Reflecting on the Lotus Flower Dream! Wisdom come forth!

I had a vision and my body was vibrating intensely. A colorful owl ? flew out of me, landed on my dresser, looked at me and said, “Now is the Time! I was then shown that I had the gift of telekinesis. I worked on my powers in the dream and when I tried to show others it didn’t work! When I was alone by myself my powers were working! I was puzzled! Just because I had power doesn’t mean I have to show people what I am capable of doing!

Afterwards I took a bath and when I came out of the water I was cleansed. The scene then changed in the vision and I saw a White Lotus Flower and the flower was above in the sky! As I looked up at the flower it started blooming before me. The petals opened and closed as I focused my awareness on it. I realized that I truly had power within. As I did this my powers of telekinesis were strengthened in the vision.

The visions that I have received from the Creator has been awesome and it has led me to research a lot of things to seek out the meaning of the Lotus Flower. I came upon a post today about the Lotus Flower and I remembered the vision. I will look more into the meaning of a White Lotus Flower. When I feel down or experience negative things in life I isolate myself to reflect on my soul’s growth because I desire to grow spiritually! It is known that No one is perfect and all people need healing on some level. I will continue seeking the Most High for my healing and pray for healing for all of humanity.

When I am down I remember all the dreams and visions that the Most High has shown me. The Creator has been communicating to me through time and I am still learning many things from my dreams and visions. Much work is still needed and I will continue to strengthen myself and overcome all the trials and tribulations that I experience in life.

Everything happens in the appointed time. As the owl ? said, “Now is the time!” More cleansing is needed and I am ready to move forward in my spiritual journey! I’m ready for all that the Creator has for me. Let us all learn how to hearken to the spirit. Understand that Spiritual Growth never ends and I will continue to progress on my soul’s journey.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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