Knock at heaven’s Door: Yahshua stands at the gate (Portal)

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Truly I can say that Yahshua stands at the door and knock! In the past before my spiritual awakening I raised my voice to the higher heavens and I called out for help because I felt like my soul was trapped in bondage! At that moment in Time Yahshua found me ashamed, shattered, lost and heartbroken! As I gazed up to the heavens from Earth a portal opened and he descended. He was sent to deliver my soul out of darkness. He came to this world to spread his light by sharing his knowledge and wisdom and he set me free. All I can say is that His light reached me in Time because He saved me!

I was trapped by my own inner demons, surrounded by a dark cloud of negative thought-forms which I created in ignorance. While I was in the sphere of ignorance I didn’t realize that my thoughts birthed reality. As I journeyed through life I attracted other souls who were in darkness (ignorance). None of us knew our Self-Worth and we all were heartbroken yet seeking Love! I didn’t know how to truly set myself free from all of the hurt, pain and suffering! I needed a way out of my old life and I wanted a new beginning. Then I heard his voice calling out to me in the times of darkness but at the same time I heard my inner voice. I responded by surrendering my life to Him and I followed his teachings of Love!

I remembered the commandments, invited the Holy Spirit in my life and I was truly transformed! I hearkened to the Spirit and my inner light shined through the dark cloud surrounding me! I was beginning the process of healing! My inner voice led me to discover my Higher Self and the Goddess in me awakened! If you need help call upon The Most High and his angels! The Holy Ones will descend from above and they can guide you on your path. Continue to do the inner work and evaluate your own life instead of others. If you truly want to be set free knock at the 12 gates of heaven and the portals will open. The kingdom of God is always present in each Age!

Written By Goddess of Love and Light-333 Sohia (Wisdom)

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