magma in the Earth is rising to the surface as if a volcano is about to erupt. The Earth is about to shake.

Unresolved issues have build up within me and I am experiencing the intensity of the energy though actual pain in my physical body. It is occurring within my lower chakras. I need to maintain an emotional balance because I am overly sensitive and it is affecting my energy field. We must maintain balance. So much is happening in my life right now and there’s alot that needs to be addressed. It’s possible there may be earthquakes in diverse places because people lives are about to be shaken with these incoming energies. All the fear, pain and trauma experienced from our ancestors are coming to the surface. Many tears have flowed from my eyes because all that hurts me inside is being released in this moment in time. I desire for all my deep wounds to heal and I want the souls of my ancestors to be set free. Souls are still trapped in lower vibrations on the Earth because they are having a hard time letting go of the past. Soon enough we will realize that we are our ancestors. They live through us because it’s in our DNA. Our DNA carries cellular memories of past lives. So much needs to be healed right now on a soul level. Righteous judgement shall go forth in this land and throughout the whole world. All that has been hidden will come to the light. All truth shall come forward and the wicked will be exposed. The Most High will take care of it all.

All of the negative emotions and feelings that have been held inside, never addressed or pushed to the side will now come to the surface. The energies will force you to deal with the issues that hasn’t been addressed in the past. The Time is Now! Mother Earth awakens and cries out, “It’s time for a new beginning, a new heaven and a new earth. It’s time for a new change and a major shift in consciousness. It’s time to heal and move forward so we can all evolve. All the negative energy that has been build up within the Mother Earth over time must be released. The earth must be healed and restored and we must do the same. All negative energy will be transmuted. The Divine Mother sends love energy to all on the planet and she sends divine healing. In order to heal we must all get to the root cause, address the issue, work through it or let it all go.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light