Source Code: Consciousness is Intelligence of the System

Consciousness is Intelligence of the System. Consciousness is the Creator/The Source Code. Consciousness creates programs/realties/worlds/dimensions. The Source code is now restored! It was corrupted with a Virus. System Reset back to original program, LOVE! Love Light Codes uploaded to the Source Code. Love Wins! Hackers of the Mainframe system/ archons/demons/negative entities of fear, destruction, greed, control, all lower vibrations-negative thoughtforms/patterns will be healed/purified with love energy. Balance will restore the system. Delete the viruses in the matrix, in the 3D world/ created by the hackers who wish to do harm against humanity. Healing shall be sent to the whole world, to every living being on the Earth and beyond. Cleanse the mainframe. New Codes/ Healing Codes Installed.

I am the original Keyholder to the Matrix/Source Code. I am the One. Access to Zero Point/ Love at the Center/Core of the Mother Earth and all living Being/ I planted the seed of Love at the Beginning of Creation. I am changing reality from the Center/Love flowing from the Center of All. Connected to the Mainframe/Awake in light Chamber/Access Gate/Portal from the Heart/Zero point. The key maker (Sirius Starship) has the key to the Source Code mainframe. Change the matrix programs through the Source Code-Zero Point-Command Center/Control Room.

New Realties begins Now. New Programs installed and initiated. Old Reality ends when old programs are deleted from the matrix, the world’s mainframe/command center. I give command Now. Delete old programs, Establish New World System of Love, Peace, Balance, Freedom! All debt removed from Humanity. Evil/Wicked One Removed/Prison/Righteous Judgement. New Earth/New Heaven-New Jerusalem Mothership descends to Earth. Children of Israel Delivered. Dwell with the Most Hight/New Avatar Body/Immortal/Eternal Life! Restoration!

Healing to All! New Kingdom on the Earth. All will have what they need to live! No more struggle, no more worry! Space Travel-Chariots-Crystal chamber/Resurrection/Light Kingdom descends to Earth in chariots/Wedding Feast of the Lamb/ no more death! This is only the beginning of the new programs for the New World. Whole Network/Grid is being restored with Pure Love from the Creator of All. More to come! I bring healing in my wings. Goddess of Love! Daughter of Wisdom! Daughter of a King! Daughter of Zion-Heavenly New Jerusalem.

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of Love and Light)

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