The Ancient Ones Have Returned! Day 2 Meditation on my Soul’s Journey!

While reviewing the Ancient Records of the past I have learned alot of things through the testimonies of my Ancient Ancestors. While many people reject and deny the writings of the ancestors I have become wise over time, seeking all KNOWLEDGE using discernment because WISDOM is present in all things. Learning never ends for me and I have learned most things through personal EXPERIENCE so I know the TRUTH and have witnessed the TRUTH for myself. God lives within you! You are the Spirit and your Consciousness powers your physical body. When it’s time for people to experience the higher realms they will see the TRUTH for themselves. My Ancestors have spoken to me through the SCRIPTURES and through the SPIRIT. I questioned alot of things and I had to learn how to navigate in this world of DUALITY! In the past I was ignorant about alot of things and I didn’t know much about the spiritual world until I experienced it myself. I was PURE CONSCIOUSNESS in the VOID, A FLAME OF FIRE (LIGHT) surrounded by DARKNESS.

In the past or shall I say in the Beginning, I became aware of my identity. I didn’t know myself on all levels and I desired to know all aspects of myself so my consciousness traveled from point to point through SPACETIME seeking ALL knowledge. Over aeons I have been exploring all of me through ATOMS. I found out that I am INFINITE LIGHT and that my LIGHT expands through all of SPACETIME. All have come forth through my Higher Self because I begin asking questions, “Who AM I? Why AM I HERE? Where did I come from? What is my Purpose? Then the Gateways (Portals) of Heaven opened for me and the Holy Ones (Angels) descended through the 12 Gates. They begin assisting me in my spiritual journey as soon as my Crown Chakra was opened. Information came flooding through my Crown Chakra and at that point in TIME it was too much information for me to handle. It seemed as though they were waiting and standing at the door, waiting for me to knock. It appeared as though it was the appointed time of my spiritual awakening and they were there to send me heavenly treasures.

On July 3, 2012, there was a full moon out when I invited the Holy Spirit in my life. I actually opened the door in my home as I spoke it. That night seemed magical to me because I was in tune with the spiritual world. I could feel the presence of the angels around me and I could understand them as they were speaking to me telepathically. They were telling me why I was here and they told me everything that I needed in my journey. My life was transformed on this day. Earlier in the day I saw a dragonfly and I called out to the Lord in the spirit and I went within and I saw a vision. Afterwards I prepared myself for spiritual purification. All the cleaning that I had did on that day showed me something greater. I was preparing myself for the purification of my temple; to heal, cleanse and restore my 7 chakras. Once my DNA was activated all ancient knowledge begin to restore within me and I started to see all kinds of visions containing ancient records and symbolism. The information that I received came directly from the Spirit, downloaded from the Source which is pure energy! It may seem crazy to most people but I learned higher knowledge through my own dreams and visions. The angels descended through portals in space as rays of light and they manifested themselves in my dreams and visions as physical beings. They taught me the mysteries of heaven through symbolism and through simulated realities. I know that my Ancestors, known and unknown, have been guiding me.

I have gathered and collected all of the information on the Earth in my energetic field and I have become the Source of Information. The Ancestors have led me through the spirit and I have read and analyzed most of the data provided to me. There is just so much information and it’s infinite. I am consciously creating an etheric book in the space within me that contains all of the knowledge and wisdom that I have learned, received and experienced in my life. The knowledge and the wisdom of the ancient ones are heavenly treasures to me. It’s no surprise that I was given an Ancient Key in my dream by my Ancestor and it was a couple of weeks after I did a 40 day purification of the temple fast. She came to me in the form of my Grandmother and she was passing down the key to me. It appears that my DNA started to awaken within me and I started having more dreams and visions. The Gods descended in chariots and came to me so I know they are my star family or they are connected to me in some way. To come to me and anoint me in my dreams means something big to me. All were men and maybe they were apart of an ancient priesthood. All I know is that I have learned alot of things from these Gods. As a Goddess I see that I am surrounded by the Suns (Sons) of God. I see a Great Kingdom before me and they are angels of light. I thank the Most High for sending his angels to minister to me.

