Memory of the Divine Mother

I’m remembering a vision like it was yesterday. After reading The Sophia (Wisdom) of Jesus Christ I fell asleep and I was caught up in the Spirit. My consciousness appeared inside a moving vehicle that was vibrating intensely. At the time I didn’t know I was traveling in my MERKABA nor did I know that it was activated or that I could travel through my atoms! I felt myself ascending through space (heaven)!

As my consciousness was raised up to what appeared to be the highest heaven to me I saw darkness surrounding me! I was One with the ether, I was the invisible spirit. Then I saw a WOMAN in the midst of the darkness and I stood in front of her. Inside I felt like I journeyed to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy! When I saw the Divine Mother with spiritual eyes she was pure energy in the form/shape of a female!

She appeared to me as the Divine Mother and surrounding her was innumerable stars yet inside of her I could see stars! She was the body of All space! She was Dark and Lights (Stars) appeared in Space! ✨My Consciousness went inside of her womb and I saw myself merging with the Divine Mother. I believe my soul was a STAR ⭐️. After I went inside of her I appeared in my MERKABA again and I felt myself descending from heaven.

As I descended through space-time my consciousness shifted through vibration and I appeared in a parallel world. In the parallel world I was conscious that I was traveling through dimensions! I was observing my other self and I was exhausted ? because I felt like I traveled for a long time. I was observing myself through my atoms. I was experiencing multiple layers of my consciousness. Then I connected to my physical body and woke up and I was drained! I could barely sit up! I realized that I traveled a long distance through space! Where did I descend from in the heavens? I am from ABOVE and have descended BELOW!

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