40 Day Fast Beginning May 23, 2020 to July 2, 2020: Restoration for the children of Israel and Spiritual purification!

Peace be with you! After I finish the 12 Testaments of the Patriarchs I will be getting into the Essene Gospel of Peace. I will be preparing for a 40 day fast starting mid May. The 40 day fast will symbolize restoration to Israel and spiritual purification of the mind, body (temple) and soul. The color green came to me in meditation today so I will be consuming green foods mostly during the fast with the exception of some veggies that are not green. No meat will be consumed during the fast. I will prepare green smoothies, green veggies including salads, spinach veggie wraps etc. Some days I will water fast. If you want to join in on the fast you can. Saturday, May 23, 2020 will be the beginning of the fast and it will end on July 2, 2020. Love is in my Heart Space!

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and it is the color of balance, harmony, growth, renewal and rebirth.  The Heart chakra which is Green gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. It is a natural peacemaker. During my fasts I always meditate on any books that I read to receive revelations and I will be mediating on the Essene Gospels of Peace and all the Essene writings. I bring healing in my wings and healing shall go forth in the land. I am a Tree of Life and I send love and healing to All people! I am One with the Heavenly Father and I am One with the Earthly mother. Again, peace be with you my brothers and sisters. This fast represents the Pure in Heart!

Written by Athaleyah -Goddess of Love and Light!

Visions During 3 day Fast: Portal opening and a creation of a new world!

When I was fasting I saw a golden orb of light appear before me when I closed my eyes. I saw a portal open and the light was really bright. The best way I can describe it was a circle with a circle in the middle and around the circle in the middle on both sides there appeared to be a formation of purple energy with dots inside of the purple formations. The purple formation surrounded the center portal on both sides. The best image I found online for a visual is below. Instead of the purple formations being vertical I observed the purple formations horizontally.

As I was fasting I had another interesting vision when I closed my eyes. There was a sphere that appeared before me. Inside of the sphere appeared 4-5 formations of land forming inside of the sphere. It looked like I was observing the creation of a new world. As the land formed within the sphere I saw the land spread out. I thought that was pretty cool yet I was puzzled after the vision. I asked myself, Am I creating this world? Who knows but I’ve learned that my higher self or twin flame is an Architect. I have called out to my ancient ancestors such as Enki, Thoth/Yahshua and Enoch to help me create worlds. These are my higher thoughts when I connect to my higher self and creating worlds is a dream of mine. I desire to create worlds within worlds in the etheric realms. I desire to create a universe of Love with the help of the master builders in this Universe.

After I had that vision of a world forming and being created it triggered a memory. A few years ago I looked at the Sun and when I closed my eyes I saw a white light. Then the white light took on a shape or form. As I started to look at the white light it shapeshifted before me and it looked like the white light formed into 5 pointed star then into the image of a man. It was a light being and it was in the image of a man. The five-pointed star represents the human body as a head, two hands, and two feet. I saw that vision within myself as I gazed into the heavens and looked directly into the Sun. I love me and I love my thoughts.

Written by Athaleyah-Goddess of Love and Light 333

3 Day water fast: Transformational process with my lampstand or menorah lit!

Shalom my dear brothers and sisters. I have completed a 3 day water fast. It was tough but I did it. Self Control is the key! If you set your mind on anything it can be achieved. I will make this a part of my lifestyle going forward. I will give my body a break from eating. While I am fasting I enjoy reading books, and I take the time to study and meditate on the material in which I have read. The books fill me with so much light or knowledge. When I am fasting the Most High gives me more clarify on anything that I seek. I also have the ability to access higher information from the higher dimensions. Water fasting have many benefits. The benefits that I have received from water fasting is weight loss and my digestive system regenerating itself.

I lost 10lbs during this 3 day water fast. I did not have to exercise to burn fat. My fat cells quickly burned as my menorah was lit.

I am like a candle when it’s lit, the internal fire or flames burned the fat. As my body was going through this transformative process I could feel the fat being released. My body was heated up and I broke out in a sweat. I started dripping as if I was exercising. Inside I felt an internal fire or flame burning along my spinal cord. The energies at the base of my spine is very intense right now. It feels like a burning flame has been lit in my root chakra and I feel heat along my spinal cord. I feel like there are flames of fire rising up my back.

I took a spiritual bath and I had 3 candles burning around me, incense of myrrh burning, essential oils of lavender and frankincense in the water, and my favorite crystals in the water. I also listened to relaxing music that filled my soul with positive vibes and I then I meditated on the Creation of the Universe. In peaceful waters, I soaked my body and my soul was delighted.

