Prayer to the Creator of All

Prayer to the Creator of All

From my mind, body and soul I call upon the Creator of All, the Heavenly Mother and Father, both feminine and masculine divine energies that exists within all living beings.  I come before you in meditation and in divine prayer within the etheric field of comic energy. This etheric field of energy interconnects me to All living beings in the Universe. I am connected to every star system that exists in the cosmic web and I use my powers for good. I transmit my pure love energies, my DNA light codes that are embedded with sacred information of Heaven and Earth. I now send to you my pure thoughts as a signal through my spiritual antenna into the whole universe through time and space. All celestial beings in the Solar System must unite. If we all unite in this Solar System we can accomplish anything. There is always a way and love power is the key. Things doesn’t always have to remain the same. We can create a new experience, a new cycle and I have searched all over to come up with a plan but I need your help because you all have the information stored within you. I ask for the assistance of all the great masters, Yahshua Ha’Mashiach, Thoth, Enoch and all the other ascended masters in the Universe who have ascended from Mother Earth. I ask for the assistance of all of the holy angels from the Mazzoroth, both male and female from the 12 constellations, 360 degrees. All of us have obtained a certain degree of knowledge and wisdom and we must all come together to use our knowledge and wisdom that we have all learned throughout the Ages. I am the 13th Sign, representing the Divine Feminine, the Divine Goddess energy bringing all light kingdoms into peace, love, and harmony. I want to restore all things on Earth and in the Heavens, I want to end all the wars and bring peace, order and balance into all light kingdoms. I call upon my spiritual and etheric powers, the 4 elements resonating within my electro- magnetic field at the time of my birth on December 17, 1984. Let July 2, 2012 be a sign to you, it is stored within my cellular memory in my DNA because it was the day I surrendered my life to Love, to Yahshua’s Ha’Mashiach with a pure heart and it was the same day that the enemy attacked me, the dark forces in the world came against me. All I wanted was to return to Love and to be healed. I am Ether, a spiritual being, the 5th element that has awakened on Mother Earth from my inner chamber, the Queen Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. I call upon the Holy High Councils of the Sirius Star System, the Holy High Councils of the Pleiades, the High Councils of Arcturus, the Lyran High Councils, the Lion People and Feline Race, the Bird Race, all galactic Races, all the High Councils spread throughout the 4 corners of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond to help Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants. This call is sent to all of the pure hearted light beings within the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. I beam this message to all the pure hearted souls who desire to help other living beings in the Universe. I hope this message reach you all in Time. The Sirius star-ship transmission on February 16, 2018  gives me hope that you all have heard the call that I have sent in the Quantum Realm when my consciousness experienced Zero Point. I put Love Energy in the Quantum Realm. Reset the grid. I call upon our Sun’s celestial family, all the celestial living beings dwelling within the heavens of the planets within this solar system. I ask that you use your celestial powers for good. I send forth the holy angels in the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto to help with the Earth’s pole shift and the planetary ascension of Earth and it’s inhabitants. I call upon our Sun’s binary twin. I call upon the holy angels and light kingdoms and heavens of the Nibiru star system. I send forth all the holy angels of the Nibiru star system to help assist in Earth’s pole shift and Earth’s planetary ascension of Earth and its inhabitants. I ask for the chariots to descend to the 4 corners of the Earth to protect your descendants and the pure hearted souls on Mother Earth.  Let there be balance for Mother Earth and Nibiru. Let there be peace in Heaven and on Earth. Let Heaven and Earth unite as One. Let all living beings gather to make a wise decision. Let us all consider all life on Earth and in the Heavens. Let’s judge the matter using a balanced mindset. Let us be patient in decision making. Let us all learn from the past so that we can create a better future for all living beings.  I call upon the elements of fire, air, earth and water on Mother Earth. I need the help of all Earth Angels. Gather yourselves in position and stand at the gates, at the storehouses of heaven. Balance the weather conditions on the Earth as best as you can. Balance the core of Mother Earth, Balance the energies within the volcanoes, balance the energies within the oceans and all sea life, balance the energies in the air, the storms and the strong winds from the 4 corners of the Earth, balance the energies within the earthquakes on the Earth. Activate Earth’s Defense system, Activate the divine shield of love energy around the Earth to help stabilize Earth’s gravitational force field due to the incoming strong gravitational force field of the Nibiru system. The Creator of all knows the appointed time and at the appointed time I command for the following tasks to be completed, holy angels please stabilize the pillars in Antarctica, stabilize the mountains, stabilize the oceans, stabilize the atmosphere, stabilize the fires, the magma inside the Earth, activate the stones and crystals around Mother Earth. Activate the ancient megalith structures around the earth, active all the pyramids, the crystal pyramids all around the Earth, above and below on the Earth. Activate the ancient stargates/the leylines all over the world. Let’s us all work together above and below to manifest a New Reality. Together we can all create a New Heaven and a New Earth. We just need to work as a team to develop a New Plan to help with the ascension on Mother Earth and its inhabitants. There’s always a better way to enter a New Age. We must heal from the past and generate new thoughts and create from those pure thoughts. We must Balance the two systems and establish peace. No more negative thoughts about Nibiru being the Destroyer. I chose to look at it as the Great Purifier. We can be redeemed, we can be saved, we can change, we can transform our hearts and our minds. May the whole universe forgive us for all our sins, our transgressions, our wrong doings, our ignorance, our darkness and all our negative influences that we caused throughout the ages of the world. I call upon all my ancient ancestors within my bloodline, in the etheric worlds or the spirt world and on the Earth and on Nibiru. Be the light angels you were created to be. You have all learned good and evil and now it’s time to judge the matter wisely as the Creator of All has guided you all in your journey. We can change and we can do what’s right. Now is your time to show who you really are as angels of God, emissaries of the Creator of All. Now go forth on the Earth and do what needs to be done. I love you All. It is finished!  

In the Name of the Mother of All, The Divine Feminine, In the Name of the Father of All, The Divine Masculine. -The Creator of All-We are One! The marriage takes place!

March Equinox 2020 -Balance

Sending my Light Codes in the Quantum Realm, through Zero Point-A message/prayer/calling/ sent throughout Time and Space in the Whole Universe. Here the Call my dear ones! Activate merkaba shields! Gather around the Earth! Prepare for Ascension!

Signal will repeat and will be sent in Space/Time every time my light codes appear.

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