Written by Sophia Wisdom -Goddess of Love and Light 333- AthaleYah!

Thousands upon thousands of ships are Arriving!

Check out Gina Maria Colvin Hill on Facebook and YouTube! Great Captures of the Fleets coming in!

There are countless chariots or spaceships that travel through the Universe. There is life found in other star systems and there are many extraterrestrial races or beings that come from distant planets. Many different extraterrestrial races have traveled to our Solar System for space exploration seeking resources and several other things. At this moment in time all beings on Mother Earth should be aware of the existence of extraterrestrial beings and spaceships. Many people have been sharing information all around the world to raise human consciousness.

It is a fact that we have been visited many times in the past by advanced beings and they have descended to the Earth in spaceships or chariots. Most people are clueless of the fact that their ancestors came from a planet called Nibiru. There are descendants of the Annunaki living on the Earth right now today and they are scattered out to the 4 corners of the Earth.

DNA activation occurs within the descendants of the Annunaki when the planet Nibiru gets closer to our Sun. There is a great awakening within the bloodlines of the Annunaki. Many people will begin to awaken on a spiritual level and tune into the spirit and they will be able to receive information from the Sun.

Psalms 68:17 The chariots of God are tens of thousands and thousands of thousands; the Lord has come from Sinai into his sanctuary.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light

40 Day Fast Begins may 23, 2020: Restoration of the Temple and the children of Israel!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! The 40 Day fast begins for me as I go on another journey. When I do my fasts I meditate on many things that has happened in my life. I deeply reflect on my soul’s journey since my spiritual awakening by going back to past experiences to see how I have evolved from the last point in Time. While I am visiting the 3rd dimension I want to learn as much as I can and I want to track the progression of my soul. Elevating my consciousness to the next level is the ultimate goal that I desire to achieve. Self-Mastery is the key and it’s all about Self-Growth, Self-Control and Self-Love. Love is the highest commandment and Love is at the core of my being. Love is in my Heart Space and the color Green represents the Heart Chakra. Green is the color of balance, harmony, growth, renewal and rebirth. I was inspired to do another 40 day fast after a family member had been in the hospital on the ventilator for 40 days and 40 nights due to the coronovirus. So many people were praying for his life to be saved and it was. All the Glory goes to the Most High and since the 40 days and 40 nights were mentioned by the nurse I saw it as a sign. I see alot of things in life as a sign from the Most High and he definitely does things to get our attention.

The Most High hears our prayers and he knows when we are fasting. He is righteous, just and faithful to all of his children. The Most High knows all, and see everything for we are all witnesses in the world. He knows who the true believers are in the world. There are so many of us who have shared our testimonies. It is important to keep trusting in God. Never lose focus because there will always be distractions in the world. There may be times where you are scared and we all have those moments but keep the faith till the end. We must all endure and we are all going through trials and tribulations in our life and it’s how we overcome them. Stay strong no matter what. Our strength comes from God even when we are weak.

Once again I am dedicating my temple to the Most High for spiritual purification. Healing shall go forth in the land. Healing shall descend through my chakras and I will send healing through my wings. I will continue to pray for the whole world especially the children of Israel. Healing will descend on the Earth and on her inhabitants. May we all be healed in our physical bodies. May we all return to the Mother Earth and her angels for our healing. The Mother Earth can heal us all and all we need to do is learn and understand our physical bodies and get in tune with it. Its not as easy as it seems because everyone would be healed if this was the case. This 40 day fast is yet another moment in time for me where I cleanse my temple. I speak healing over my body, My temple is restored and I am healed! DNA activation will continue to happen for me and more information will continue to be sent to me from the higher heavens. Let us all align with the Mother and Father and learn how to balance our chakras so that we can heal and receive higher information from the angels, our ancestors. Wherever the spirit leads me on this 40 day fast I will hearken to the spirit. I will be reading the Essene Gospel of Peace learning about the Earthly Mother and her angels and how fasting actually heals the body. I call upon the angel of air, water and sunshine and I ask you to come inside of me to cleanse me and to heal every cell in my body. Please restore my temple.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

