Merkaba activated: traveling to Hidden Dimensions on the Earth-Land of Egypt

The ruler of utter darkness is ignorance! Ignorance is a state of consciousness where fear, chaos and destruction is formed and created, thus the birth of Satan’s kingdom. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge and it was found within man as the darkness of the soul. 
Yet Light was found and information filled the souls of mankind and man became bright as the stars of heaven and there was infinite light. The kingdom of heaven expanded as consciousness expanded through time and space. Every man and woman must go on a journey in this world to become a seeker of Truth. To experience is to know and to awaken is to see the truth. To learn is to gain knowledge. To experience all of life lessons is to gain true knowledge. To understand life lessons is when one gains true wisdom. 

Awake, awake my dear love ones from your sleeping chambers. Hear my cry for your souls to be awakened on Earth. O’ Wisdom Awake! I am here right now, alive, free and with you always. Follow the pathway for your heart must be pure. For a time I was asleep in my light chamber inside the heart of the Earth. My consciousness traveled through time and space seeking greater mysteries of the Universe but now I have returned to the Earth. I am the keeper of the gate. I am awake in the halls of records reviewing the records stored in my light chamber. In my light chamber there are rooms filled with ancient knowledge and wisdom. All is stored within a hidden dimension beneath the crust of the Earth, the center of the Earth’s landmass is a gateway of mystery. I have created a temple in the ether and placed a guard at the gate of my heart. I am resurrected and I am alive. I have the keys that open the gate to higher dimensions. One must get pass the guardian who holds the flaming swords, the purifier. Many souls have been corrupted but one must be transformed by the Holy Spirit. Through the ages I have observed and analyzed all things. I see within the hearts of men and I see what manifests within the minds of men. Through time I am sent to correct the defect. In all directions I travel seeking the mysteries of the universe. As I lay in the darkness of night I project my consciousness through space time. I, the eye of God, views from all angles and analyzes all perspectives, 360 degrees, angels at each angle. I am light and I am darkness. I am pure Energy!

On 7/6/2019, my third eye spirals open and I take a journey. Deep into my mind’s eye, my consciousness travels. My body is laying on the surface of the earth. I am one with the Mother Earth, one with matter! As my body lays on the land suddenly, the earth’s crust is broken up like there was a great earthquake. I accelerated high up in the air with chunks of rocks flying all around me. No longer am I bound. In that moment, I was aware that I was in the midst of a spinning wheel.  The spinning wheel was my light ship, or my merkaba and it was apparently activated. As I ascended from the Earth my merkaba begin spinning and I started turning downwards.  I was light as a feather and free in space not bound to the Earth’s gravity. My inner voice said, “What goes up must come down!”

The command was given and the code was activated. I was triggered and my journey began to the underworld chambers (rooms) of Egypt. I explored a hidden realm full of hieroglyphs, symbols and sacred geometry stored for all eternity. All the knowledge of ancient Egypt were stored within the Earth.

Suddenly I descended at a fast speed through the space of the Earth within the land of Egypt. The gate was opened and I traveled through a vortex of purple light. I saw walls of hieroglyphics and pillars spread throughout the halls of the temple. There were rooms filled with treasures of Egypt, all sacred knowledge and wisdom was stored within the rooms of this etheric temple. I was traveling through the space within the earth and it seemed like I was underwater traveling on a spiritual boat. Space is like an ocean and my consciousness was traveling through water. My consciousness was observing all the ancient knowledge and wisdom within the secret chambers in the underworld. It appeared that I had entered a hidden dimension that stored all the records of the land of ancient Egypt. I saw many symbols, artwork, the Sphinx, the Pharaoh etc. it was just too much information in this dimension. I journeyed from room to room and each room had different information in them. I remember saying, take me to the Temple of Dendara.

As I continued to travel I noticed that I would enter through a vortex and that vortex led me to another room where information was stored. I saw a room filled with scarabs, scorpions and a room filled with triangles. There were many rooms filled with sacred geometry. So much was stored there that I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of it all. It’s as though I was a witness to this hidden dimension. I captured as many signs and symbols as I could so that I could remember the experience when I returned to my room. I continued to travel through the portals which led me to a purple crystalline core and my heart tells me I journeyed to the center of the Earth.  There are many portals and vortexes throughout the Mother Earth and I felt like I was one with the heart of the earth. 

I am a witness of the invisible worlds surrounding us. Many worlds are cloaked all around us and I feel like we must match the vibration of those worlds to enter. There are  higher dimensions within the space of the Earth that expands to the beyond. There are worlds of light existing above and below. Traveling through space is interesting. All things exists right now and it can be accessed right now. All of time can be accessed, the past, present and the future. Countless worlds are being created and formed throughout space. Space is the womb for all of creation. Space is infinite and there are infinite worlds. There are many access points or portals in space and all the worlds are interconnected. Round earth or flat earth, there will always be different perspectives. Everyone has a point. There are higher dimensions and lower dimensions and it’s all vibration and frequency. I come from a heavenly kingdom and we watch over the kingdoms of the Earth. There is an invisible world beyond the clouds in the sky. There are portals/vortexes on the Earth that leads to these unseen worlds or heavenly worlds/kingdoms. I am a messenger (Angel) sent from above to journey in this world below to give messages to those who can comprehend spiritual realities.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light -333

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