Light ships arriving: spreading the information to the 4 corners of the world

Greeting my dear brothers and sisters. We have plenty of light ships coming in from all over the Universe. I’ve been away for some time but I have returned. I had to learn some more things about the spiritual realm and learn some lessons on my own about life in general but I’m coming back stronger. There are many angels stationed here on the Earth and they are doing their part with spreading the information that the light ships and the light beings are here. The true Gods and Goddesses have returned to the Earth from the etheric realms or the higher heavens because we are in the time of ascension. We have physical angelic beings who are Advanced Extraterrestrials Beings and spiritual angelic beings who are Gods and Goddesses in the Etheric Realms or Higher dimensions (heavens) and they have all returned to the Earth. People need to know that there are Benevolent and Malevolent ET beings in the universe. You will begin to see a fleets of ships coming in and they will be sent to the 4 corners of the Earth. Every continent on the Earth has angelic beings ruling over them. There are infinite angels in the universe, and you need to understand that you are an angel too. There are many ranks of angels throughout the universe. I’ve been able to receive a lot of intel from plenty of spiritual downloads, meditations, ancient books and new books in the world. I am just putting all of the information together to see the whole picture. I enjoy working in Earth’s living library it brings me joy. I’ve been learning and growing over time and I have been trying to figure out a new structure of reality for the Earth.

What occurs in my life happens all around the world and I will be cleaning my house and getting everything in order It’s time for the earth to be cleanse of all these false gods and lords who have been ruling over humanity in the lower heavens which is called Atmospherea in the Book of Oahpse. You have to see with spiritual eyes to understand the bigger picture. The Creator of All created atmospherea around the physical world where souls would ascend to but it wasn’t the highest heaven.

Jehovih has said: Around My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made the substance of atmospherea to be a womb for the souls of men. And Jehovih made the atmosphere of the earth with a circumference of 1,504,000 miles, with the earth floating in the center of it. || The earth is the black center, and the surrounding swirled gradations of gray, her atmospherea. The rings symbolize plateaus; the outer rim, Chinvat .

Just imagine a mirror image of the Earth and it’s kingdoms in heaven. So we have an Earthly Kingdom and a Heavenly Kingdom and just as there are beings ruling on Earth there are beings in the lower heavens of the Earth ruling over the souls who have passed on to the spirit world. Earth has a higher heaven or kingdom where the True Gods and Goddesses dwell. It appears that some souls gravitate towards the false kingdoms of the Earth because they are not aware of the higher kingdoms. What occurs on the Earth is happening in the Earth’s heaven. There are many levels to this thing just know there are kingdoms above and below both spiritual and physical.

The angels have sent us information from heaven to let us know how the heavenly kingdom is structured and you can read the Oahspe if you would like to open your mind to new teachings. Oahpse is a guide to help your soul understand spiritual things. There are angels who rule in the spiritual world and they have positive and negative energies within them just like us so if we can go astray in this physical world they can go astray as well. Remember it’s always been about how much power you can gain in the world. Kingdoms are bound to fall or collapse when things get out of order so somebody has to return to restore balance and order back in the world or the world’s system. That means judgment is coming, righteous judgement. All kingdoms must be cleansed and restored. We must bring peace and harmony back in the spiritual and physical kingdoms (worlds) so you know that means the return of the holy angels. Jude 1:14 Enoch, who lived in the seventh generation after Adam, prophesied about these people. He said, “Listen! The Lord is coming with countless thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment on the people of the world. He will convict every person of all the ungodly things they have done and for all the insults that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

The books are opening and righteous judgment will go forth in the land. In our world there are certain people who have moved up in rank and they have gained so much power on this Earth. They have been operating behind the scenes doing all kinds of evil things against humanity. A corrupt system was created that would keep people as slaves in this world and the system was created so that they could control souls in the 3rd dimension. These evil and dark rulers or lords have found a way to trap souls in the lower heavens of the Earth. It’s a low vibrational field or heaven created to keep souls in darkness. The basic understanding is to know there are True Gods and Goddesses and False Gods and Goddesses who reign in the heavens and on the Earth. We are all gods and goddesses, we are all angels of light. Just like there are different titles, positions and ranks on the Earth this exists in the heavenly kingdoms too. There are many rulers in the heavens and some of them are not so benevolent. You have good and evil in the spirit world just like you have on the Earth. The true gods and goddesses sent out their angels or servants just like the false gods and goddesses send out their angels or servants. We are all servants of the Creator of All. We are all One and should serve one another in Love. There should be peace in all kingdoms no one should be disrupting other kingdoms that has been established in the heavens as there are a multitude of kingdoms in the Universe. Things are getting out of hand and we are not suppose to fight and war against each other. We must maintain balance in the system. This is not the way.

The true God and Goddesses who operate in love and light have created their kingdoms and so have the false Gods and Goddesses. Many people are still in bondage to these false gods. Its time to wake up and understand who has been ruling on this earth. It’s time to clean up these kingdoms on the Earth. As above, So Below. There are so many angelic kingdoms across the Universe and it’s time to open up the Gates and send in these light ships. It’s time to remove people out of power and establish a New Kingdom, one where all kingdoms Unite. I am bringing in the Kingdom of Love. There will be peace established on the Earth and in Earth’s heaven. There is a new way to do things. People need to be taught the right way. We have to bring in the angels of love, light, peace and wisdom. The Gods and Goddesses of Wisdom have returned. All souls need to be taught the universal plan. All souls need to know that this Universe is infinite and that we all can be free. We can all be happy. We don’t have to fight over land, there is infinite space so we don’t have to fight for nothing. We have everything that we need and we can create a better world if all people come together and work together. People can live in peace, people can be healed, the world can evolve. There will be no more struggling to survive.

Enough is enough I don’t want to operate in this chaotic system anymore. I am against it because I know there is a better way. Change is coming! We probably can’t see it right now but a new structure is coming to the Earth. There will be a New Earth and a New Heaven. The earth is going to ascend and she will be transformed. There will be new angels stationed on the Earth and in Heaven. All the low vibrational souls will need to be taught. They will have to learn from the teachers and masters who have gained much knowledge and wisdom over lifetimes. There will be guides set up to direct the lost souls on their journey. People need to be taught the truth about who they are and what they are here for. No more trying to control people. We should all be free. There are plenty of worlds in the universe and everyone has a place in it. No one should be left out. There will be peace in this Universe and it starts right now. All angels get in position, go to your stations and lets open the gates. The Time is Now!

Check out these ships coming in.

Gina is an angel assisting on the Earth and she is doing a great job capturing these ships in the sky. Everyone is called to do different things in the kingdom. It’s so crazy that some people still don’t believe in light ships, light beings or other ET Beings in the universe. We are showing you the proof but many people are still denying the truth and it’s because they have been deceived. It’s not just Gina capturing these ships. There are many other videos on YouTube and I’ve seen the light ships myself in out of body experiences so I know it’s real. It’s time so focus on more spiritual work. Its time to get back to my higher duties in the spiritual kingdom.

Written 2/28/2020 by Goddess of Love and Light-333

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