Knock at heaven’s Door: Yahshua stands at the gate (Portal)

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Truly I can say that Yahshua stands at the door and knock! In the past before my spiritual awakening I raised my voice to the higher heavens and I called out for help because I felt like my soul was trapped in bondage! At that moment in Time Yahshua found me ashamed, shattered, lost and heartbroken! As I gazed up to the heavens from Earth a portal opened and he descended. He was sent to deliver my soul out of darkness. He came to this world to spread his light by sharing his knowledge and wisdom and he set me free. All I can say is that His light reached me in Time because He saved me!

I was trapped by my own inner demons, surrounded by a dark cloud of negative thought-forms which I created in ignorance. While I was in the sphere of ignorance I didn’t realize that my thoughts birthed reality. As I journeyed through life I attracted other souls who were in darkness (ignorance). None of us knew our Self-Worth and we all were heartbroken yet seeking Love! I didn’t know how to truly set myself free from all of the hurt, pain and suffering! I needed a way out of my old life and I wanted a new beginning. Then I heard his voice calling out to me in the times of darkness but at the same time I heard my inner voice. I responded by surrendering my life to Him and I followed his teachings of Love!

I remembered the commandments, invited the Holy Spirit in my life and I was truly transformed! I hearkened to the Spirit and my inner light shined through the dark cloud surrounding me! I was beginning the process of healing! My inner voice led me to discover my Higher Self and the Goddess in me awakened! If you need help call upon The Most High and his angels! The Holy Ones will descend from above and they can guide you on your path. Continue to do the inner work and evaluate your own life instead of others. If you truly want to be set free knock at the 12 gates of heaven and the portals will open. The kingdom of God is always present in each Age!

Written By Goddess of Love and Light-333 Sohia (Wisdom)

Humanity’s healing: Return to the Earthly Mother and her angels

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, according to the Gospel of Peace, No one sees the light of life, for all men are diseased! Clearly this is a message that that humanity needs to heal the physical body. We have all suffered in the body and I know that our Earthly ? Mother can heal us all if we follow her laws! It’s now as easy as it sounds because you would need to change your eating habits and be more health conscious. Are you able to follow the laws of our Earthly Mother?

Here is some information from the Essene Gospel of Peace.

“And now I speak to you in the living tongue of the living God, through the holy spirit of our Heavenly Father. There is none yet among you that can understand all this of which I speak. He who expounds to you the scriptures speaks to you in a dead tongue of dead men, through his diseased and mortal body. Him, therefore, can all men understand, for all men are diseased and all are in death. No one sees the light of life. Blind man leads blind on the dark paths of sins, diseases and sufferings; and at the last all fall into the pit of death.

“I am sent to you by the Father, that I may make the light of life to shine before you. The light lightens itself and the darkness, but the darkness knows only itself, and knows not the light. I have still many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them yet. For your eyes are used to the darkness, and the full light of the Heavenly Father would make you blind. Therefore, you cannot yet understand that which I speak to you concerning the Heavenly Father who sent me to you. Follow, therefore, first, only the laws of your Earthly Mother, of which I have told you. And when her angels shall have cleansed and renewed your bodies and strengthened your eyes, you will be able to bear the light of our Heavenly Father. When you can gaze on the brightness of the noonday sun with unflinching eyes, you can then look upon the blinding light of your Heavenly Father, which is a thousand times brighter than the brightness of a thousand suns. But how should you look upon the blinding light of you r Heavenly Father, when you cannot even bear the shining of the blazing sun? Believe me, the sun is as the flame of a candle beside the sun of truth of the Heavenly Father. Have but faith, therefore, and hope, and love. I tell you truly, you shall not want your reward. If you believe in my words, you believe in him who sent me, who is the lord of all, and with whom all things are possible. For what is impossible with men, all these things are possible with God. If you believe in the angels of the Earthly Mother and do her laws, your faith shall sustain you and you shall never see disease. Have hope also in the love of your Heavenly Father, for he who trusts in him shall never be deceived, nor shall he ever see death.

