Visions During 3 day Fast: Portal opening and a creation of a new world!

When I was fasting I saw a golden orb of light appear before me when I closed my eyes. I saw a portal open and the light was really bright. The best way I can describe it was a circle with a circle in the middle and around the circle in the middle on both sides there appeared to be a formation of purple energy with dots inside of the purple formations. The purple formation surrounded the center portal on both sides. The best image I found online for a visual is below. Instead of the purple formations being vertical I observed the purple formations horizontally.

As I was fasting I had another interesting vision when I closed my eyes. There was a sphere that appeared before me. Inside of the sphere appeared 4-5 formations of land forming inside of the sphere. It looked like I was observing the creation of a new world. As the land formed within the sphere I saw the land spread out. I thought that was pretty cool yet I was puzzled after the vision. I asked myself, Am I creating this world? Who knows but I’ve learned that my higher self or twin flame is an Architect. I have called out to my ancient ancestors such as Enki, Thoth/Yahshua and Enoch to help me create worlds. These are my higher thoughts when I connect to my higher self and creating worlds is a dream of mine. I desire to create worlds within worlds in the etheric realms. I desire to create a universe of Love with the help of the master builders in this Universe.

After I had that vision of a world forming and being created it triggered a memory. A few years ago I looked at the Sun and when I closed my eyes I saw a white light. Then the white light took on a shape or form. As I started to look at the white light it shapeshifted before me and it looked like the white light formed into 5 pointed star then into the image of a man. It was a light being and it was in the image of a man. The five-pointed star represents the human body as a head, two hands, and two feet. I saw that vision within myself as I gazed into the heavens and looked directly into the Sun. I love me and I love my thoughts.

Written by Athaleyah-Goddess of Love and Light 333

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