40 Day Fast Begins may 23, 2020: Restoration of the Temple and the children of Israel!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! The 40 Day fast begins for me as I go on another journey. When I do my fasts I meditate on many things that has happened in my life. I deeply reflect on my soul’s journey since my spiritual awakening by going back to past experiences to see how I have evolved from the last point in Time. While I am visiting the 3rd dimension I want to learn as much as I can and I want to track the progression of my soul. Elevating my consciousness to the next level is the ultimate goal that I desire to achieve. Self-Mastery is the key and it’s all about Self-Growth, Self-Control and Self-Love. Love is the highest commandment and Love is at the core of my being. Love is in my Heart Space and the color Green represents the Heart Chakra. Green is the color of balance, harmony, growth, renewal and rebirth. I was inspired to do another 40 day fast after a family member had been in the hospital on the ventilator for 40 days and 40 nights due to the coronovirus. So many people were praying for his life to be saved and it was. All the Glory goes to the Most High and since the 40 days and 40 nights were mentioned by the nurse I saw it as a sign. I see alot of things in life as a sign from the Most High and he definitely does things to get our attention.

The Most High hears our prayers and he knows when we are fasting. He is righteous, just and faithful to all of his children. The Most High knows all, and see everything for we are all witnesses in the world. He knows who the true believers are in the world. There are so many of us who have shared our testimonies. It is important to keep trusting in God. Never lose focus because there will always be distractions in the world. There may be times where you are scared and we all have those moments but keep the faith till the end. We must all endure and we are all going through trials and tribulations in our life and it’s how we overcome them. Stay strong no matter what. Our strength comes from God even when we are weak.

Once again I am dedicating my temple to the Most High for spiritual purification. Healing shall go forth in the land. Healing shall descend through my chakras and I will send healing through my wings. I will continue to pray for the whole world especially the children of Israel. Healing will descend on the Earth and on her inhabitants. May we all be healed in our physical bodies. May we all return to the Mother Earth and her angels for our healing. The Mother Earth can heal us all and all we need to do is learn and understand our physical bodies and get in tune with it. Its not as easy as it seems because everyone would be healed if this was the case. This 40 day fast is yet another moment in time for me where I cleanse my temple. I speak healing over my body, My temple is restored and I am healed! DNA activation will continue to happen for me and more information will continue to be sent to me from the higher heavens. Let us all align with the Mother and Father and learn how to balance our chakras so that we can heal and receive higher information from the angels, our ancestors. Wherever the spirit leads me on this 40 day fast I will hearken to the spirit. I will be reading the Essene Gospel of Peace learning about the Earthly Mother and her angels and how fasting actually heals the body. I call upon the angel of air, water and sunshine and I ask you to come inside of me to cleanse me and to heal every cell in my body. Please restore my temple.

Written by Sophia Wisdom-The Goddess of Love and Light 333

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