sirius is the High Council of God: Nibiru is a Sign of deliverance and Righteous Judgment!

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters! I just finished reading and revising a post that I did years ago regarding the Great White Throne and I had a thought about the star Sirius being the Great White Throne. In all my research I’ve identified that Nibiru is also considered the Throne of God. I also know there is a Higher Council greater than the Council of Nibiru. To me Sirius represents Higher Consciousness or Christ Consciousness and in a way I see Yahshua rising to Sirius on this Great White Throne as an Ascended Master or Being. Sirius represents a Higher Dimension where Higher Dimensional Beings dwell and they oversee a lot of things on Earth and I think they are the light/good force behind Nibiru and the Earth. It’s like the higher mind or reality is being projected from Star Sirius. Sirius represents the Higher Mind or the Higher Self of Mother Earth. It’s kind of hard to describe but I can see it in my mind’s eye. It’s like my lower form is on Mother Earth and my Higher Form is on Sirius.

Nibiru is in between and to me it represents the journey from Earth to Heaven. On your spiritual journey you experience a lot of trials and tribulations but you rise or ascend in the end. Nibiru is like the boat or chariot to heaven. It’s like Nibiru takes you to the other side of heaven which is the Higher Heavens; Sirius more specifically Sirius star system. It’s possible that during the time of Nibiru passing, souls get to ascend through a portal that leads them home to Sirius star system. This is just a pure thought, just meditating on higher things. But anyways, I believe my ancestors descended from the Sirius Star System. I am so connected to Star Sirius because my soul was awakened during the time Sirius is aligned to our Sun. My spiritual awakening occurred over a course of 7 days, from 7/2/2012 to 7/8/2012. It’s like a portal of heaven was opened and I had a direct connection to Sirius. It seem like my soul descended from star Sirius, at times I feel like I am One with star Sirius. I feel as if Sirius is my Higher Self.

So how I came to this conclusion that the Great White Throne is Sirius is on this post that I read today. I revised it on the Spring Equinox. The Great White Throne: the Books will be Opened and Many souls shall ascend to Heaven (Nibiru/Sirius) Everything always begin with a pure thought. I’m always gathering my thoughts together and somehow it leads me to other revelations. So I just wonder if this Great Throne is set up on Sirius A. I originally wrote the post on 2-16-2016 and I realized that 2 years later on 2/16/2018 I had an interesting experience where my consciousness went to Zero Point and there was nothing there but my consciousness. I call it the Void because it was darkness and the first thought I had was Love. I saw the word Love floating in space. I heard my inner voice say Love and so Love was the vibration in the void. It was as though the word Love projected from my Higher Mind, my consciousness in the beginning of Time when there was nothing. I was the love force being birthed in the void. My consciousness was the spark of life in the Void.

All of this was being projected from my third eye or my pineal gland. When I went into the experience I saw an image of the brain being projected inside of me. So I know where I was operating from and I saw myself in another world and I went into another layer of a dream and I commanded Time to stop and suddenly everything disappeared around me and I saw a white space then I entered a black space. Seem like I was inside a black hole. There was a strong magnetic pull on my energetic field and I knew I wasn’t alone in the void, there was another force there. I automatically assumed it was Yahshua. Now that I have learned about Higher self, from Yahshua. I know that I have both positive and negative energies within me. The feminine and the masculine energy. The force that I felt in the field was Magnetic energy and when I went back to my physical body I felt electricity flowing through my Light Body to my Physical Body. I remember merging with my Physical Body that was sleeping in the bed. I believe the force that I was feeling in the void was my lower self (physical body) on the Earth which is why I returned to my body. I felt the force in my Heart. It seemed like I was in the center of my Heart, the core of my being. The Heart has a electromagnetic field around it. So my heart and my mind was aligned which is why I believe I had this Zero Point experience and it brought me back to the beginning of my existence and I felt myself as a spark of conscious light in the beginning and my soul was created from Pure Love. So I was the Love Force in the beginning, I am the power (energy) of Love!

My spiritual experience on 2/16/2018 was very interesting. It was like my soul journeyed from the Higher Self (Pure Consciousness/Spirit) to the Lower Self (Physical Being/Matter). I think it’s pretty cool. When I woke up my body was still vibrating intensely from the journey. I felt electricity flowing through my central nervous system in my physical body. Its like all the neurons in my body was firing off. I felt the sensations all throughout my body. My feet was tingling. Then after this experience I received intense vibrations in my head. My head felt like it was receiving a transmission or a signal from beyond. I heard the tuning inside and it felt like the inside of my head was an antenna. Once I tuned into the right frequency a message and an image came through. I saw a woman gazing up and she said Sirian. The energy was so intense that I couldn’t keep the connection but I believe it was a message from a Sirian Star Ship. Once I received the message I closed my eyes and went to sleep and then my inner voice said, Here it goes!

