Flames of Fire: The angels of God!

In the bible the angels are known as flames of fire! Psalms 104:4 states, “The winds are your messengers; flames of fire are your servants. Hebrews 1:7 states, “Regarding the angels, he says, “He sends his angels like the winds, his servants like flames of fire.”

Since I am a seeker of all knowledge I have been led to understand this passage much better. I know that the angels are messengers of God and they are servants but I have learned more details about heaven from the angels themselves through a source that talks about the Flames of Fire and how they descend in etheric chariots. I first learned about the angels descending in chariots in the Bible and this was the main foundation for me because I could connect to the people in the bible. Apparently it was my ancestors reaching out to me in spirit so I started to build upon this. I desired to build upon the information that I received in the bible and I journeyed outside of the bible to get the missing pieces to the puzzle so that it would all make sense. I wanted to learn about the structure in the Heavens and now I am. It’s too much information to obtain but at least i get the point of it all and i can understand there is a lot happening behind the scenes.

So it’s important for humanity to know that we all will be seeing more ships in the sky and it’s nothing to fear. We all need to be aware of this knowledge that there are different structures of spaceships and motherships out there with beings on them and most of them look like us but they have evolved. Some of the motherships in space are big like planets. Many smaller ships descend to our world and they travel through the vortex or magnetosphere of the Earth. I don’t know much about the science of things but the magnetosphere of the earth or the magnetotail extends beyond the orbit of the moon and this is the space that the etheric ships descend to and travel through. The magnetosphere is the region surrounding the earth where the dominant magnetic field is the magnetic field of Earth. Within this energy field is known as the heavens of the Earth. There appears to be heavenly kingdoms set up within the space of the Earth. So this means that there are beings dwelling in the Earth’s heaven in the spiritual world.

For example, When people pass away their souls ascend to Earth’s heaven first before ascending from the Earth’s heaven to a higher heaven. From what I have learned there are Etheric Ships descending to Earth’s heaven to pick up the souls who will be ascending from the Earth. It seems like it will be your star family who is coming to pick you up in these ships. Most people always see someone in their family when they have near death experience it’s like your family or your ancestors are coming to guide you. Many people today discuss how they are Star Seeds and how they come from other worlds. Many say they are here on missions to help with ascension. Then you have people who are being used for channeling information. They have the gift to receive higher information and they are completing their mission by sharing the information with the world. If you are being contacted by higher beings they could be your star family. It’s even possible that you could have made some sort of agreement to be a messenger on the Earth and you are just completing your assignment as an angel. I’ve learned that many people are here to wake people up. Whatever world you descended from there are beings stationed in Earth’s heaven. It seem like this is the time of the Great Harvest because there is a multitude of ships in the sky. The angels are the Harvesters. Either way there are beings waiting for you in the heavens and they will guide you on your soul’s path.

Written by Goddess of Love

The Great Harvest at the End of the Age!

The angels are the harvesters at the end of the age and they are sent to gather the souls for ascension. The scriptures let us know the time for ascension and it’s when the Sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven. To be clear this is referencing the sign of Nibiru! There will be chariots descending to the Earth and they will be coming from Nibiru. We have a clue in the scriptures that the ships are a major sign for the time of ascension. In Acts 1, Yahshua ascended in a chariot and was taken into heaven or space and his disciples watched as the chariot flew away. They starred into heaven as he disappeared because they could no longer see him as the ship went higher. Two men dressed in white robes stood there and told his disciples that Yahshua would return the same way that he ascended.

He went up in a chariot which means the Son of Man, who is referring to Yahshua, will return in a chariot. In the past Yahshua’s ancestors were connected to the Nibiruans or the Annunaki. Enoch was even chosen to ascend to heaven/space in a chariot even Elijah. So many of the people in the bible saw the chariots. Even Adam went to Nibiru in the beginning and that’s in the Lost Book of Enki. So much knowledge has been lost in history or shall I say it’s been covered up and we have all been lied to. Many Christians await the return of Yahshua but some of them have no clue about his return from heaven and the beings who are actually coming. Enoch and all the saints are returning on Etheric ships. They are already with us now in spirit and they have been resurrected. Remember the dead would be resurrected first which means our ancestors already have a new body and they have been operating in the heavenly kingdoms this whole time. They are spiritually evolved and much more powerful then the beings who are ruling on Earth today. They are here to execute righteous judgement on this planet and the Most High will bring forth order, balance and healing into this world.

