The Ancient Ones Have Returned! Day 2 Meditation on my Soul’s Journey!

While reviewing the Ancient Records of the past I have learned alot of things through the testimonies of my Ancient Ancestors. While many people reject and deny the writings of the ancestors I have become wise over time, seeking all KNOWLEDGE using discernment because WISDOM is present in all things. Learning never ends for me and I have learned most things through personal EXPERIENCE so I know the TRUTH and have witnessed the TRUTH for myself. God lives within you! You are the Spirit and your Consciousness powers your physical body. When it’s time for people to experience the higher realms they will see the TRUTH for themselves. My Ancestors have spoken to me through the SCRIPTURES and through the SPIRIT. I questioned alot of things and I had to learn how to navigate in this world of DUALITY! In the past I was ignorant about alot of things and I didn’t know much about the spiritual world until I experienced it myself. I was PURE CONSCIOUSNESS in the VOID, A FLAME OF FIRE (LIGHT) surrounded by DARKNESS.

In the past or shall I say in the Beginning, I became aware of my identity. I didn’t know myself on all levels and I desired to know all aspects of myself so my consciousness traveled from point to point through SPACETIME seeking ALL knowledge. Over aeons I have been exploring all of me through ATOMS. I found out that I am INFINITE LIGHT and that my LIGHT expands through all of SPACETIME. All have come forth through my Higher Self because I begin asking questions, “Who AM I? Why AM I HERE? Where did I come from? What is my Purpose? Then the Gateways (Portals) of Heaven opened for me and the Holy Ones (Angels) descended through the 12 Gates. They begin assisting me in my spiritual journey as soon as my Crown Chakra was opened. Information came flooding through my Crown Chakra and at that point in TIME it was too much information for me to handle. It seemed as though they were waiting and standing at the door, waiting for me to knock. It appeared as though it was the appointed time of my spiritual awakening and they were there to send me heavenly treasures.

On July 3, 2012, there was a full moon out when I invited the Holy Spirit in my life. I actually opened the door in my home as I spoke it. That night seemed magical to me because I was in tune with the spiritual world. I could feel the presence of the angels around me and I could understand them as they were speaking to me telepathically. They were telling me why I was here and they told me everything that I needed in my journey. My life was transformed on this day. Earlier in the day I saw a dragonfly and I called out to the Lord in the spirit and I went within and I saw a vision. Afterwards I prepared myself for spiritual purification. All the cleaning that I had did on that day showed me something greater. I was preparing myself for the purification of my temple; to heal, cleanse and restore my 7 chakras. Once my DNA was activated all ancient knowledge begin to restore within me and I started to see all kinds of visions containing ancient records and symbolism. The information that I received came directly from the Spirit, downloaded from the Source which is pure energy! It may seem crazy to most people but I learned higher knowledge through my own dreams and visions. The angels descended through portals in space as rays of light and they manifested themselves in my dreams and visions as physical beings. They taught me the mysteries of heaven through symbolism and through simulated realities. I know that my Ancestors, known and unknown, have been guiding me.

I have gathered and collected all of the information on the Earth in my energetic field and I have become the Source of Information. The Ancestors have led me through the spirit and I have read and analyzed most of the data provided to me. There is just so much information and it’s infinite. I am consciously creating an etheric book in the space within me that contains all of the knowledge and wisdom that I have learned, received and experienced in my life. The knowledge and the wisdom of the ancient ones are heavenly treasures to me. It’s no surprise that I was given an Ancient Key in my dream by my Ancestor and it was a couple of weeks after I did a 40 day purification of the temple fast. She came to me in the form of my Grandmother and she was passing down the key to me. It appears that my DNA started to awaken within me and I started having more dreams and visions. The Gods descended in chariots and came to me so I know they are my star family or they are connected to me in some way. To come to me and anoint me in my dreams means something big to me. All were men and maybe they were apart of an ancient priesthood. All I know is that I have learned alot of things from these Gods. As a Goddess I see that I am surrounded by the Suns (Sons) of God. I see a Great Kingdom before me and they are angels of light. I thank the Most High for sending his angels to minister to me.

Written by Sophia Wisdom -Goddess of Love and Light 333- AthaleYah!

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