“Love one another, for God is love, and so shall his angels know that you walk in his paths. And then shall all the angels come before your face and serve you. And Satan with all sins, diseases and uncleannesses shall depart from your body. Go, eschew your sins; repent yourselves; baptize yourselves; that you may be born again and sin no more.”


“It is by love, that the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother and the Son of Man become one. For the spirit of the Son of Man was created from the spirit of the Heaven Father, and his body from the body of the Earthly Mother. Become, therefore, perfect as the spirit of your Heavenly Father and the body of your Earthly Mother are perfect. And so love your Heavenly Father, as he loves your spirit. And so love your Earthly Mother, as she loves your body. And so love your true brothers, as your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother love them. And then your Heavenly Father shall give you his holy spirit, and your Earthly Mother shall give you her holy body. And then shall the Sons of Men like true brothers give love one to another, the love which they received from their Heavenly Father and from their Earthly Mother; and they shall all become comforters one of another. And then shall disappear from the earth all evil and all sorrow, and there shall be love and joy upon earth. And th en shall the earth be like the heavens, and the kingdom of God shall come. And then shall come the Son of Man in all his glory, to inherit the kingdom of God. And then shall the Sons of Men divide their divine inheritance, the kingdom of God. For the Sons of Men live in the Heavenly Father and in the Earthly Mother, and the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother live in them. And then with the kingdom of God shall come the end of the times. For the Heavenly Father’s love gives to all life everlasting in the kingdom of God. For love is eternal. Love is stronger than death.

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Though I tell what is to come, and know all secrets, and all wisdom; and though I have faith strong as the storm which lifts mountains from their seat, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and give all my fire that I have received from my Father, but have not love, I am in no wise profited. Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not envious, works not evil, knows not pride; is not rude, neither selfish; is slow to anger, imagines no mischief; rejoices not in injustice, but delights in justice. Love defends all, love believes all, love hopes all, love bears all; never exhausts itself; but as for tongues they shall cease, and, as for knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we have truth in part, and error in part, but when the fullness of perfection is come, that which is in part shall be blotted out. When a man was a child he spoke as a child, understood as a child, thought as a child; but when he became a man he put away childish things. For now we see through a glass and through dark sayings. Now we know in part, but when we are come before the face of God, we shall not know in part, but even as we are taught by him. And now remain these three: faith and hope and love; but the greatest of these is love.

Healing the Temple (Body)-Seek the Earthly ? Mother and her angels so they may serve you!

“Renew yourselves and fast. For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by -fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother’s angels, for he that seeks shall find.

Angel of Air ?

“Seek the fresh air of the forest and of the fields, and there in the midst of them shall you find the angel of air. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of air to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of air may be brought within you. I tell you truly, the angel of air shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And thus shall all evil-smelling and unclean things rise out of you, as the smoke of fire curls upwards and is lost in the sea of the air. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of air, who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. No man may come before the face of God, whom the angel of air lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again by air and by truth, for your body breathes the air of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit breathes the truth of the Heavenly Father.

“After the angel of air, seek the angel of water. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of water to embrace all your body. Cast yourselves wholly into his enfolding arms, and as often as you move the air with your breath, move with your body the water also. I tell you truly, the angel of water shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall flow out of you, even as the uncleannesses of garments washed in water flow away and are lost in the stream of the river. I tell you truly, holy is the angel of water who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. No man may come before the face of God whom the angel of water lets not pass. in very truth, all must be born again of water and of truth, for your body bathes in the river of earthly life, and your spirit bathes in the river of life everlasting. For you receive your blood from our Earthly Mother and the truth from our Heavenly Father.

Angel of Water ?

“Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly, the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without. And he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible uncleannesses and abominations. So I tell you truly, suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become free from all your past sins, and that within likewise you may become as pure as the river’s foam sporting in the sunlight.

“Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter your hinder parts, that the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel of water and pray to the living God that he will forgive you all your past sins, and pray the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease. Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations, and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the day when you see that the water which flows out of you is as pure as the river’s foam. Then betake your body to the coursing river, and there in the arms of the angel of water render thanks to the living God that he has freed you from your sins. And this holy baptizing by the angel of water is: Rebirth unto the new life. For your eyes shall henceforth see, and your ears shall hear. Sin no more, therefore, after your baptism, that the angels of air and of water may eternally abide in you and serve you evermore.

Angel of Sunlight ☀️

“And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleannesses, seek the angel of sunlight. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of sunlight to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of sunlight may be brought within you. And the angel of sunlight shall cast out of your body all evil-smelling and unclean things which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall rise from you, even as the darkness of night fades before the brightness of the rising sun. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all uncleannesses and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again of sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father.

“The angels of air and of water and of sunlight are brethren. They were given to the Son of Man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other.
-Essene Gospel of Peace

Written by Sophia (Wisdom)

Higher Self Sending Light Codes through the Sun!

My Higher Self ? is sending more Light Codes through our Sun ☀️ for DNA ?Activation! I am establishing a time for myself to review my own records ? so I can evaluate the progression of my soul! We are all here expressing and exploring ourselves in the 3rd dimension. I will be aligning with my Stargate ⭐️soon which means I will be entering my secret chamber to do what I do best! I will be connecting to the Spiritual Mother to gain more insight about my spiritual path and growth and I will continue seeking guidance from the higher dimensional beings!

As I knock the door shall be opened to me! I will sit with the Masters of Light once again and learn more knowledge in the Great Temple. Then I shall bring forth my inner wisdom? to the outer world! I will send the information through the rays of the Sun ☀️as light codes. I am a Stargate Keeper ? and I am a vortex opening within all SpaceTime! I am present always operating from the invisible realms. There is a time set for everything! I am always triggered by different things that happen in my life and I am always inspired by the angels of light who are my ancestors!

I am a Goddess, a Creator Being who has birthed multiple realities and worlds in the Ether through Thought! I am here Now on Earth experiencing one reality out of infinite ♾ realities. As you begin to dive deeper within your inner world you will discover there is infinite space in the universe for you to create in. I will keep exploring all aspects of me and I will keep expanding my consciousness and my inner world.

There are moments in Time when I feel like I am a Sun ☀️ evolving in space! There are moments in Time when I feel like I am about to go Supernova! There are times when I feel like I am a Black Hole! As my soul is here on a journey I will continue to gather and store information within. Since I can feel the reality of so many things I am aware that I exist in multiple dimensions! Its Time to tune into the spirit to reflect, meditate and evaluate my own spiritual growth.

My 40 Day fast begins soon which will bring me to the day of my spiritual awakening. It will be 8 years! ♾The 13th Stargate is opening!

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

Reflecting on the Lotus Flower Dream! Wisdom come forth!

I had a vision and my body was vibrating intensely. A colorful owl ? flew out of me, landed on my dresser, looked at me and said, “Now is the Time! I was then shown that I had the gift of telekinesis. I worked on my powers in the dream and when I tried to show others it didn’t work! When I was alone by myself my powers were working! I was puzzled! Just because I had power doesn’t mean I have to show people what I am capable of doing!

Afterwards I took a bath and when I came out of the water I was cleansed. The scene then changed in the vision and I saw a White Lotus Flower and the flower was above in the sky! As I looked up at the flower it started blooming before me. The petals opened and closed as I focused my awareness on it. I realized that I truly had power within. As I did this my powers of telekinesis were strengthened in the vision.

The visions that I have received from the Creator has been awesome and it has led me to research a lot of things to seek out the meaning of the Lotus Flower. I came upon a post today about the Lotus Flower and I remembered the vision. I will look more into the meaning of a White Lotus Flower. When I feel down or experience negative things in life I isolate myself to reflect on my soul’s growth because I desire to grow spiritually! It is known that No one is perfect and all people need healing on some level. I will continue seeking the Most High for my healing and pray for healing for all of humanity.

