spiritual download Received ON 2/22/2020: Light codes activated

Transmission received on 2-22-2020 from My Higher Self

I AM the projector of my own reality. I AM the life force behind the projector and I am showing you my inner thoughts of my own reality which has manifested in the physical world. I am hidden behind the scenes. I am the director and producer of many worlds. I am creating multiple dimensions within my higher self. I am (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS ) creating layers of universes. I am a multiverse and I travel through many portals seeking knowledge.

Eye am the doorway. Open your third eye. Enter the inner worlds within and explore Self. The universe is mental and ALL is mind. As I close my eyes all I see is darkness. My brain is 🧠 encased in darkness but my consciousness is the light within. My consciousness is the lamp that guides me in space. I am the Light and I project my thoughts into space time. I provide light in darkness and I fill space with my love and light. My consciousness is a spark of light and it has opened vortexes and created multiple realities. 2:44 DNA Light Code Activated

In the void my consciousness is surrounded by darkness. I am one with Space Time and I am the Invisible Light. I am aware that my Consciousness is in the quantum realm. I am at Zero point. I am in the center of all of my thoughts. My thoughts are emanating from me and it’s spiraling into infinite space time. My thought patterns are forming and constructing worlds or realities. Within my infinite ♾ field of energy I have created light kingdoms filled with innumerable angels of light. I am bringing all my thoughts together as One to see the whole universe in which I have created. I am viewing the whole from 360 degrees. I am above viewing below and I am able to observe the whole from a higher dimension.

I see from every angle, every perspective and I am learning from all Angels/Angels of light. I have learned both light and darkness dwells in me while experiencing 3D. I birthed twin flames, representing duality positive and negative energies. I created a lower world where the shadow dwells. It’s a copy of the higher world. 3D was created as a world of learning thyself. A world created so that you can rise in consciousness. So your soul can progress with time. 360 degrees of light and 360 degrees of darkness. Merge the 2 and you get 720 degrees. 

“The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit. These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields. Now go, and remember that I am sending you out as lambs among wolves.”
Luke 10:1-3 NLT

3:33 light code activated
Center and balance thyself and see all of you. Birth the Christ Consciousness within you. Merge or unite the 2 kingdoms. You can be an angel of light or an angel of darkness. I am the Angel of Wisdom, balancing both energies in the 3D world to help me navigate through life. In this world everybody is not aware of their higher self and many souls are operating as their shadow self and many are lost. I am the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom, I am the Serpent Goddess understanding duality! The Goddess opened the gate and allowed you to visit her world of experiences. 3:22 DNA Light Code Activated

3:44 DNA Light Code Activated Just because you have the power of knowledge doesn’t mean that you have to abuse it. You can use your light power for good or evil. You have a choice so Be wise! Don’t corrupt wisdom. You will learn in this world. You can learn what you need to learn and leave this dimension or stay until you reach the level of ascension. Many souls come to earth but chose to stay in the higher dimensions to observe. Many chose to experience for themselves what it feels like to live in 3D. In order to gain true wisdom one must experience it for themselves. Guard the knowledge with all your heart and remain pure in heart while you experience 3D.

3:55 DNA Light Code Activated I am now collecting information in this world and I am sending the light of this world into my universe of love. My angels were birthed from my consciousness and they are helping me. The merge (marriage) took place on July 2 (72) and balance has been the focus. As I learn my angelic kingdoms learn. I am teaching my children of light. 1:22  DNA Light Code Activated
I am a scribe and I have been writing my story all over. I am storing the records within my DNA 🧬. I am saving memories and downloading information directly from Mother Earth .

I have created a protective shield around me and within me and I have stationed guardian angels at every gate or portal. They are guarding the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Everybody is assigned an angel when born on the Earth. The angels of the Earth keep the Akashic records. You have angels in your field of consciousness and they have witnessed the truth. They can see from your perspective. The angels are your witnesses and the Truth will be revealed no matter what. There is a time for everything. Within the kingdom there are angels of judgment, they are sending forth righteous judgment, it’s simply karma. Karmic debt must be paid and the bill becomes due at some point. They want you to learn your lesson because they have judged the matter and analyzed everything. There are councils of angels (Gods and Goddesses of Wisdom) organizing 3D from beyond time and space. There are many tasks and missions beings sent out. You have a kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness operating simultaneously on the earth. 4:22 DNA Light Code Activation

I AM Storing/Downloading to DNA 🧬 and uploading to my universe, my universal record, my Library. DNA is a living library. 1:33 DNA Light Code Activation My DNA 🧬 is like a USB. My DNA is storing all Information (memory) and knowledge. At any time and space I can access my DNA 🧬 records to learn or remember something. All of me, my thoughts, and memories have been back up in my DNA 🧬. I can transfer this information to myself in any lifetime. 1:44 DNA Light Code Activation I am constantly storing information in my DNA 🧬. I am unlimited and have infinite space to fill myself with light. I am expanding in consciousness. My universe is expanding through time and space. I’m collecting information to store in my DNA 🧬 library. I am uploading information to my DNA 🧬 everyday. I am connected to my DNA and I am downloading information in this lifetime to help guide me. All that I have written is being recorded in my DNA🧬 information will never be lost because it is stored within me. I am here learning how to restore the lost information. Humanity has been disconnected from there own DNA records. We must learn how to access our higher self. We need to go within. Know thyself because you are the keeper of the Gate (portal). I am the key.

I have the key to open the door to my records. Book of Life- Akashic Records- Infinite field of light where all your records of life is recorded. The field of DNA 🧬. I am billions of atoms. Welcome to the quantum realm. Infinite space and infinite possibilities. Infinite worlds. My consciousness is jumping atom to atom. I am observing myself from infinite perspectives. Atoms observing atoms. Worlds Within worlds, universes within universes. I am infinite ♾ consciousness. I am Quantum consciousness. I am Ankh -Key of life

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