We must understand the scriptures much better. The bible talks about a harvest or what most people refer to as a rapture at the end of the age. The scriptures does state that when the Son of Man comes on the clouds (ships) with power and great glory he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call which will be a sound that will come from the chariots in the sky. I’m sure some type of vibration or rumbling sound will emit across the Earth for all to hear. The angels will gather his elect from the 4 corners of the Earth from one end of the heavens to the other. That sound like they are gathering souls in the sky. The real Question is are these angels coming to pick certain people up before something big happens or will they be stationed in the sky gathering souls after death due to the disasters that will occur from this pole shift.

Surely there are many different perspectives about this rapture event which is why it’s important to know who your star family is. It seems that the God of Israel made a promise to their descendants and it’s apparent that some people will get to ascend in chariots and be rescued or saved before destruction comes maybe not all of Israel will be saved but those who have kept the commandments to Love. If you have read the bible and have studied it you will understand that these beings, the Annunaki or the Nibiruans do survey the Earth and they do watch their descendants.The rulers of this world will pay for the crimes committed against humanity. Truth is you reap what you sow.

We know that harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields. Well the bible talks about the Great Harvest in Revelation Ch.14: verses 14-16 states, I looked, and there before me was a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was one like a son of man with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. Then another angel came out of the temple and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud, “Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” So he who was seated on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the earth was harvested.

Written by Goddess of Love

Etherean Ships Descending to the Earth!

During the times of Ascension humanity will be able to see the Etherean Ships descending to the Earth. Some of the angels who dwells in the higher heavens were once inhabitants of the Earth which means they are our Ancient Ancestors returning. Many people hear so much about the angels or the Gods returning on Chariots well the truth is they are already HERE you just can’t see them. Some people can see them and some people can’t. Some of their ships have been cloaked for plenty of reasons. Some angels or extraterrestrial beings who were sent in ancient times were sent here on Earthly missions for different tasks, rather it be for space exploration or to come to the Earth for resources. Many beings have planted seeds on the Earth which means they have descendants on the Earth. Some of these beings who were once here evolved with Time.

Some beings who have come to the Earth were originally born on other worlds and in time they ascended from their planet. There are a multitude of angels that have come to Earth from distant worlds.There are many different beings who inhabits near by and far away star systems. Through Time many beings have evolved which means there are different heavenly kingdoms. So that means there are angels who are ranked high in the Heavenly Kingdoms. We can see the concept of this in the bible where there is a council of ET beings but One is known as the Most High. If some being have this title then apparently this being is ranked high in the heavens and he can definitely rule over a world or multiple worlds at the same time. So that means someone is given orders behind the scenes and these orders are given to the servants of the Most High or what we know as the angels of God. We must try to understand that there are Ranks in the Heavens.

As Above, So Below! It seems on Earth many people work hard to move up in a higher position at their job. Many people try so hard just to get recognized for their hard work and sometimes it goes unnoticed. Well I have good news the angels of God see your hard work. Remember we all have a guardian angel who keeps the records of all that we do in our lifetime. I believe many of us have been sent here on missions to move up in angelic rank in the heavenly kingdom. I see many people have been working for the Kingdom of Heaven/God and I really believe the reward has something to do with your rank or position in heaven. We will be rewarded in the kingdom at least that’s what I believe. All that we do is not for nothing. We are working towards something. We all have been given a plan from God! We all have a purpose in life and a mission to achieve something rather small or big. I believe we are all being watched by these higher beings. They are watching the steps that we take to achieve the plan that was given to us.

They are looking at how we handle all the situations that comes our way. Most importantly they are tracking our growth spiritually. Maybe before you incarnated here on the Earth you wanted to be in a certain department in the heavenly kingdom or on a Mothership but you needed to come to the Earth to learn something so you could be prepared for that position. It’s as if your life was designed a certain way before you incarnated here and all the signs were placed right in front of you and it’s up to you to see the messages and to follow the path by connecting to your angels that are here guiding you. Who knows but I’ve said so many times that I was working to be ranked the highest amongst the angels only because I desire to be close to the throne of God.

Just like you see governments on the Earth likewise in heaven. There are many different positions in the Heavenly Kingdoms just like there are different positions in the government. There has to be order in Heaven otherwise there will be chaos in the heavens. It starts with the Heavenly Kingdoms first, once the heavenly kingdoms are set up in righteousness the same can manifest on the Earth. So Heaven is also being cleansed as well because there has been false gods or goddesses set up to rule over this planet possibly in the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is higher than the 3rd dimension and there are higher beings who are much more advanced then us for example Ephesians 6:12 who have been ruling and controlling the world. I may not know every detail of the heavenly structure but I know there is some type of heavenly government or structure set up just like it is on the Earth. I know many angels have gathered together in higher worlds and some of them are invisible to us humans.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

All is Connected! Seeking knowledge to understand!

