Dreams can Guide us and teach us: Akashic review!

Our dreams can help guide us in our life! They can help us solve problems, receive insights and higher teachings from higher dimensions even parallel worlds. We can learn about ourselves by connecting to our higher self on a deeper level! It is important that we become more in tune with our dream time. The truth is we all enter into the dream space even when we are not aware of it. I am conscious that I am dreaming every night! I experience different types of dreams and during my dream time I am exploring multiple aspects of myself in parallel realities!!

The experiences that I have during dream time helps me understand myself as a spiritual being! I am able to see how my consciousness travels through atoms. All that I experience is for learning purposes only. I am a seeker of knowledge and I love exploring different perspectives and realities! Some times I don’t remember my dreams and there are times when I vividly remember my dreams! I have the ability to pull in information from higher planes or other realities that will be useful for me in my life! It all depends on what I am exploring in other worlds or lifetimes. Most people don’t realize that our dreams can help us progress spiritually!

If you are having recurring dreams then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s something that you need to work on or work out in your life or maybe it’s something that you need to become conscious of so you can grow. It is important for us to understand that our thoughts, deeds, and actions are constantly being recorded and stored in our DNA?! All of our life experiences are stored daily within the Akashic records. As we sleep our thoughts are being processed within the subconscious mind. It is important that we dig a little deeper to find out the hidden messages stored within us because it could help you in your soul’s journey and progression!

There is always a period of time when I reflect on my dream time! I am a conscious dreamer and I remember most of my dreams! It is time for me to meditate on the messages sent to me from my higher self and from my ancestors! It’s time to connect because I am longing to hear from the higher worlds again! It’s time to focus my awareness on higher information! I received a dream a couple of weeks ago and I was in a room filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wall. I saw a Goddess standing there and the room resembled my room in my home. The same picture I have on my wall appeared in the dream above the Egyptian Goddess. The eye of Horus was on the wall as well! This all came about when I read Sumerian texts about an Annunaki/Nibiruan woman and she seemed so familiar to me on a soul level like I knew her.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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