Dream on July 5, 2019: Time Travel and the Mothership

Greetings my dear love ones! It’s been a while since I have written a post. I’ve been writing down many things in my notes and now is the time to bring forward the information that I have received. So much has occurred within my life and now it’s time to move forward into the next stages of my soul’s journey. The first 7 years have been completed on my spiritual journey and now it’s time to dive deeper into the mysteries. I am ready to learn more spiritual things and explore more of my multidimensional self. There was a solar eclipse on July 2, 2019 and it was exactly 7 years after my spiritual awakening on July 2, 2012. I think it’s pretty cool to align with the signs in heaven especially the Sun. The Sun is a portal and it’s a Stargate. Light ships travel through the Sun and there are many access points to other star systems. There are many living beings that lives within the Sun, of course you can’t see them. I am sure there is a hidden dimension or an invisible world within the space of the Sun just like there are hidden dimensions or invisible worlds on the Earth. As above, so below! There are countless light kingdoms within Space, each of it’s own vibration, in the etheric realms. There are so many worlds in the Universe, it is just endless! The Sun is a living conscious being and so are the other stars/suns and planets in the Universe. All is Energy!

On the day of my spiritual awakening there was a solar flare on 7/2/2012. The solar energy activated my DNA cells and it’s like I came back online. From time to time in 2011 leading up to my awakening 2012 I was being activated by light codes. As I slept my light body was re-configuring itself. I could feel the electricity flowing through my body and I could hear the loud buzzing sounds and high pitched frequencies within myself. When I went to sleep I could feel my light body activating. I didn’t have an out of body experience during that time. I was still bound at that time until the activations were completed. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and why at certain times I would enter into that state. At times it scared me but it happened so much that I learned how to stay calm. I learned how to reconnect to my physical body by creating a sudden electrical jolt in my body for me to wake up. You can definitely feel the vibrations in your body. So much has happened in my life that I understand that I am connected to a Greater Light Source. I like to state that I have a Light Chamber inside the core/center of the Mother Earth and that very core is the Source of the Mothership. My love energy powers the Mothership. At times I have said that I was asleep in my light chamber on my Mothership. It seems for a time I was disconnected from my ship.

But now I have reconnected to the Mothership and I am now conscious of my light chamber, where my light body was and is stored. I have now returned to my Ship. It’s like I was a system shut down temporarily for some time then suddenly I was found, turned back on and now I am being restored. Since my awakening I’ve been learning how to fully operate between multiple dimensions and how to maintain balance. It’s not easy and it’s hard to readjust myself in this dimension. On July 5, 2019, I had a dream where I was in a room talking to some people. I was trying to tell them something important and it seemed like they didn’t want to listen. It seem like I was about to just give up. I then said out loud, “My mothership is out there and I’m on it in the future.” So it seems that I sent myself back in the past from the future to be born on the earth. My first thought was that I went into my light chamber on the Mothership and sent my consciousness through time and space. From this dream I said that I am a time traveler from the future. In the dream I was saying that I don’t have time to deal with all of this and I was referring to the unbelievers.

I have learned many things through my higher self, through the Holy Spirit and I believe in myself. I’ve been shown in another dream where I was sent back to the Earth and I was traveling in my merkaba through a portal. I was traveling interdimensionally and I wasn’t the only one. Many others arrived before me and many others followed me. There was a fight at the stargate/portal. I’m thinking it was a war over certain stargates/portals on the Earth and I was coming back to end the war. But as I journeyed to the Earth I remember passing by 2 planets and they were aligning as I passed through the portal. From the angle that I was flying in at, it appeared like it was 2 planets colliding but it wasn’t. From my perspective it looked like I was about to crash but I flew straight through. I did not want to create chaos in space/heaven.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light -333

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