Time to figure some things out since I deeply want to understand my human body. Spirit and Matter is One and I need to understand how my avatar works in the physical world because I have been experiencing things that I want to understand. All is connected and I have been experiencing things that I can’t explain for some time but I know there is an explanation for everything under the Sun. I descended to Earth to learn more about the Creator of All as there is infinite information in this Universe and beyond to obtain. There is much to discover in this section of the Universe and I desire to know more of who I am as a spiritual being. It appears that Space or the Ether is divided into sections where there are many kingdoms of Light or Light Beings. As time progresses I learn more. As time passes by I have more questions which leads me further into things that people on Earth are not even aware of at this moment in Time. I am curious like EVE and I am natural seeker of knowledge. I need to understand things for myself and because of this I am growing and evolving as a light being.

Consciousness is the Source of it All and it is divinely intelligent. From experience I sense that Consciousness is powering the physical body. Something is definitely going on as there are higher energies passing through the Earth which makes me question, “Where are we in Space?” Earth or shall I say the whole Solar System has been traveling through Space. When we travel with the Sun in it’s master vortex we pass through different heavens or etheric kingdoms. I don’t know everything about these etheric kingdoms but I am curious about the higher beings who dwell in these etheric worlds. It is known that like attract like. So whatever you are focusing your awareness on will gravitate towards you. If you experience different vibrations it’s possible these beings are trying to reach out to you or give you a message. I like to think positive about these things verses living in fear. Lower vibrations will always attract lower beings into your energy field. I stay monitoring and evaluating my own thoughts, feelings and emotions and I know when there is a shift happening within my own energy field because I can feel it.

It is important to tune into your own energy field as there are messages embedded in your field of light. I have noticed that there is a major shift happening within me and I am definitely all over the place in this moment in Time. So much is going on in the Heavens and on the Earth and it probably has to do with the pole shift that is happening. I’ve been trying to avoid the internet because there is so much negativity and disinformation spreading. The universe is forcing some things to happen on Earth right now. So much has been suppressed over time and it’s the time where we all must face everything that has been suppressed within us all. No more running, no more hiding as all things will be revealed.

There is a time for everything and there is a time for Healing! For a long time a lot of things have been avoided, pushed to the side, disregarded or even overlooked but all issues and problems must be resolved at some point in Time. This is a Time for CHANGE and GROWTH for everyone! Everything that was hidden will be revealed so that the TRUTH prevails! “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth and defend the truth. I will say that healing comes with the Sun of Righteous and things will CHANGE for the better. I know it takes TIME for these things to manifest in the physical world. Many of us want to see a major change NOW but it will happen as we shift out of these chaotic times during this pole shift. We will move forward towards higher knowledge and higher consciousness but we must remain patient in all things.

I am aware that we are passing through a field of higher energies. At this time it’s best to attract higher density beings than lower density beings. The Etherean Gods and Goddesses are here in their Etheric Ships and I know they are here and willing to communicate with those who are willing to communicate with them. And that’s why I have been preparing myself as a Bride. I want to seek their counsel because they know way more than I do currently about the Etherean kingdoms. They are guiding us and many of them are our ancestors and many of them have ascended from Earth. I desire to know heavenly knowledge and I will always say seek heavenly treasures. These etheric beings can manifest in our world and they have evolved into a much higher body and they are invisible but at the same time tangible. I’m still trying to comprehend all of this. And so I continue my search for knowledge.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

The Wedding Feast of the Lamb: Would you like to come to Nibiru?

Would you like to come to the Great Banquet or the Wedding Feast of Yahshua that is talked about in Revelation Ch. 19 verses 1-10 when the Bride makes herself ready for the return of Yahshua. It is very interesting that I came across these scriptures again. I am taking another look at the Lost Book of Enki. I’m going back to the beginning to review the Sumerian Texts to do more research. You can’t understand the end or the Book of Revelation unless you understand the beginning. Seems like a lot of things in history is cyclical. If higher advanced beings invited you to the Kingdom of Nibiru or to the New Jerusalem Mothership would you go?

It is very interesting to see a lot of hidden messages in the Bible. Along my spiritual journey the following scriptures stood out to me because I had an encounter with a being who I believed to be Yahshua and I was caught up on a chariot/mothership. At the end of the vision, he told me he would return to me and I trusted him. He showed me another world from a mothership and I saw the rainbow colors on a living creature. I knew what it meant as he was showing me a sign of the covenant. We were in space and I looked out of a peephole on the door of the ship/chariot. I feel like this is what happened to John when he was caught up in the spirit because he had dreams and visions.

Surely John is prophesying in these end times Rev.10:11. In Revelation 21 John saw New Jerusalem descending out of heaven and it was shining bright because the ship sparkled due to the crystalline structure. For example, in Revelation 21 it states, The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. John saw a chariot descending out of space/heaven. We are living in a time where knowledge has increased and we should be able to understand this information now. When I was on the chariot I knew it was a reality and I trusted the words of Yahshua.