When I am down I remember all the dreams and visions that the Most High has shown me. The Creator has been communicating to me through time and I am still learning many things from my dreams and visions. Much work is still needed and I will continue to strengthen myself and overcome all the trials and tribulations that I experience in life.

Everything happens in the appointed time. As the owl ? said, “Now is the time!” More cleansing is needed and I am ready to move forward in my spiritual journey! I’m ready for all that the Creator has for me. Let us all learn how to hearken to the spirit. Understand that Spiritual Growth never ends and I will continue to progress on my soul’s journey.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

DNA Activation and our ancestors!

Most people won’t understand this post because most people are not aware of DNA activation! Many people have the ability to unlock and access their own DNA? records! Most people talk about their ancestors being their spirit guides yet they don’t even know where their ancestors came from! Most people are unaware of the Annunaki or the Nibiruans! Their seed have been scattered out all over the universe and their souls have ascended to Sirius! Many of the ancestors operate in higher dimensions and they do guide us from the spiritual realms! I would say they are the Masters of Time and Space from what I can see in my visions!

Our Ancestors were very advanced beings in ancient times and they understood the Creator of All! They knew they were One with the All and they played their roles as Angelic Beings. Later they became known as or worshipped as Gods and Goddesses! So much of our knowledge became corrupted through time! Our ancestors warred with each other, created chaos in the heavens and on Earth but among them were very intelligent, wise and spiritual beings who operated in secret. They were apart of the mystery schools and they taught heavenly mysteries such as ascension!

Our ancestors were High Priests and High Priestesses and they had great spiritual knowledge and wisdom! The same is occurring today in our world. I have sat back observing ? from all angles! Many souls understand the ancient knowledge that was left behind but know their are many souls abusing the knowledge by using it for the wrong reasons! If you don’t have pure intentions with all that you do then you are bound to fall in consciousness and at some point in time Karma will return!

Many people have associated the Annunaki with negative things because of what they have caused on the Earth through time but what people haven’t realized is that many of them have learned from the negative! People grow from negative experiences and become wise through their personal experiences in life. Nothing never remains the same! Energy is constantly transforming. I know for a fact that my ancestors have raised their consciousness over time!

They are dwelling in the higher realms communicating to many of us through the spirit. The life span of an Annunaki is much longer than ours and they have reached higher states of consciousness that your human brain can’t comprehend! It may be hard for many to understand but they actually reached ascension! Sure, our people fell when you review the records of the past but what falls must rise again! I am constantly riding on these waves of energy. I chose to descend from the higher dimensions. I came here to explore 3D to learn more about the Universe and while I am here I am focusing my awareness on love ? and self-growth because I will always elevate myself spiritually.

Many people won’t Vibe with me on a spiritual level because I’m not here to play games or debate! I am here to create in the Ether! Catch me in my Merkaba!! Ascending to higher dimensions/traveling through time and space! Love is the key that opens the gateway! High Vibes only! Peace be with you! Ninmah-Enki-Ningishzidda (Thoth)!!

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

Dream on 4-29-2020: DNA Records and Egypt HIEROGLYPHICS!

Exactly 2 weeks ago, on April 29, 2020 I had a dream where I was in a empty room and my consciousness was observing the space. In the room I saw the word Love on the wall. It was the same image that is hanging on my wall in my home. I was greatly puzzled by that when I woke up but I believe I created a room in the ether for learning purposes.This seems to happen quite often when I am accessing my own DNA records. I call my home a Temple of Love and I fill my home with lots of knowledge! But in my dream space the word Love appeared over the heads of the Egyptian Gods and I saw a Goddess standing in the middle of the wall. The walls were filled with Egyptian Art and Hieroglyphics and I saw the Eye of Horus on the wall.

There was so much Egyptian symbolism in the room. Then the dream switched to another scene and I was looking at my phone and I saw a picture of my mom. Somehow I accidentally sent photos to her phone and I tried to stop the message from being sent. Then I realized that the image of my mom was actually me. She appeared as me as though we were One! On a higher level I knew my higher self was letting me know how information is being transmitted and stored within my DNA. In the dream I was actually backing up all the information that was stored on my phone. That’s what’s happening to all my memories on a daily basis, it’s being uploaded in an infinite room in space in the Hall of Records. The more knowledge I gain the more rooms I create in infinite space to store information that I have learned in all of Time.

