Nibirians life on nibiru compared to life on the Earth! higher knowledge descends!

The Nibirians came to the Earth initially for One reason. To get the Gold to save their planet. Their planet was also being affected as the planet made it’s journey or orbit around our Sun. There are 2 seasons on the planet Nibiru. One year on Nibiru is 3600 days. 360 days x 10 months= 3600 years. 1 month on Nibiru is 360 days, that’s equal to 1 year of time on Earth. Per the Enoch calendar, 1 year on Earth is 360 days! The point of this is to show you that Time is different on Earth than Nibiru. But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. The life span of the Nibiruans is much longer than the life span of Humans. Time is much faster on the Earth than Nibiru. Nibiru is way bigger than Earth and it rotates slower so Time is experienced different on their planet. We have 24 hours in 1 day, imagine how many hours is 1 day on Nibiru. Just thinking….What if there was 720 hrs that makes up one day on Nibiru, 360 hrs of day and 360 hrs of night. That is a long time. All I know is that the beings on Nibiru lives thousands of years in just One life time. Based on what I have learned from Thoth, an Annunaki/Nibiruan could live through 12 Ages on the Earth which equals to approximately 25,920 years, the Great Year or Cycle of Time for Earth.

Now I’m thinking is it possible with advance technology that the Nibiruans can enter into a deep sleep in a crystalline light chamber and send their consciousness to the Earth to be born on the Earth. When they die on Earth they wake up from the sleeping chamber on Nibiru and the journey on Earth just seemed like a dream.

There are 2 seasons on Nibiru, Cold (Winter) and Hot (Summer). The Nibiruans experience the Summer when Nibiru gets closer to our Sun in its orbit. Nibiru is Hot right now! A thick atmosphere envelops around Nibiru due to the volcanic eruptions on the planet.This is why we can see the Red Star (Planet) in the sky! All manner of life is sustained by the atmosphere, without it the beings would die. In the cold period the inner heat of Nibiru protects the planet. The planet is constantly renewed. In the hot period the inner heat of Nibiru shields or protects itself against the scorching rays of our Sun.

Mother Earth also has a shield that protects herself from the scorching rays of the Sun. During the passing of Nibiru, Mother Earth has to defend herself because the energies are too strong. We are here to help create a stronger electomagnetic field around the Earth. The children of the Most High, the 144,000, the 12 Tribes of Israel have the power within to create this powerful shield of Love around the planet and it will help protect the Mother Earth during this rough time. This is why we are Here, to save the Earth. Activate your shields of divine Love within your energetic field. Remember your energy field merges with the Earth’s energy field. You are One with the Earth. Love is a very powerful force/energy and it can protect the Earth from all incoming danger. If the electromagnetic field of the Earth weakens that means Earth will no longer be protected from the rays of the Sun. The lower energies on the planet is affecting and influencing the Earth’s shield so you must Raise your vibration! Give Mother Earth a boost of energy by sending your Love to her Inner Sun which is the Core of the Earth. Connect to Mother Earth through your Heart.

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