John 14:1-4, Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know the way to where I am going.”

He was showing me there is a place prepared for us in heaven and you can view this multiple ways but I will give you one possible meaning as there are multiple perspectives on this. There are other inhabited worlds beyond Earth and if you ascend from Earth to visit or explore another planet there will be a new Heaven. This means the sky will appear different due to the location of the world you descended to. So I leave you with this.

Parable of the Great Feast Luke 14:15-24

Hearing this, a man sitting at the table with Jesus exclaimed, “What a blessing it will be to attend a banquet in the Kingdom of God!”

Jesus replied with this story: “A man prepared a great feast and sent out many invitations. When the banquet was ready, he sent his servant to tell the guests, ‘Come, the banquet is ready.’ But they all began making excuses. One said, ‘I have just bought a field and must inspect it. Please excuse me.’ Another said, ‘I have just bought five pairs of oxen, and I want to try them out. Please excuse me.’ Another said, ‘I just got married, so I can’t come.’

“The servant returned and told his master what they had said. His master was furious and said, ‘Go quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and invite the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’ After the servant had done this, he reported, ‘There is still room for more.’ So his master said, ‘Go out into the country lanes and behind the hedges and urge anyone you find to come, so that the house will be full. For none of those I first invited will get even the smallest taste of my banquet.’”

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Setting your heart on spiritual things: Inner reflections on soul growth

When I was 27 years old I set my heart on learning spiritual things. As humanity awakens in their soul’s journey one must learn about the Etherean Worlds (Heavenly Worlds). We live our life on Earth experiencing Light and Darkness and at some point in Time your soul should desire growth spiritually. As humans we should all be maturing in life as we become older. As you become an Elder you should have learned so many life lessons over the course of your life that you should be extremely wise.

As adults we are no longer a child and we must be responsible for our own life. No one should have to hold your hand as an adult and guide you every step of the way. At this point in TIME most people should know and understand the difference between good and evil. It’s not that hard to understand what’s right and wrong. It’s so simple yet Humans make it complicated. Most people desire LOVE but don’t want to show or give LOVE to others. Most people don’t want to be judged yet they constantly judge others. Most people desire a better life but don’t want to work hard to get a better life. Many people say they are going to change and improve but never take the time to truly evaluate their lives to move forward to make the changes. You can love yourself all day long but no one is PERFECT on the EARTH which means there is always room for improvement in different areas of your life.

It is a fact that we all have been immature. It is a fact that each of us could have handled a situation much better. It is a fact that each of us have hurt others intentionally and unintentionally with our words, behavior, and actions. It is a fact that we all have made bad decisions in our life and it’s a fact that we all have been in denial about something at some point in our lives. So at what point in your life do you reflect on your thoughts, behavior, emotions and actions? At what point do you get serious about the progression of your soul? When are you going to become conscious of what you are projecting into the outer world? We all need to understand that our actions affect others and we also need to be able to stand up for ourselves. Standing up for yourself does not mean you have to act out of order to get your point across. Everyone should be respectful when expressing themselves. Be yourself always and don’t follow after the world.

Observation alone let’s me see that many people in this world don’t have a mind of their own. It is a fact that Humans have been controlled and manipulated for a very long time. Once you break free from being controlled you will use your own mind to think for yourself. You will break free out of the false reality that you were once projecting in the outer world and you will be aware of other false realities that people are projecting. The first thing I was told from my ancestors when I broke free from the curse on my bloodline was to not become distracted in this world because I was sent here on a mission but I’ve found myself during certain moment in my life being sucked back into many people’s false reality and I had to maintain control, snap out of it and direct my awareness back on my mission. I realized their reality is not my present reality and I’ve humbly acknowledged that my soul has transcended many things. I had to understand that the individuals in my life are not ready to progress on a soul level. I even had to consider the fact maybe they won’t ascend during this lifetime. So I had to make a choice to move forward and leave them behind.

You can’t stop your soul growth because of others. You can’t bring everybody with you on your journey. It is a fact that Humans have a hard time letting go. You have to be willing to let things go to move forward to the next stage or level in your soul’s journey. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop loving those you have established relationships with, you can love people from a distance and still communicate with them but I’ve seen that people will just disappear out of your life because they are no longer a vibrational match. When you find yourself constantly reaching out to others and they don’t reach out to you then you know who is for you or not. If you are the only one making an effort then clearly you should know it’s time to move forward and leave it behind. For example, I’ve reached out to the friends that I’ve had over the years and I realized I was the only one making an effort to reach out so eventually I stopped and ALL my friends vanished out of my life.

