3 Day water fast: Transformational process with my lampstand or menorah lit!

Shalom my dear brothers and sisters. I have completed a 3 day water fast. It was tough but I did it. Self Control is the key! If you set your mind on anything it can be achieved. I will make this a part of my lifestyle going forward. I will give my body a break from eating. While I am fasting I enjoy reading books, and I take the time to study and meditate on the material in which I have read. The books fill me with so much light or knowledge. When I am fasting the Most High gives me more clarify on anything that I seek. I also have the ability to access higher information from the higher dimensions. Water fasting have many benefits. The benefits that I have received from water fasting is weight loss and my digestive system regenerating itself.

I lost 10lbs during this 3 day water fast. I did not have to exercise to burn fat. My fat cells quickly burned as my menorah was lit.

I am like a candle when it’s lit, the internal fire or flames burned the fat. As my body was going through this transformative process I could feel the fat being released. My body was heated up and I broke out in a sweat. I started dripping as if I was exercising. Inside I felt an internal fire or flame burning along my spinal cord. The energies at the base of my spine is very intense right now. It feels like a burning flame has been lit in my root chakra and I feel heat along my spinal cord. I feel like there are flames of fire rising up my back.

I took a spiritual bath and I had 3 candles burning around me, incense of myrrh burning, essential oils of lavender and frankincense in the water, and my favorite crystals in the water. I also listened to relaxing music that filled my soul with positive vibes and I then I meditated on the Creation of the Universe. In peaceful waters, I soaked my body and my soul was delighted.

Written by Athaleyah, Goddess of Love and Light 333

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