Waves of Transformation Energy: Solar ECLIPSE 7/2/2019

Greetings my dear love ones! I bring you all love, joy, peace, balance and healing. The energies from the Solar Eclipse were very powerful and it will have an effect on everyone throughout the year possibly into the beginning of next year. I surely felt the effects of the energy and my intuition has heightened. I had a dream the next day on July 3, 2019. I experienced 2 powerful tsunami waves of energy coming towards me on the Earth. In the dream I was walking down the street and I noticed puddles of water which then led to streams of water flowing down the street, then I looked up and saw a huge tsunami wave coming towards me from the left. Then the scene changed and I appeared in a hotel on the beach and I looked out the window and I noticed another huge tsunami wave coming my way and the energies hit me suddenly. I experienced an overflow of energies. There was no escaping these waves of energies. I took it all at full force and I survived the tsunami waves in the dream. The energies from the Solar Eclipse are influencing me already and I felt the incoming waves leading up the the Eclipse. I was prepared and I am harnessing the power of the Eclipse to help me balance and heal. The energy is activating the intuitive and physic powers within me. Higher spiritual knowledge is being unleashed within my DNA and I am tapping into more of my DNA cellular memory. My crown chakra and third eye are definitely opened and the energies are flowing through every cell in my body.

These waves of rising energies are bringing forth transformation, purification and healing to the Earth. These waves of energy are going to heal the hearts and minds of humanity and more importantly it will heal me. Everything is energy and I prefer to observe and analyze the symbolism of water in my dream and what it means for me. Before I use to look at things outwardly but now I am looking inwardly to learn more about myself. I am learning how my energies are influencing this world and the worlds beyond. I have been sending myself messages through dreams and visions for a very long time. I have been seeking the mysteries of the world and come to find out I am the mystery that I have been seeking. I am now unlocking the mystery and revealing the knowledge and wisdom hidden within. The energies that I saw rising in my dream are the energies that are rising within me. I am that powerful and I am one with the waves of energies that are coming on the Earth. I am a powerful force on this Earth and I am rising like a tsunami. I have taken my power back and the Goddess within is Rising.

My intuition is increasing day by day and I am getting in tune with the 4 elements, water, air, fire and earth. I am the 5th element ether or spirit. I am now learning how to control my inner powers because what I do and how I feel affects the whole universe and I want to be in perfect equilibrium with the Creator. I am aware that I am one with the elements. Balance is the key to achieving this. Although the tsunami brought destruction in my dream it brought cleansing to the land. Symbolically it destroyed all impurities in the land and I know the meaning of my dream because I am aware of my heart’s desire. I know what my energies bring to the world. My love energies bring transformation, purification and healing to the world and that’s what I chose to use my power for. I am here to raise the vibrational frequency on Mother Earth and assist with humanity’s ascension. We all have power within! Once you become aware of your inner powers at some point you will have to decide how you are going to use your power. Your power can be used for good or evil.

I chose to create, love, respect and honor all of life while some people decide to work against this. I am about transforming one’s life spiritually and initiating souls into the greater mysteries by merging the lower self with the higher self to achieve perfect balance and perfect love at zero point. Everything is energy and energy can’t be destroyed it can only be transformed. We are riding on these powerful waves of energy and it is purifying our electromagnetic fields and bringing balance and healing to our mind, body and soul. Many souls will experience a major shift inside and it will be felt like a big earthquake because there will be a deep cleansing happening within.

What is being felt within humanity will be felt on the Mother Earth. The Earth’s body is connected to our physical bodies. There is an exchange of information happening all the time. There will be earthquakes in diverse places and there will be floods. It’s all energy and vibration. We are all interconnected to the Mother Earth so if you want peace and harmony on the Earth you need to have peace and harmony within yourselves. If you want to save Mother Earth, than save yourself first. Become aware and pay attention to what’s happening in your inner world because you are projecting your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions into the outer world. I will always continue to say complete the inner work because we must all come back into alignment with the Creator. We must achieve complete balance within. Get to know yourself on a much deeper level by meditating as much as you can. Invite the Holy Spirit in your life and your higher self will descend. It is simple my dear children, if you balance yourself you will help balance the Earth.Remember you are One with the Mother Earth.