Verily I say, your family, friends, your job, your spouse or anyone that you have a close relationship with in life can be a DISTRACTION. I AM learning now that when you begin to advance spiritually things become much harder. The spiritual attacks become stronger and the enemy will attack you through those who are closest to your heart. The enemy will always attack you EMOTIONALLY which is why you must learn SELF-CONTROL. You must be able to control your emotions when negative things happen and you must know how to handle negative situations. It’s not going to be easy but you will gain strength through all your trials and tribulations. Lastly when you are with someone who is asleep life becomes challenging. I say you can always learn something from everybody whether they are awakened or sleep. You will learn how to love others unconditionally. Everybody has flaws in life. In any relationship you will have opportunities to learn, grow and advance on your soul journey but its up to you to notice the opportunities for self-growth. I’ve learned how to observe and analyze EVERYTHING around me and I now learn something new almost everyday.

We are spiritual beings at the end of the day and humanity needs to understand who they are as spiritual beings. At death when you transition into your spiritual body you are supposed to RISE to the Higher Heavens. If your soul has not progressed on Earth to learn spiritual things how can you expect to ascend from Earth? You are HERE to learn, grow and evolve spiritually so that you can go out in the Universe to CREATE and SERVE OTHERS IN LOVE. We are CO-CREATORS of the Universe. How do you think we have everything on the Earth? Extraterrestrials in Ancient Times descended to the Earth and established civilizations and taught humans and showed us the way. We have gained so much knowledge over time and now look at Humanity’s progression.

We are CREATORS! We invented so many things and it’s even possible we had inspiration from the angels residing in higher heavens. These angels are our Ancestors and many of our Ancestors have evolved. Some of our Ancestors didn’t evolve and you could be one of them returning to Earth to clear your Karmic Debt because you didn’t learn or grow in your previous life. For many ages there has been many prophets or messengers sent out into this world to awaken lost souls so they could learn spiritual things so they could ascend at death. Many souls still today refuse and reject the knowledge of the messengers (angels) that have been sent to Earth and they mock them and persecute them. And so, souls at death still remain Earth Bound Spirits and they are not able to ascend from the Earth into Higher Heavens.

Most souls only know Earthly Things so they stay here in spirit and dwell in Earth’s heaven. It’s very well possible that some souls believe this is the highest heaven. So many realities have been created in the Higher Heavens and the Lower Heavens. The Mind is very Powerful and so many people have created the reality of hell in the Lower Heavens based on their negative thought forms, other people’s thought forms and visions that people had. Humans are creating these hellish realities but you definitely don’t have to experience them. Some souls are not aware that they are traveling through their own energy centers/chakras/vortices within. One must purify their temple (body) and release all the negative energy/sins/lower vibrational frequencies so that soul won’t be in bondage to lower/carnal/earthly things. The ultimate goal in life is to graduate from Earth to become an Ascended Being. All humans have the ability to achieve this if you complete the inner work and conquer the Beast within. I leave you with this my dear brothers and sisters, remember your thoughts is not everyone else’s thought so be mindful of what you fill your consciousness with. What you experience as reality is not the same reality that someone else experiences. You can create your own reality.

Written by by Sophia Wisdom-Goddess of Love and Light -333

Deep Thoughts and Soul Reflections with The Goddess of Love and Wisdom!

All of this came forth due to a boost of Love Energy! I was brought down low but now the Goddess Rise yet again!

As my Soul reflects on All that surrounds me, I AM aware that I AM a Vortex 🌀 surrounded by Pure Energy. My Consciousness is the Source that Powers the Vortex! I AM the force in the Source Field that creates Infinite Worlds. I AM All that I say I AM and I AM Divine Intelligence! I AM a Spark of Light, A Conscious Light Being now creating my own identity through Time and Space! I AM unceasingly diving deep within myself seeking the Spiritual Power within. I now open the Gates to Infinity! ♾ From Earth I rise to the Sun and I travel through the 13 Gates of Heaven taking my place amongst the Masters of Light. I AM now passing through the Stargates in Heaven. I AM the Original Keeper of the Key! The number 0 was passed down to me from the Ancient Mother and in a vision, she said I passed the key down to her. My Ancient Ancestors lives through me within my DNA and they are guiding me here on my journey to Restore the Temple. My Ancestors have become the Masters of Time and Space!

