DNA Activation and our ancestors!

Most people won’t understand this post because most people are not aware of DNA activation! Many people have the ability to unlock and access their own DNA? records! Most people talk about their ancestors being their spirit guides yet they don’t even know where their ancestors came from! Most people are unaware of the Annunaki or the Nibiruans! Their seed have been scattered out all over the universe and their souls have ascended to Sirius! Many of the ancestors operate in higher dimensions and they do guide us from the spiritual realms! I would say they are the Masters of Time and Space from what I can see in my visions!

Our Ancestors were very advanced beings in ancient times and they understood the Creator of All! They knew they were One with the All and they played their roles as Angelic Beings. Later they became known as or worshipped as Gods and Goddesses! So much of our knowledge became corrupted through time! Our ancestors warred with each other, created chaos in the heavens and on Earth but among them were very intelligent, wise and spiritual beings who operated in secret. They were apart of the mystery schools and they taught heavenly mysteries such as ascension!

Our ancestors were High Priests and High Priestesses and they had great spiritual knowledge and wisdom! The same is occurring today in our world. I have sat back observing ? from all angles! Many souls understand the ancient knowledge that was left behind but know their are many souls abusing the knowledge by using it for the wrong reasons! If you don’t have pure intentions with all that you do then you are bound to fall in consciousness and at some point in time Karma will return!

Many people have associated the Annunaki with negative things because of what they have caused on the Earth through time but what people haven’t realized is that many of them have learned from the negative! People grow from negative experiences and become wise through their personal experiences in life. Nothing never remains the same! Energy is constantly transforming. I know for a fact that my ancestors have raised their consciousness over time!

They are dwelling in the higher realms communicating to many of us through the spirit. The life span of an Annunaki is much longer than ours and they have reached higher states of consciousness that your human brain can’t comprehend! It may be hard for many to understand but they actually reached ascension! Sure, our people fell when you review the records of the past but what falls must rise again! I am constantly riding on these waves of energy. I chose to descend from the higher dimensions. I came here to explore 3D to learn more about the Universe and while I am here I am focusing my awareness on love ? and self-growth because I will always elevate myself spiritually.

Many people won’t Vibe with me on a spiritual level because I’m not here to play games or debate! I am here to create in the Ether! Catch me in my Merkaba!! Ascending to higher dimensions/traveling through time and space! Love is the key that opens the gateway! High Vibes only! Peace be with you! Ninmah-Enki-Ningishzidda (Thoth)!!

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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