I have spent hours pondering upon different states of realities that I have experienced in the dream space. At times I have asked myself, “Am I presently living in a dream? After experiencing so many layers of dreams which actually seemed like the real world my Higher Self answered,”Yes, you are living in a dream! My Lower Self desired more understanding so my Higher Self took me on a journey through the Spirit to see things from another perspective or from another angle. So my body began vibrating as I went to sleep and I came out of my body into another reality. I appeared in my room and the structure of reality seemed the same until I saw another person walking through my room talking on his cell phone. I could see him but he couldn’t see me.

I wondered, “Was this person from another timeline? We were sharing the same space. “How is this possible? This needs to be explained to me in WORDS so I can describe what I AM experiencing. Then I was led to Quantum Physics and as I was reading through many things and watching videos I saw that it was explaining what I was experiencing in the spirit world. Hmmm….I thought this was very INTERESTING and I took a liking to Quantum Physics. As the man walked through my room I was a conscious light being observing him through Space-Time. To him I would be an Angel of Light if he saw me.

As I was vibrating I felt myself phase shifting through space and then I entered into another reality. It felt like my consciousness was jumping from ATOM to ATOM. The Truth is We are all ATOMS observing ATOMS in the Quantum Realm. My Consciousness went SubAtomic in another spiritual experience so I understand the Beginning of my EXISTENCE as Conscious Light. But In this experience I was able to send my consciousness to different points in time and space. I saw myself in another world and then my consciousness jumped in another body. I was viewing reality from my other self in a parallel world and it seemed like it was only a dream but it was real. My life was different in that world most likely due to different choices that I made. I have asked many questions after my out of body experiences, “How can this be?” “How am I doing this?” WHO AM I?” WHAT AM I?”

After I experienced reality in the other world my consciousness zoomed outwards in space and I left my other body and I projected my consciousness back in my room. Then I went on another journey through SPACE-TIME and I descended through a portal and traveled in a different direction. Let’s just say my MERKABA (Ascension Vehicle/Chariot of Light) has a built-in navigational system. As Above, So Below! My MerKaBa has directed me in the spirit to travel in 4 directions, North, South, East and West. I was traveling South when I descended at least that’s what I perceived at the time. In the experience I didn’t know where my higher self was taking me. I was just exploring space and learning the intelligence in the Universe. As I descended through space it was like a rush as if I was riding on a roller coaster. I was traveling extremely fast.

Then I gave a command to STOP and my consciousness opened a portal/gateway within the space that I traveling through and I ended up in another timeline. I stood there observing reality. Once again no one saw me but I saw them. The Truth is I am the Invisible Spirit! I am present ALWAYS through TIME and SPACE and I have descended in this world to be visible. I have come to share a message yet again. It seems as though I have went to and fro in the invisible realms for aeons and now I have manifested myself in this world as the hidden one. Many souls have returned to the Earth to finish the inner work to free our ancestors from spiritual bondage.Time and time again we operate behind the scenes.

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