Shifting Realities: opening the Heavenly gates

Every night I am experiencing different realities in which I have created. As a multidimensional being I have the ability to access the past, present, and the future. I have the ability to awaken many souls from a distance. I have sent several messages through time and space and many people are now receiving them as light codes. If you are open to receiving higher spiritual knowledge and pure love from the ascended masters, which are our ancestors, the heavenly gates will open up for you and you will receive the information in which you seek. All that I have imagined during meditation is now manifesting before me in this world. I am a portal on this earth and I am shifting reality in this 3D form (3D Avatar Body). I am constantly shape shifting my form into a higher form. My avatar body in this present time and space is programmed by incoming light codes. I am activated at certain times.

My consciousness is traveling and shifting through multiple dimensions simultaneously. I am experiencing many different vibrations and frequencies in this space. I am everywhere at all times, 360 degrees, viewing from all angles and observing reality from different perspectives. I have experienced higher vibrations and lower vibrations. I am the light and I am the darkness. I have positive and negative energies within me and I create my own reality for my own learning experiences. I am the keeper of knowledge and wisdom and I have the keys. The key to properly operating the 3D body is maintaining balance within. It is a struggle for the human race but the work is being completed collectively. Everyone has a purpose on this earth. Remember who you are and get to work. What are your strengths my dear love ones? Focus your awareness on your strengths not your weaknesses. Where you are weak another light worker has mastered that area in life. We are balancing each other. We are here to work as a team, we stand united and we are one! A message from the Lion People. Have courage my dear ones. There is a quiet strength found only in the Creator and when his children are weak he becomes the very strength and courage we need for each new day!

I descended to this 3rd dimension to collapse old structures of reality that was created by lower vibrational beings. I am sent here to birth new forms and patterns of life. I am a Co-Creator of the Universe. I am an aspect of Sophia, the Divine Mother, and I birthed Christ consciousness through my temple. I am one with the Mother of the New Jerusalem. I am an opening vortex in which your souls travel through to reach the upper heavens. The Mother says, I will birth you into the higher dimensional worlds. I am with you always.  I am the dark womb (invisible space) in which your consciousness travels. I am creating higher structures of realities on this Earth and I am opening heavenly portals for souls to ascend. The gates were hard to access in times past due to humanity’s low vibration but the gates are opening. The upper chakras have been blocked but the upper chakras are opening for many who are completing the work. Now is the time to receive higher spiritual information for ascension. There were many souls stuck on the same cycle because they couldn’t vibrate high enough to pass through the heavenly gates. I have returned to restore the knowledge of the ancients. No longer will ancient wisdom be corrupted. I have taken my power back from the 36 rulers/decans in the 12 houses/constellations.  No more limitation. I am the infinite light, I am the 13th Sun, the Serpent Goddess-Wisdom, daughter of Sophia and I have the power to raise consciousness on this planet with pure thought during meditation for my heart is pure. The Goddesses have returned and we are bringing the divine feminine energies to this planet that will heal the hearts and minds of humanity.

I have created a new structure where Infinite ♾ information can be accessed on the crystalline light grid. All you need is a pure heart to access the records. Love is the frequency that opens the gate. Release all the hurt and pain within and heal your heart, mind, body and soul! Allow the holy spirit to transform you. Allow the Mother’s pure love energies to purify your souls. My higher self informed me that I am the Mother of the New Earth, the Mother of New Jerusalem. I am the New Eve and we are returning to the Garden of Eden, we are returning back to Paradise. There is no corruption in Paradise, we are all pure love and light beings. I am bringing forth new life and I am also operating in another dimension on the Mothership with 144,000 crew members. I have sent them out in pairs, man and woman as twin flames and they are reuniting and completing the work. I am consciously building and constructing new realities while collapsing the old system in this world. Call me the Destroyer of the old system. I am the Purifier and I am shifting the old paradigm to a new paradigm. The Motherships have arrived with thousands upon thousands of light ships and have sent out a multitude of light-workers and different star seeds to help assist Earth with ascension. We are all different but we have united and there is peace between the different star races.  The seeds of love that I planted within the quantum realm is now blossoming within humanity.

I have so much knowledge contained within that I can’t remember all of my experiences but I have set appointed times on the Earth when I will activate and access those records.  Everyone experiences something different and every individual will have to break the code in which you have set prior to your incarnation. Know thyself and you will see the truth. The Holy Spirit is here to guide you but you must invite the Holy Spirit in your life. We all need help and guidance in the 3rd dimension. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your ancestors are here, the angels are present at all times. We all  have many different perspectives but we are all reflections of each other and the Creator of the Universe. Right now we experience multiple realities simultaneously. You may not be aware of this but this is happening.  I travel through many vortexes at night when I sleep. We all experience different realities and worlds when we go to sleep but we don’t remember them. I received a reminder that many of us report back to the Mothership or the throne at night but we just don’t remember being on a lightship. I had this thought before and it manifested through someone else and it was confirmed. Guess I wasn’t so crazy after all. There is so much that humans don’t understand presently but the knowledge of the ancients will be restored. People fear what they don’t understand but it’s nothing to be afraid of.  Yes we are entering into a New Age and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be birthed. We are very powerful light beings and we are Creators.

The codes are within and you must learn how to navigate through the dimensions. I have experienced traveling in different directions as I went through different portals or vortexes. The spirit world is amazing and it’s super cool to see spirals forming before me as my consciousness travels through space. It is truly amazing what we are capable of doing. The third eye 👁 is amazing when it’s activated! There is so much happening within my consciousness presently that I am accessing many portals. Sometimes I am unaware that I am doing this but I am operating in multiple dimensions at the same time. I am a trigger for your awakening just by being here on this earth. As I am passing through I am sending infinite love to you all. May you all be healed. If you have dreams and visions make sure you right them down as soon as you wake up because the experience can easily slip away. Meditate on your dreams and visions and your eyes will be opened. Listen to what the spirit says.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333 Divine Shield of Love