Water Fasting being clarity

Water Fasting is becoming normal for me! It brings Clarity to my mind! I Woke up today and I am hungry for spiritual knowledge. Time to do a quick workout and get into some books to read today and then meditate on my visions. I’ve been waking up the last few days with DNA ? Awakening on my mind! The Creation of the Universe is always on my mind! Interesting ? symbols from Egypt are spiraling through me and I had a vision where my consciousness was hovering over Atlantis! I was Above, and then I Descended to Atlantis! I was traveling through the Land. My consciousness is always exploring different lands where my ancestors were! I’ve been drawn to the Bermuda Triangle because there are crystal pyramids under the Atlantic ocean. I’ve been saying that Atlantis is Rising! The portals must be activating. ? Higher Information is definitely coming through. It’s time to Tune into the Spirit and access these portals within!!

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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