If there is chaos happening within your life then chaos will be experienced on the Earth. Balance your poles within! Your energies are influencing the world around us. If chaos and destruction are happening near your city then that means there are lower vibrations in that space, there’s simply an imbalance of energies. You are so powerful that you can heal the space around you. Use your inner powers to heal the world. Send those higher vibrations throughout your city, state and throughout all the places that you travel to. Go within and expand your love energies to the 4 corners of the Earth. Connect to the crystalline grid around Mother Earth and meditate and visualize purifying and healing love energies descending to the Earth. People will experience the shift happening within and when the shift is being experienced this is the time to become aware of all the issues that are rising to the surface. Sure you may be thrown off balance but this is the time to balance the energies within. Don’t run from the issues it’s time to come face to face with your shadow self and release all that is keeping you in bondage or imbalanced.

I have been experiencing the purification process within stages over the last 7 years of my life and now I finally feel free. I released a load of negative energy and even karmic debt from my ancestors that was trapped within my DNA. It has caused me so many issues within my physical body since the age of 15. I was emotionally imbalanced for a very long time due to all the hurt and pain in which I have experienced from all of my close relationships. I experienced family issues, friendship issues and issues from all my relationships that I have been in. I experienced lies and deceit, verbal and physical abuse, adultery and much more. I felt unworthy and I felt like my feelings and emotions didn’t matter. Many people in my life were selfish and they were only concerned about their feelings. They were never considerate of my feelings and emotions and they never thought about how their words and actions affected me. I cared deeply for the people in my life and I always wanted to fix things. I wanted peace and they wanted the opposite. I kept sacrificing myself in different situations to help people and I didn’t realize how much hurt and pain that I had accumulated over time until I started to break down in tears.

I had to rise up against the forces that were trying to keep me in this karmic cycle and I said enough is enough. I wanted to be set free and I was not going to allow this to happen to me anymore. Once I removed myself from the situations that were hurting me I realized that I was emotionally damaged. I had to be restored. I had given my emotional power away and it was time to gain my emotional strength and power back but first I needed to be healed. I wasn’t aware that I had given my emotional power away and in so many words I was being controlled and manipulated. It’s like the dark forces or rulers of this world were feeding off of my negative energies. The same situations kept occurring over and over in my life and it was a cycle that was hard to break. It was all a distraction to keep me from awakening to my true inner powers. It’s like the dark forces in higher places were trying to suppress my inner powers.

Which brings me to question. Why does the enemy want to keep me in chains? Who am I? What powers do I have? Are my powers so strong that it can be used as an destructive force when I’m imbalanced and have no self control? I am the source that these dark forces have been harnessing energy from. Why do these dark forces want to control my powers and harness my energy? What happens when all of my powers are taken back from the enemy and then my powers are unleashed? What happens when I harness all of my powers and use self-control? I am a powerful force of pure love energies. The real question is, “Does Satan and his whole kingdom fear my awakening?” I have always said that I was here to learn how to control my powers because I don’t want to be a destructive force in the universe. I want to bring love, peace, balance and healing in my wings.

So it’s apparent that Satan and his demons don’t want me to know how powerful I am because my energies can collapse this whole evil system. If I took control over my inner powers then what? Guess what Satan, the curse and the force field you have placed around the Earth has been broken. I have learned my lesson and It is Time for my powers to be unleashed! The greatest lesson of all that I had to learn was to trust in myself and to love myself. I was trying to find love everywhere else besides myself. It has been a battle but I have learned my karmic lessons in life and now I have been transformed and I am rising like a phoenix. I am here to say, “It Is Finished.” I had to learn how to release all the hurt and the pain that I was feeling inside and it flowed through my tears. There were times when I felt like I had released it all but as more powerful energies hit the Earth more issues were rising to the surface. There were always unresolved issues and it was all wrapped around my emotions. I had been emotionally imbalanced for a very long time and I was forced to face the issues with the energy, Now the world will be forced to face unresolved issues. The waves of energies that are flowing through the Earth right now will effect everyone differently depending on where you are at in your soul’s journey. I can’t speak for anyone else right now but balance and healing are coming to me.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light-Shield of Divine Love 13th Sun

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