REVEALING the Hidden mysteries: New Earth and New Heaven & the truth coming to the Light!

Some interesting things are being shown to me. I woke up this morning with some things on my mind and it has to do with the Earth’s Axis shifting. The bible states there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. Well, if you look up at the sky, there is a New Heaven right now. The heavens (stars/constellations) has changed due to to the Earth shifting. A New Sign is also appearing in the heavens. Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius (“The Serpent Bearer”), it is sometimes referred to as the “13th sign of the zodiac” and it is placed between Scorpio and Sagittarius, from November 30 to December 17.

There are many astrologers giving false predictions about where the planets are at. Many are using inaccurate astrology charts/systems. Matthew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. I’ve sat back observed and analyzed the heavens myself and what they are predicting is not showing in the heavens. They must be using a false astrology chart. I kept observing and I’m like something is not right why are these people lying or deceiving the people. I even pondered on a dream that I had on 3/11/2016. In the dream I was looking in the heavens and the heavens changed. The position of the planets and stars all changed. Whatever happened in the sky was really important to me in the dream because I knew something was about to happen. There was an astronomer in the room with me. He knew the position of the stars and the rotation of the Earth.

He said,”Man made an error!” Then suddenly the Earth stop rotating, seems like there was a pole shift. In the dream I knew it was a New Beginning! I looked at the man and said Yahshua is returning! I went to the window and I saw a white cloud descending to Earth. There was another world right in front of me. I saw other beings in this world. It seem like it wasn’t real but I saw it. It’s like I could see into another dimension. This world was aligned with the Earth and apparently a portal opened during the alignment or shift. I wonder if that means ancient stargates will open on the Earth. This dream was a sign and I knew I had to pay attention to the heavens, the shifting of the poles and ancient stargates. So much is happening in the world right now with this Coronovirius but it’s only a distraction to what’s really going on. What is being hidden from the world is the incoming planet called Nibiru or Planet X. More specifically it’s about the Annunaki returning on chariots/UFO’s/spaceships from heaven. That’s the secret that I’m revealing to you.

Amos 3:7 Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets.

Believe it or not! I’m here completing my assignment. There were tall melinated beings that descended in a chariot in a dream and they confirmed it was the return of Yahshua. In another dream a melinated being came up to me with a plan from God. There were other melinated beings that went out in all 4 directions of the Earth. I believe they went out to give assignments to other chosen people. Many are called, but few are chosen. My Testimony-There has been Hebrew Israelites that have attacked me because I am a woman revealing the hidden mysteries of the bible. I’ve been called a Witch and been told that I’m into witchcraft. I’ve mentioned the MerKaBa which means light spirit body. It is your ascension vehicle! I also mentioned I had out of body experiences that happened naturally and he labeled me as a witch. This person was quick to cast judgement on me because I was sharing my knowledge and wisdom on things I had personally experienced. He quickly provided the scripture below.

1 Timothy 2:12, I do not let women teach men or have authority over them. Let them listen quietly. doesn’t even know me. It’s the typical ignorant Israelite.

So clearly it just shows their ignorance because they are still living in darkness and they are being misled by false teachers. So I simply moved on. I’ve had a direct experience with the spirit world and I’m being attacked for having knowledge of my higher self. I’ve witnessed the ignorance in my people and its truly sad.

Matthew 7:15. Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

Matthew 15:12-14, Then the disciples came to him and asked, “Do you realize you offended the Pharisees by what you just said?” Jesus replied, “Every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted, so ignore them. They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.”

The men were persecuting women back in the days and I can see how Yahshua was persecuted by his own people. They plotted against him. I even had a dream where I saw some Hebrew Israelites plotting against women. In the past, I’ve seen how some of them were trying to control the Israelite women. Some people just lack spiritual knowledge and understanding. I see why the Hebrew men didn’t want the women to teach because we can see what’s hidden, we reveal the truth, we reveal the hidden mysteries to awaken the soul. There are many women who have spiritual gifts and some are afraid to use them. The patriarchy system is now ending!!! Your time is up! The Divine Feminine, The Goddess Energy is rising and some things are going to change.

This energy is bringing things back in alignment creating balance. Mother Earth is shifting and many of us are helping with the shift. Many of us are raising the vibrational frequencies on the Earth because we are working on balancing the energies within us! We are all connected to the Earth so if we balance ourselves we help balance the Earth. Many people have been doing what they were called to do. There could have been more disasters during this shift but many of us have been completing the inner work and we are assisting Mother Earth during this shift. All that you have done is not in vain. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes and many people can’t discern the times that we are living in.

Nibiru’s gravitational pull on the Earth will cause the poles to shift. The Sons of God or the Sons of Nibiru are returning to the Earth to monitor everything. They know what’s going to happen because they were here during the Great Flood when there was a pole shift in the beginning. It happened in the past and it’s happening again and Enki gave his testimony in the Lost Book of Enki. Yahshua and our ancestors tried to warn us about these changes at the end of the age. It’s not about fear it’s about preparation. The rulers of this world know and they are trying to hide this from the public. Many people have been sending out warnings but few people have listened. We are just trying to prepare you for what has been revealed to us. No one knows the exact time. We are just raising awareness.

As I stated yesterday, “A New Beginning is Here!” The Day of the Lord is actually the Return of Nibiru and the Annunaki Beings descending to Earth in chariots. Our ancestors anticipated the return of the chariots. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot coming forth to carry me home! The slaves sung about it. The chariots of the Most High were considered a form of salvation. It’s in the bible so you can do your own research. It’s possible some of these ships have already landed in the Middle East. If you hear of rich people resigning or leaving it’s possible they are leaving to go to their underground bunkers.

Revelations 6:12-17 Pole Shift and Nibiru Returning!
I watched as the Lamb broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake. The sun became as dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red as blood. Then the stars of the sky fell to the earth like green figs falling from a tree shaken by a strong wind. The sky was rolled up like a scroll, and all of the mountains and islands were moved from their places. Then everyone—the kings of the earth, the rulers, the generals, the wealthy, the powerful, and every slave and free person—all hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. And they cried to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to survive?”

Written by Goddess of Love and Light

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