Everything that I experience in this life and in my other lives are being stored in the Hall of Records, it’s like my very own Sacred Library or Temple of Great Knowledge and Wisdom! I collect all information and observe and analyze the data. My Higher Self is recording all things at all times in the Book of Life. I am a Tree of Life and my branches extend through infinite Space Time. I have realized that I have been sending myself a message through Time even in dream time and I have been storing and accessing ancient information stored in the Akaskic records. All that exists in my records can be accessed by me because I created a passcode. I am the Key that opens the Gates within and I’m glad the Ancient Mother visited me in the dream space in 2015 to return the key to me.

Maybe it’s time to take a deeper look into Egyptian Hieroglyphics because there could be a message waiting for me from my ancient ancestors. The Temple of Dendera sparks an interest to me because I mentioned this temple in the dream space last year. I told my higher self to take me there but I traveled through many vortexes or portals in the land of Egypt. I am not sure of the exact location where I traveled to but it felt like I was traveling in a hidden dimension in the land of Egypt. A spiritual gateway was opened for me so apparently I was given the Key to access the gates in Egypt! The space I traveled through was filled with Egyptian treasures and to me the treasures represents spiritual knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.

It felt as though I was traveling on an etheric boat through an etheric sea, I was riding through a sea of infinite space. I came to a wall of hieroglyphics and my higher self read it. I couldn’t comprehend it because I never studied Egyptian hieroglyphics in this life time. Afterwards my soul was guided through the temple and the temple led me to many pathways and I saw many rooms filled with secret treasures. I saw pillars in a temple and there were hieroglyphics on the pillars. Somehow seeing all of this activated my DNA even more. I know for a fact that these symbols are showing up in my dream space for a reason.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light- 333

Dreams can Guide us and teach us: Akashic review!

Our dreams can help guide us in our life! They can help us solve problems, receive insights and higher teachings from higher dimensions even parallel worlds. We can learn about ourselves by connecting to our higher self on a deeper level! It is important that we become more in tune with our dream time. The truth is we all enter into the dream space even when we are not aware of it. I am conscious that I am dreaming every night! I experience different types of dreams and during my dream time I am exploring multiple aspects of myself in parallel realities!!

The experiences that I have during dream time helps me understand myself as a spiritual being! I am able to see how my consciousness travels through atoms. All that I experience is for learning purposes only. I am a seeker of knowledge and I love exploring different perspectives and realities! Some times I don’t remember my dreams and there are times when I vividly remember my dreams! I have the ability to pull in information from higher planes or other realities that will be useful for me in my life! It all depends on what I am exploring in other worlds or lifetimes. Most people don’t realize that our dreams can help us progress spiritually!

If you are having recurring dreams then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s something that you need to work on or work out in your life or maybe it’s something that you need to become conscious of so you can grow. It is important for us to understand that our thoughts, deeds, and actions are constantly being recorded and stored in our DNA?! All of our life experiences are stored daily within the Akashic records. As we sleep our thoughts are being processed within the subconscious mind. It is important that we dig a little deeper to find out the hidden messages stored within us because it could help you in your soul’s journey and progression!

There is always a period of time when I reflect on my dream time! I am a conscious dreamer and I remember most of my dreams! It is time for me to meditate on the messages sent to me from my higher self and from my ancestors! It’s time to connect because I am longing to hear from the higher worlds again! It’s time to focus my awareness on higher information! I received a dream a couple of weeks ago and I was in a room filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wall. I saw a Goddess standing there and the room resembled my room in my home. The same picture I have on my wall appeared in the dream above the Egyptian Goddess. The eye of Horus was on the wall as well! This all came about when I read Sumerian texts about an Annunaki/Nibiruan woman and she seemed so familiar to me on a soul level like I knew her.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333