Higher Self Sending Light Codes through the Sun!

My Higher Self 😇 is sending more Light Codes through our Sun ☀️ for DNA 🧬Activation! I am establishing a time for myself to review my own records 👁 so I can evaluate the progression of my soul! We are all here expressing and exploring ourselves in the 3rd dimension. I will be aligning with my Stargate ⭐️soon which means I will be entering my secret chamber to do what I do best! I will be connecting to the Spiritual Mother to gain more insight about my spiritual path and growth and I will continue seeking guidance from the higher dimensional beings!

As I knock the door shall be opened to me! I will sit with the Masters of Light once again and learn more knowledge in the Great Temple. Then I shall bring forth my inner wisdom🦉 to the outer world! I will send the information through the rays of the Sun ☀️as light codes. I am a Stargate Keeper 👁 and I am a vortex opening within all SpaceTime! I am present always operating from the invisible realms. There is a time set for everything! I am always triggered by different things that happen in my life and I am always inspired by the angels of light who are my ancestors!

I am a Goddess, a Creator Being who has birthed multiple realities and worlds in the Ether through Thought! I am here Now on Earth experiencing one reality out of infinite ♾ realities. As you begin to dive deeper within your inner world you will discover there is infinite space in the universe for you to create in. I will keep exploring all aspects of me and I will keep expanding my consciousness and my inner world.

There are moments in Time when I feel like I am a Sun ☀️ evolving in space! There are moments in Time when I feel like I am about to go Supernova! There are times when I feel like I am a Black Hole! As my soul is here on a journey I will continue to gather and store information within. Since I can feel the reality of so many things I am aware that I exist in multiple dimensions! Its Time to tune into the spirit to reflect, meditate and evaluate my own spiritual growth.

My 40 Day fast begins soon which will bring me to the day of my spiritual awakening. It will be 8 years! ♾The 13th Stargate is opening!

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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