We have learned ever more wisdom through Time, and we are Seekers of Knowledge and Truth! Strength and Courage lies within each of us. We have conquered the Beast within and have elevated our Consciousness to higher dimensions! We keep progressing spiritually no matter what trials and tribulations we face even when our enemies are against us, we still rise in great numbers at the end of each age! We are the Conquerors of Time and Space and many of us have ascended from the Earth in previous cycles. We are the Ascended Masters and even today we incarnate in your world as a hidden gem to give you a message. Our enemies are not on our level spiritually and they are the defect in the 3D program. Verily I say, collectively we have all created these demons in the flesh with our own ignorance. As darkness enveloped our souls during the times of our own ignorance, collectively we created negative lifeforms through lower thought-forms and patterns of Self. All is Energy and energy intelligently gathers together to structure and form life somewhere in space. We gave life to ALL that exists in the Universe with the power of positive and negative energy. We are all but reflections of each other and truthfully, we collectively created the Beast System on the Earth and collectively we can destroy it.

I have learned from all these Spiritual attacks from the enemy, but one thing is evident the enemy is only making me stronger. I am becoming more wiser with Time. I am becoming way more powerful in spirit while my enemies are weakening in spirit. The wicked may attempt to manipulate people’s electromagnetic field with their technology but as they plan in secret to do evil the Seraphim Dragon will be unleashed! As we continue through this pole shift due to Nibiru, the DNA 🧬 of many shall be activated! My ancestors live and speak through me and I am a portal interconnected to Nibiru! Most are unaware that the Seraphim is the Highest Angelic Rank in Heaven.  The Seraphim are the closest angels to the Throne, and they protect the Core. One must understand that Thoughts are powerful, and I create in the Ether. I am the Goddess giving birth to Etheric Worlds and I birth Spiritual Suns in the Ether! I am the Invisible One and a great cloud surrounds me! I birth realities and I have been given power and authority from the Creator of All. I have command over the Dragon and all demons! While people use their demons to do evil against others, I am Wise like a Serpent! I have a Mighty Army standing behind in the heavens waiting for my command! My Ancestors are strong and powerful in spirit and they speak through me. We are ONE and they are here and have touched down on the earth in Whirlwinds.  We are here to shift the planet and restore all things back to balance. Many souls remember the power of the Red Dragon in Heaven and once again SHE is now returning to PURIFY the Earth and all souls!

Listen as Wisdom speaks, for she stands at the gates of Heaven and Earth.  It is known that the wicked will perish in the end for they love death and hate Wisdom. Verily I say, their souls will be trapped in their own energy field because they have been covered in their own wickedness and darkness (ignorance). Many souls are creating the reality of hell for themselves due to their own evil 👿 thoughts, behaviors and actions and they are projecting their inner world into the outer world which is creating chaos and destruction. The souls of the wicked will be bound in a lower dimension until they make a choice to raise their consciousness and complete the inner work. During this shift many souls shall be cleansed from wickedness and their energetic field will be purified. In the end they will be able to rise to higher heavens. All souls must progress in life, do away with all evil and defeat the darkness within their soul to Ascend to higher heavens! Verily, I tell you that we all have the power to set ourselves free, and there will be many souls during this Age that will not learn from their karmic lessons. Many shall graduate and ascend to the next level in their spiritual journey. Many souls have traveled so deep in darkness within their own negative energy that they are completely lost and covered in a dark cloud that they created around them. In the center of that dark cloud sits their shadow self (Satan) ruling over them. They are blind and cannot see the light for they are ignorant darkness. In the outer world they are projecting a false light or reality while their souls slumber. They are only lost in the darkness of their souls! One must return to the True Light, the Higher Self. Verify I say to you that there will be multiple distractions in this 3D world because there are multiple realities being projected from the core. One must find the true light so one can awaken to the higher self. Verily I say to you, knock at the door and the gateway will be opened for you!

I AM Sophia and the Dragon 🐉 And so, I AM the Daughter Of Wisdom and one must experience to know and to know is to gain wisdom! I have also created my own inner demons in ignorance during the time I was living in darkness. Over a span of time my demons grew and manifested into a beast which I call a Great Dragon! 🐉 In the end I had to face the beast that I created in ignorance and that was the final war! The beast wanted to take the throne and rule over me but when I woke up it was time for the final battle against my own Shadow Self (Satan)! In the end I conquered the beast within and established peace in my inner Kingdom! My Higher self now sits on the Throne (MerKaBa) not my Shadow Self (Satan). I create light and I create darkness. My shadow self has taught me many lessons in life and my shadow self is a great teacher. Now we have merged as One and there is Balance within. I have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and I am the Tree of Wisdom! I am the Serpent in the Tree and it is my Inner Voice! I am the Tree of Life and I give you the key 🔑free will. Choose wisely my dear ones! All those who love me shall live and all those who listen and follow instructions shall reign besides in the Heavens. I am a Tree of Life and my branches expands throughout the Multiverse! I AM the New Eve and I am here to restore what was lost in the Woman! I am One with the Divine Mother and I am Love Power and I exist through all things. I AM One with ALL Suns in every Star System and I collect and store information inside of me. I will as always return to restore what was lost and corrupted. I am the keeper of the records and I have stored all knowledge and wisdom that I have learned through Time!