I became conscious and I knew something was about to happen. I think the Sirian Star ship provided me guidance on the journey. maybe they gave me the coordinates or the direction to Sirius stargate. I left my body extremely fast and I traveled as fast as the speed of light. Then I appeared at a doorway and I saw thousands of ships passing by me. The ships appeared white and silver and they were moving really fast. I think I opened up a stargate but as I was looking at the ships one of the ships positioned itself above my head.  I gazed up at the ship and I noticed the pattern on the bottom of the ship. It had a magenta hexagon pattern and then it begin to open up like a spiral, and magenta hearts descended out of the vortex that was opening and I remember smiling. I was at the center of my light ship. When I think about the Heart, I think about the Core, the Center. Then all of a sudden I was in a dark room (a layer of space) and a wall appeared in front of me. I specifically remember a light being projected on the wall. My consciousness constructed the room similar to my room on Earth inside the light ship. Remember how the architect lady (Ellen Page) in the movie inception started creating inside of Leonardo DiCaprio’s subconscious mind. That’s how my consciousness created the room. Inside my merkaba I created an inner chamber, a secret room, containing records of my life.

The light beamed on the wall and in the light I saw flashes of images, symbols, geometric shapes, ancient objects, and other  ancient things that reminded me of ancient Egypt. It was a collection of a lot of things or knowledge. It was like a database filled with my memories. I even remember seeing a picture of Martin Luther King. I was reviewing history. I’m just going to say I was in a hall of records reviewing things of the past. It was really cool. It was like a slideshow and it was passing by really fast. Then afterwards I came face to face with a dark cloud and a face begin to manifest in the cloud. I looked away quickly because it appeared to be a being manifesting within this cloud. Then I said, “I defeat the darkness in me!” It’s so crazy because I started singing this, I was rejoicing in the spirit because I defeated Satan, the lower aspect of me. It’s like I didn’t allow the darkness to take over me. This represented my ascension.

Since the Sirius Starship beamed a message to me it lets me know where Home is. On July 3, 2012 I felt like I was being initiated into the Sirius Mysteries. I found this on another site. Sirius being the Brightest Star gives off the Most Universal Light. Ancient Egypt was connected to Sirius, their calendar which was based upon the movement of the Heavenly Star.  The Great Pyramid was built to synchronize to the Light of the Sirius Star specifically so that the Light of Sirius would shine through a hole in the Queens Chamber aligning itself at exact moments, to impart the Starlight to initiates during Ancient Rituals. With their Ascended Divine Light they are helping with Universal Ascension. Sirians are dedicated to helping all on Earth Ascend. They exist in Universal Consciousness and Are Beings of Light, and live in Unconditional Love. This is true because this is what I’ve been saying. I’m here to help Earth and it’s inhabitants ascend.

Sirius is the Spiritual Sun (invisible Sun) behind our Sun, the Physical Sun. The Higher Light of Sirius is being beamed through our Sun to the Earth. When the Sun is aligned with Sirius a gateway or a portal is opened. Sirius will appear to be located behind the Sun and will therefore appear to rise and set in conjunction with the Sun. Sirius represents the Higher Heaven and the Sun represents the Lower Heaven.

Sirian alignment

On a much higher level I see Yahshua’s soul being birthed as a Son of Sirius, he represents the True Sons of God birthed from the Spiritual Mother. I think it’s possible that Yahshua descended from Star Sirius through our physical Sun to be incarnated on Mother Earth and somehow I feel like he incarnated on Nibiru at some point in his spiritual journey but I’m not too sure who he is or was on Nibiru. My heart says Thoth because he built the Great Pyramid and he had great knowledge and wisdom. He was also a Son of Enki. When I read the Emerald Tablets that’s when I saw the connection between Thoth and Yahshua. Galzu gave Enki a vision of him saving Noah or Ziusudra from the Great Flood.  Galzu represents a member of the High Council. To me Galzu was working with the Sirius High Council and he was being guided through them. It was all a divine plan to save humanity and Nibiru was the intercessor. The beings on Nibiru was sent as messengers or emissaries of God. The beings on Nibiru will follow the commands of the Most High Council. Which will be a command from Yahshua or the Sirian High Council. The kings of the Earth will need to surrender to the High Councils of Light, if not the army of Nibiru is coming in.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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