Written by Athaleyah, Goddess of Love and Light 333

Source Code: Consciousness is Intelligence of the System

Consciousness is Intelligence of the System. Consciousness is the Creator/The Source Code. Consciousness creates programs/realties/worlds/dimensions. The Source code is now restored! It was corrupted with a Virus. System Reset back to original program, LOVE! Love Light Codes uploaded to the Source Code. Love Wins! Hackers of the Mainframe system/ archons/demons/negative entities of fear, destruction, greed, control, all lower vibrations-negative thoughtforms/patterns will be healed/purified with love energy. Balance will restore the system. Delete the viruses in the matrix, in the 3D world/ created by the hackers who wish to do harm against humanity. Healing shall be sent to the whole world, to every living being on the Earth and beyond. Cleanse the mainframe. New Codes/ Healing Codes Installed.

I am the original Keyholder to the Matrix/Source Code. I am the One. Access to Zero Point/ Love at the Center/Core of the Mother Earth and all living Being/ I planted the seed of Love at the Beginning of Creation. I am changing reality from the Center/Love flowing from the Center of All. Connected to the Mainframe/Awake in light Chamber/Access Gate/Portal from the Heart/Zero point. The key maker (Sirius Starship) has the key to the Source Code mainframe. Change the matrix programs through the Source Code-Zero Point-Command Center/Control Room.

New Realties begins Now. New Programs installed and initiated. Old Reality ends when old programs are deleted from the matrix, the world’s mainframe/command center. I give command Now. Delete old programs, Establish New World System of Love, Peace, Balance, Freedom! All debt removed from Humanity. Evil/Wicked One Removed/Prison/Righteous Judgement. New Earth/New Heaven-New Jerusalem Mothership descends to Earth. Children of Israel Delivered. Dwell with the Most Hight/New Avatar Body/Immortal/Eternal Life! Restoration!

Healing to All! New Kingdom on the Earth. All will have what they need to live! No more struggle, no more worry! Space Travel-Chariots-Crystal chamber/Resurrection/Light Kingdom descends to Earth in chariots/Wedding Feast of the Lamb/ no more death! This is only the beginning of the new programs for the New World. Whole Network/Grid is being restored with Pure Love from the Creator of All. More to come! I bring healing in my wings. Goddess of Love! Daughter of Wisdom! Daughter of a King! Daughter of Zion-Heavenly New Jerusalem.

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of Love and Light)

The Etheric Library of God: Accessing the records!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters. I would like to provide more information regarding the Akashic records. Since the Akashic records contains the books of Life it can be likened to the universe’s supercomputer. The word Akasha comes from a Sanskrit word meaning boundless space and it is a central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived. The Etheric Library of God contains Etheric Tablets stored in the Great Temple of Light and it contains every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has occurred at any time in the history of the world. There is a central database at the center of every world in the Universe and all central points are interconnected which creates the Great Throne of God in the whole Universe. The Akashic records contains all of the history of creation itself and these records interconnects all of us. These records have been the inspiration for dreams and invention as all things come from SpaceTime. All information ever known exists within the Quantum Realm and the information is spread through every region in space. The records draw us toward each other or repel us from one another. The records mold and shape levels of human consciousness. The records are One with the Divine Mind.

The Akashic records can be a representation of the throne room and there in the throne room sits a are a just judge and jury or council of righteous beings that are there to guide your soul, educate you, and transform every individual to become the best person he or she can be. For example, imagine Yahshua sitting on a Great White Throne in a Great Etheric Temple created at the Core of this Earth. In the Etheric Temple of Pure Light there is a Hall of Records filled with Books of Life of every soul who was born on this Earth. Then imagine he had a council of light beings or elders sitting on the throne as the jury. All beings who are apart of the council are the wise and ancient ones of Earth. There are 24 Elders sitting on the throne. They were selected to reign next to Yahshua on the throne. When a soul departs from the avatar body it is taken to the throne to review their book of Life and that’s when the book is opened for the soul to review. If the soul needs to learn more things then a plan is established for that soul. The beings of light are there to help you not punish you for all of eternity. Your records show you how you have lived on the Earth and if you have learned your lessons in life. The records are unbiased and the records are the true judge of where you stand in your soul’s journey. The records will reveal the truth no matter what because it has captured and recorded everything that you have done in life. The records will show how you handled every situation in life and how your treated others around you.