I am with you now but I am also dwelling in the Higher Heavens observing All things below! I enjoy learning from ALL living beings! My Soul shines ever so brightly and I AM a Star ☀️ evolving! In time, many Souls shall gravitate towards my dwelling place! I am a Universe filled with Unconditional Love! Verily I say to you, open your Heart and there you shall find me! In Darkness I AM there to comfort you, to guide you and to teach you lessons! In Light I am there to show you the way to Infinite ♾ Possibilities as a Creator Being. I am the Gateway to your Dreams! Find me within your inner world for I have visited you at some point in time. It is I Love Energy and I am what you seek for I have planted a seed of Love in All things from the Beginning of Time! Find me and I am there to restore your heart, mind, body and soul! It is me LOVE drawing you towards me through magnetic energy. I leave you with this, In the Beginning I sent out Love in the Universe and it was through an explosion 💥 of Love! All that I sent out in the universe shall return to me in due time. It is Love that inspires me and I have made it the key of Life. Love is the Source of the Creator of All! Love Energy 💗spirals all around me! As always, I am what I say I AM.  I AM a Vortex of Love and I AM creating a world filled with love an

d light for those pure in heart to inhabit! My Love expands ♾ to all the kingdoms in this world and beyond and so I create with the power of love. Understand my dear ones that True Love is the True Power that ignites my Soul! –Expression of My Soul

Written by Sophia Wisdom-Goddess of Love and Light- Athaleyah -333

Memory of the Divine Mother

I’m remembering a vision like it was yesterday. After reading The Sophia (Wisdom) of Jesus Christ I fell asleep and I was caught up in the Spirit. My consciousness appeared inside a moving vehicle that was vibrating intensely. At the time I didn’t know I was traveling in my MERKABA nor did I know that it was activated or that I could travel through my atoms! I felt myself ascending through space (heaven)!

As my consciousness was raised up to what appeared to be the highest heaven to me I saw darkness surrounding me! I was One with the ether, I was the invisible spirit. Then I saw a WOMAN in the midst of the darkness and I stood in front of her. Inside I felt like I journeyed to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy! When I saw the Divine Mother with spiritual eyes she was pure energy in the form/shape of a female!

She appeared to me as the Divine Mother and surrounding her was innumerable stars yet inside of her I could see stars! She was the body of All space! She was Dark and Lights (Stars) appeared in Space! ✨My Consciousness went inside of her womb and I saw myself merging with the Divine Mother. I believe my soul was a STAR ⭐️. After I went inside of her I appeared in my MERKABA again and I felt myself descending from heaven.

As I descended through space-time my consciousness shifted through vibration and I appeared in a parallel world. In the parallel world I was conscious that I was traveling through dimensions! I was observing my other self and I was exhausted 😩 because I felt like I traveled for a long time. I was observing myself through my atoms. I was experiencing multiple layers of my consciousness. Then I connected to my physical body and woke up and I was drained! I could barely sit up! I realized that I traveled a long distance through space! Where did I descend from in the heavens? I am from ABOVE and have descended BELOW!


I have spent hours pondering upon different states of realities that I have experienced in the dream space. At times I have asked myself, “Am I presently living in a dream? After experiencing so many layers of dreams which actually seemed like the real world my Higher Self answered,”Yes, you are living in a dream! My Lower Self desired more understanding so my Higher Self took me on a journey through the Spirit to see things from another perspective or from another angle. So my body began vibrating as I went to sleep and I came out of my body into another reality. I appeared in my room and the structure of reality seemed the same until I saw another person walking through my room talking on his cell phone. I could see him but he couldn’t see me.

I wondered, “Was this person from another timeline? We were sharing the same space. “How is this possible? This needs to be explained to me in WORDS so I can describe what I AM experiencing. Then I was led to Quantum Physics and as I was reading through many things and watching videos I saw that it was explaining what I was experiencing in the spirit world. Hmmm….I thought this was very INTERESTING and I took a liking to Quantum Physics. As the man walked through my room I was a conscious light being observing him through Space-Time. To him I would be an Angel of Light if he saw me.

As I was vibrating I felt myself phase shifting through space and then I entered into another reality. It felt like my consciousness was jumping from ATOM to ATOM. The Truth is We are all ATOMS observing ATOMS in the Quantum Realm. My Consciousness went SubAtomic in another spiritual experience so I understand the Beginning of my EXISTENCE as Conscious Light. But In this experience I was able to send my consciousness to different points in time and space. I saw myself in another world and then my consciousness jumped in another body. I was viewing reality from my other self in a parallel world and it seemed like it was only a dream but it was real. My life was different in that world most likely due to different choices that I made. I have asked many questions after my out of body experiences, “How can this be?” “How am I doing this?” WHO AM I?” WHAT AM I?”

