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  1. Galzu the Divine Knower-(Gnostic)
    “GALZU” in Sumerian means “wise man” or “Divine Knower” much like the “GAZOO” Character in the Flintstones cartoon, he would just appear out of nowhere and assisted, Enki, Enlil. Ninmah and Anu, with critical information through dreams and visions.

    Enki with the help of the great Galzu, saved humanity from the flood of Noah/Ziusudra, and later, I believe Enki or his son Ningishzidda/Thoth/Hermes incarnated as Jesus Christ and sacrificed himself on the cross to save us from the ignorance of our divine SELF and the evil world system created by his half brother – Yaldabaoth/Enlil/Yahweh.

    I was given The Lost Book of Enki in 2010 and read some of it, but couldn’t quite wrap my head around the story at that time in my life. After seeing a few videos on Youtube about Zechariah Sitchin being wrong about his theories and translations, I decided to do some deeper research on the Anunnaki from differing perspectives, and eventually came to agree with Zechariah enough to give his book another try, and like “Game of Thrones” if you stick with it long enough and identify with the characters, you get hooked on the show and start binge watching!

    That’s exactly what happened to me with The lost book of Enki.
    I started identifying with the struggles and triumphs of the whole cast of characters involved in the story, and read the book several times!

    During that time in 2013-16, I began studying Christianity and the whole creation story with a new perspective. It felt like I was given new eyes, and I could see deeper into the mysteries of the Bible and spirituality more than ever.

    Enki’s angry half brother Enlil/Yaldabaoth/Jehovah is the one who began to hate the humans that Enki/EA and their half/sister Ninmah/Mami had created.

    Lord Enki, because of the intervention of the great Galzu, is the one who warned Ziusudra/Noah of the coming flood and told him to build the Ark and gave him the blueprints thus saving humanity.

    The blueprints for the Ark appeared to Enki in a dream from the great Galzu!

    When Enki awakened from the dream, the blueprints just magically appeared on his nightstand!

    This is the 1st recorded miracle on Earth!

    I personally believe after much research and prayer that Lord Enki or his son Thoth/Hermes is our saviour from ignorance and later incarnated as Krishna, Buddha and Jesus Christ to free us from the angry war god Yahweh/Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge Spoken of by Plato and throughout the forbidden Gnostic Scriptures.

    When Enlil/Yahweh found out his half brother Enki/EA-rth had warned the humans of the coming flood, he was furious and tried to kill his half brother- Enki for doing so.

    The Bible story combines the stories of these 2 brothers together in the book of Genesis, so you think there is only 1 god/ruler.

    There’s always three sides to the truth…two different perspectives and the real truth!

    The Gnostic Christian scriptures that the Gnostic Christians died to preserve and protect, reveal that Jesus Christ was NOT the son of the Old Testament war god-Yahweh/Jehovah!

    The Secret gospel of John, and the Apocalypse of Adam, and several other Gnostic texts reveal who the true Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ actually is.

    The Gnostic Christians and Orthodox Christians during the middle ages argued vigorously on a number of important matters concerning the Father of Jesus Christ and the specifics of his divine nature and mission.

    Of course, we all know who won that argument:((

    These so-called heretical books that are despised and banned by the Church, were re-discovered in modern times, dug out of a graveyard in 1945 by a local from Nag Hammadi Egypt named Muhammed Ali – not the boxer.

    The Gnostic Christians were executed for their beliefs during the Inquisitions, by the state run Church, during the middle ages. The Gnostics had debated with the Church authorities that Jesus Christ’s true Eternal Father who sent him into the world, did not create this world, Instead creation was the labor of a weaker, lesser good and evil creator god.

    That entity, referred to as Yaldabaoth or Yahweh/Jehovah was the jealous, angry war god of the Old Testament scriptures.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. It’s great that you took the time to revisit the Lost Book of Enki. Everything is all starting to come together. I had a thought that Enki sent his son Thoth (Ningiszidda) on the mission to incarnate as Yahshua (Jesus).
    When I read the Emerald Tablets it all started to make sense to me. Enki felt really bad about what happened in the beginning so I think he came up with a plan of salvation and he included his Son. Ultimately it was Yahshua’s will to move forward with the plan. According to Thoth he was free to incarnate at will and he had the ability to access his memories from past lives. Yahshua (Jesus) knew that he would be ressurected to life. Thoth talks about this in emerald tablets. Thoth has ascended beyond 4D, or Time. He has been operating in multiple dimensions and have been assisting humanity through Time. He knew that he would ascend to heaven. He had the knowledge of the Higher Self and he was sent here to teach people how they can also return to their higher self so they can ascend.

    The Nibiruans caused a lot of chaos and destruction in the past on this planet and some of them felt really bad about this. Their descendants have suffered because of it because they have their DNA. Surely it’s a bond between earthlings (Earth) and the Nibiruans (Nibiru). So many things have been playing out in Time. A story has been told in the bible and a portion of God’s people were used as an example so that people can see the bigger picture. The descendants of Nibiru represents the true children of Israel, the 12 Tribes of Israel. Most of these descendants are melanated (brown/copper) people. For a very long time they have suffered in this world through time and they have been working on clearing their Karmic Debt.

    We have been laboring for the Kingdom of the True God, representing the Higher Self/Higher Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. True believers of Yahshua (Jesus) innerstand this knowledge. Yahshua came in the image of the True God, and he showed us all how to operate in Love as the Higher Self. Many of the lost tribes of Israel have discovered our true selves and we know how to keep the commandments of Love. We must purify our hearts and minds by doing away with all evil. Most importantly we must forgive others, have compassion for others and forgive ourselves. We must also show unconditional love and stop being so quick to judge others when we ourselves have inner work to do. So I leave you with this.

    The History of Thoth, The Atlantean.

    Chosen was I from the sons of men,
    taught by the Dweller so that his
    purposes might be fulfilled,
    purposes yet unborn in the womb of time.

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