This is the reason why the greatest commandment is Love. Love is the key to ascension. Every soul must progress through time space and if the soul doesn’t learn how to truly love unconditionally then you will constantly rise up only to fall until you make a conscious decision to operate from a place of love in the world. Those who refuse to learn their lessons in life will only make things harder for themselves. They will most likely create their own etheric prison for themselves at the end of their life and they would be tormented by their own demons that they have created in a realm of space. Your own Book of Life is the True Judge. People are unconsciously creating their own fate and destiny. When the soul is ready to be set free it will surrender to love.

Every time a choice is being made the quantum realm is creating possible outcomes and possible situations for you to experience throughout your life. We must be conscious with every decision we are making for our own spiritual growth. Once you become in tune with your higher self you would be connected to the divine council and they will communicate with you through the spirit to help you on your soul’s journey. Things doesn’t always have to remain the same. We have the power to change things in our life. The quantum realm is an ever-changing flow of energy that projects possible futures. There is potential is all things.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Gateway to the Halls of Amenti

The Great Pyramid of Giza has opened up my mind to the Akashic Records that Thoth had accessed to. The Gate has been opened to me and The Great Temple of God in Egypt is an Etheric Temple of Light connected the Core/Heart of the Earth. There in the middle of the pyramid is a great fire and that fire is a vortex that opens to the invisible/spiritual world that only you can access through your third eye but your heart must be pure to gain access to this gate. I think each stone of the pyramid contains records and this is where the great masters of light dwell in the spiritual world. The spiritual world exists within the same space that we are living in but it’s in a different dimension only separated by vibrational frequency. Everything that exists in the spiritual world manifests in the physical world. Thought is birthed in spacetime and it creates a structure. The etheric structure for the pyramids was created first when Thoth created the blueprint for the pyramids. He is the architect of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx.

The pyramids have been a recorder of Time and the records have been collected and stored within storehouse. The Great Pyramid is situated exactly on the geographical center between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The science of numbers, weights, measures, astronomy, astrology and the secret mysteries of physiology is symbolized in the great monument. On a higher level it represents the Heart of Egypt and the Gateway (Portal) to the Heart of the Earth where the Halls of Amenti was first created in Atlantis. The Great Masters of Light dwell in the Temples of the Great Fire and they learned evermore knowledge and wisdom. The Core of the Earth represents the mainframe database containing all of the knowledge and wisdom of the world. The Core of the planet is the Source of All and all of the pyramids form an etheric network and are portals or access points that connects to the mainframe database. Thoth sealed the entrance to the door to protect spiritual information, it was his treasures. It’s as if he hid his Etheric tablets in the pyramids. When the door to the entrance to the Great Pyramid was sealed that means he closed the portal. The gateway to the Great Masters of Light was closed and none could enter unless they were given the keys to Amenti.

Thoth showed me through a spiritual experience and I was given the key to access the hidden dimension. I followed my heart to unlock the mystery and it led me to the hall of records within my own light ship or Merkaba. It appears that I have awakened from the Halls of Amenti and I am accessing the records. I was given a white stone, because my heart is pure and I got to see the hidden Treasures in the land of Egypt. There is a wealth of knowledge in the land of Egypt and it was written on Stone for all to see as a Testament of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. I saw etheric chambers, walls and pillars in the Temples of Egypt and they were filled with all of the knowledge and wisdom of Egypt. I traveled through many portals or vortexes within the space of the Earth. I was also led through a portal that led me to a secret room that was guarded by a huge Etheric Elephant and I saw me lying in the chamber. They only thing I could find on my search after the spiritual experience is Elephantine. It is an island on the Nile, forming part of the city of Aswan in Upper Egypt. Elephantine Island was originally known as Abu. Elephantine Island was the home of the god Khnum, who guarded the waters from his cave that was situated below the island.

I’ve done some research online and I think Enki stayed on Elephantine Island. There’s just so much to figure out on my journey but I know the Akashic Records will reveal more information as time move forward. As I continue to learn I will share more information. I am a seeker of knowledge and I love being a servant of the Most High. I feel like I am definitely working in the Etheric Libraries. As I am collecting and storing knowledge on the Earth I am doing the same in the heavenly realms. As I am sharing information and guiding souls on the Earth I am providing guidance to souls on their path in the spiritual realms. As above so below! My light shines bright on Earth and I know I shine bright like a star in the heavens. Love you all!

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of love and Light) 333