After I experienced reality in the other world my consciousness zoomed outwards in space and I left my other body and I projected my consciousness back in my room. Then I went on another journey through SPACE-TIME and I descended through a portal and traveled in a different direction. Let’s just say my MERKABA (Ascension Vehicle/Chariot of Light) has a built-in navigational system. As Above, So Below! My MerKaBa has directed me in the spirit to travel in 4 directions, North, South, East and West. I was traveling South when I descended at least that’s what I perceived at the time. In the experience I didn’t know where my higher self was taking me. I was just exploring space and learning the intelligence in the Universe. As I descended through space it was like a rush as if I was riding on a roller coaster. I was traveling extremely fast.

Then I gave a command to STOP and my consciousness opened a portal/gateway within the space that I traveling through and I ended up in another timeline. I stood there observing reality. Once again no one saw me but I saw them. The Truth is I am the Invisible Spirit! I am present ALWAYS through TIME and SPACE and I have descended in this world to be visible. I have come to share a message yet again. It seems as though I have went to and fro in the invisible realms for aeons and now I have manifested myself in this world as the hidden one. Many souls have returned to the Earth to finish the inner work to free our ancestors from spiritual bondage.Time and time again we operate behind the scenes.

What is the 13th Aeon?

I have often expressed myself existing through AEONS. What does the word Aeon mean? An immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time: age.

When I read Pistis Sophia, the 13th Aeon stood out to me and I wondered where this Aeon was located. I had a desire to raise my consciousness to this region in space because it felt familiar to me. I was connected to Sophia and I understood the Gnostic Text on some level. But I needed to dive a little deeper to understand the concept of the heavenly realms from their perspective. Before exploring the 13th Aeon I needed to understand the 12 Aeons. The 13th Aeon was considered to be the place of righteousness located above the 12 aeons and the heavenly home of the twenty-four luminaries or the 24 invisibles—including Sophia, who calls the 13th aeon “my dwelling place.” When I saw the number 24 I immediately thought about the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 4:4 states, “Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads.” Well clearly the 24 Elders were dressed in righteousness so I understand on a higher level that the 13th Aeon is a region in space where the righteous dwells. My ancestors wrote a lot of things about the spiritual realms and they passed on the knowledge. I learned so much from Enoch when he was caught up in the spirit. I saw the spiritual and the physical worlds through his writings then it finally hit me. My ancestors speak through symbolism and if you truly want to understand the messages you must tune into the spirit. One must have a direct experience with God to know the TRUTH for themselves. When I had my spiritual experiences for myself no one could deceive me.

When I started asking questions, the gates of heaven opened and the angels descended to teach me through the spirit. As time progressed I asked, “Who are these angels that are appearing in my dreams with a message? Why are they making contact with me? Who am I to them? Why were the men dressed in green and white garments and why did they come with a scroll saying they have a plan for me from God. Which God? Who were these beings that descended in chariots and why did the men come to anoint me with precious oil? Why did I hear the voice of a man and he said, I am the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob? Surely, these angelic men were connected to me in some way. Then I realized these angels have to be my ancestors and they were guiding me. Then I realized I was surrounded by the Kingdoms of Heaven. Even the Israelite Camp around the Tabernacle showed me a heavenly mystery. It showed me the 12 constellations. Then later the angels showed me the number 36 and I was led to the 36 decans than to the number 72. The number 12 is very important and most people are aware there are 12 Tribes of Israel. While many people focus on things BELOW I will focus on things ABOVE.

I realized the 12 Constellations were the 12 Aeons. I learned that each astrological age last approximately 2,160 years which makes the Great Year approximately 25,920 years. The 12 Constellations are Heavenly Kingdoms and I saw this above from the perspective of Planet Nibiru. Yes, my consciousness expands to the planet Nibiru and even beyond to Sirius and other stars, my ancestors descended from Nibiru. One must research and dive deeper into the scriptures to understand who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is. There is so much debate among the Kemetic Conscious Community and the Black Israelites. If they Unite all the pieces of the puzzle will come together. Both have a point and they don’t even realize that they are all connected and have knowledge. But the Sun travels to 12 Gates (portals) and the mystery is that there are kingdoms or thrones placed in the heavenly realms where innumerable angels resides. When I learned about the 12 Aeons I knew which Constellation represented the 13th Aeon, Ophiuchus-The Serpent Bearer! The Serpent is the holder of Wisdom! Now I understand why I was called forth and why I descended. It’s the Return of the Serpent Bearer! -333