Dream on 4-29-2020: DNA Records and Egypt HIEROGLYPHICS!

Exactly 2 weeks ago, on April 29, 2020 I had a dream where I was in a empty room and my consciousness was observing the space. In the room I saw the word Love on the wall. It was the same image that is hanging on my wall in my home. I was greatly puzzled by that when I woke up but I believe I created a room in the ether for learning purposes.This seems to happen quite often when I am accessing my own DNA records. I call my home a Temple of Love and I fill my home with lots of knowledge! But in my dream space the word Love appeared over the heads of the Egyptian Gods and I saw a Goddess standing in the middle of the wall. The walls were filled with Egyptian Art and Hieroglyphics and I saw the Eye of Horus on the wall.

There was so much Egyptian symbolism in the room. Then the dream switched to another scene and I was looking at my phone and I saw a picture of my mom. Somehow I accidentally sent photos to her phone and I tried to stop the message from being sent. Then I realized that the image of my mom was actually me. She appeared as me as though we were One! On a higher level I knew my higher self was letting me know how information is being transmitted and stored within my DNA. In the dream I was actually backing up all the information that was stored on my phone. That’s what’s happening to all my memories on a daily basis, it’s being uploaded in an infinite room in space in the Hall of Records. The more knowledge I gain the more rooms I create in infinite space to store information that I have learned in all of Time.

Everything that I experience in this life and in my other lives are being stored in the Hall of Records, it’s like my very own Sacred Library or Temple of Great Knowledge and Wisdom! I collect all information and observe and analyze the data. My Higher Self is recording all things at all times in the Book of Life. I am a Tree of Life and my branches extend through infinite Space Time. I have realized that I have been sending myself a message through Time even in dream time and I have been storing and accessing ancient information stored in the Akaskic records. All that exists in my records can be accessed by me because I created a passcode. I am the Key that opens the Gates within and I’m glad the Ancient Mother visited me in the dream space in 2015 to return the key to me.

Maybe it’s time to take a deeper look into Egyptian Hieroglyphics because there could be a message waiting for me from my ancient ancestors. The Temple of Dendera sparks an interest to me because I mentioned this temple in the dream space last year. I told my higher self to take me there but I traveled through many vortexes or portals in the land of Egypt. I am not sure of the exact location where I traveled to but it felt like I was traveling in a hidden dimension in the land of Egypt. A spiritual gateway was opened for me so apparently I was given the Key to access the gates in Egypt! The space I traveled through was filled with Egyptian treasures and to me the treasures represents spiritual knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.

It felt as though I was traveling on an etheric boat through an etheric sea, I was riding through a sea of infinite space. I came to a wall of hieroglyphics and my higher self read it. I couldn’t comprehend it because I never studied Egyptian hieroglyphics in this life time. Afterwards my soul was guided through the temple and the temple led me to many pathways and I saw many rooms filled with secret treasures. I saw pillars in a temple and there were hieroglyphics on the pillars. Somehow seeing all of this activated my DNA even more. I know for a fact that these symbols are showing up in my dream space for a reason.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light- 333

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