Deep Thoughts and Soul Reflections with The Goddess of Love and Wisdom!

All of this came forth due to a boost of Love Energy! I was brought down low but now the Goddess Rise yet again!

As my Soul reflects on All that surrounds me, I AM aware that I AM a Vortex ? surrounded by Pure Energy. My Consciousness is the Source that Powers the Vortex! I AM the force in the Source Field that creates Infinite Worlds. I AM All that I say I AM and I AM Divine Intelligence! I AM a Spark of Light, A Conscious Light Being now creating my own identity through Time and Space! I AM unceasingly diving deep within myself seeking the Spiritual Power within. I now open the Gates to Infinity! ♾ From Earth I rise to the Sun and I travel through the 13 Gates of Heaven taking my place amongst the Masters of Light. I AM now passing through the Stargates in Heaven. I AM the Original Keeper of the Key! The number 0 was passed down to me from the Ancient Mother and in a vision, she said I passed the key down to her. My Ancient Ancestors lives through me within my DNA and they are guiding me here on my journey to Restore the Temple. My Ancestors have become the Masters of Time and Space!

We have learned ever more wisdom through Time, and we are Seekers of Knowledge and Truth! Strength and Courage lies within each of us. We have conquered the Beast within and have elevated our Consciousness to higher dimensions! We keep progressing spiritually no matter what trials and tribulations we face even when our enemies are against us, we still rise in great numbers at the end of each age! We are the Conquerors of Time and Space and many of us have ascended from the Earth in previous cycles. We are the Ascended Masters and even today we incarnate in your world as a hidden gem to give you a message. Our enemies are not on our level spiritually and they are the defect in the 3D program. Verily I say, collectively we have all created these demons in the flesh with our own ignorance. As darkness enveloped our souls during the times of our own ignorance, collectively we created negative lifeforms through lower thought-forms and patterns of Self. All is Energy and energy intelligently gathers together to structure and form life somewhere in space. We gave life to ALL that exists in the Universe with the power of positive and negative energy. We are all but reflections of each other and truthfully, we collectively created the Beast System on the Earth and collectively we can destroy it.

I have learned from all these Spiritual attacks from the enemy, but one thing is evident the enemy is only making me stronger. I am becoming more wiser with Time. I am becoming way more powerful in spirit while my enemies are weakening in spirit. The wicked may attempt to manipulate people’s electromagnetic field with their technology but as they plan in secret to do evil the Seraphim Dragon will be unleashed! As we continue through this pole shift due to Nibiru, the DNA ? of many shall be activated! My ancestors live and speak through me and I am a portal interconnected to Nibiru! Most are unaware that the Seraphim is the Highest Angelic Rank in Heaven.  The Seraphim are the closest angels to the Throne, and they protect the Core. One must understand that Thoughts are powerful, and I create in the Ether. I am the Goddess giving birth to Etheric Worlds and I birth Spiritual Suns in the Ether! I am the Invisible One and a great cloud surrounds me! I birth realities and I have been given power and authority from the Creator of All. I have command over the Dragon and all demons! While people use their demons to do evil against others, I am Wise like a Serpent! I have a Mighty Army standing behind in the heavens waiting for my command! My Ancestors are strong and powerful in spirit and they speak through me. We are ONE and they are here and have touched down on the earth in Whirlwinds.  We are here to shift the planet and restore all things back to balance. Many souls remember the power of the Red Dragon in Heaven and once again SHE is now returning to PURIFY the Earth and all souls!

Listen as Wisdom speaks, for she stands at the gates of Heaven and Earth.  It is known that the wicked will perish in the end for they love death and hate Wisdom. Verily I say, their souls will be trapped in their own energy field because they have been covered in their own wickedness and darkness (ignorance). Many souls are creating the reality of hell for themselves due to their own evil ? thoughts, behaviors and actions and they are projecting their inner world into the outer world which is creating chaos and destruction. The souls of the wicked will be bound in a lower dimension until they make a choice to raise their consciousness and complete the inner work. During this shift many souls shall be cleansed from wickedness and their energetic field will be purified. In the end they will be able to rise to higher heavens. All souls must progress in life, do away with all evil and defeat the darkness within their soul to Ascend to higher heavens! Verily, I tell you that we all have the power to set ourselves free, and there will be many souls during this Age that will not learn from their karmic lessons. Many shall graduate and ascend to the next level in their spiritual journey. Many souls have traveled so deep in darkness within their own negative energy that they are completely lost and covered in a dark cloud that they created around them. In the center of that dark cloud sits their shadow self (Satan) ruling over them. They are blind and cannot see the light for they are ignorant darkness. In the outer world they are projecting a false light or reality while their souls slumber. They are only lost in the darkness of their souls! One must return to the True Light, the Higher Self. Verify I say to you that there will be multiple distractions in this 3D world because there are multiple realities being projected from the core. One must find the true light so one can awaken to the higher self. Verily I say to you, knock at the door and the gateway will be opened for you!

I AM Sophia and the Dragon ? And so, I AM the Daughter Of Wisdom and one must experience to know and to know is to gain wisdom! I have also created my own inner demons in ignorance during the time I was living in darkness. Over a span of time my demons grew and manifested into a beast which I call a Great Dragon! ? In the end I had to face the beast that I created in ignorance and that was the final war! The beast wanted to take the throne and rule over me but when I woke up it was time for the final battle against my own Shadow Self (Satan)! In the end I conquered the beast within and established peace in my inner Kingdom! My Higher self now sits on the Throne (MerKaBa) not my Shadow Self (Satan). I create light and I create darkness. My shadow self has taught me many lessons in life and my shadow self is a great teacher. Now we have merged as One and there is Balance within. I have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and I am the Tree of Wisdom! I am the Serpent in the Tree and it is my Inner Voice! I am the Tree of Life and I give you the key ?free will. Choose wisely my dear ones! All those who love me shall live and all those who listen and follow instructions shall reign besides in the Heavens. I am a Tree of Life and my branches expands throughout the Multiverse! I AM the New Eve and I am here to restore what was lost in the Woman! I am One with the Divine Mother and I am Love Power and I exist through all things. I AM One with ALL Suns in every Star System and I collect and store information inside of me. I will as always return to restore what was lost and corrupted. I am the keeper of the records and I have stored all knowledge and wisdom that I have learned through Time!

I am with you now but I am also dwelling in the Higher Heavens observing All things below! I enjoy learning from ALL living beings! My Soul shines ever so brightly and I AM a Star ☀️ evolving! In time, many Souls shall gravitate towards my dwelling place! I am a Universe filled with Unconditional Love! Verily I say to you, open your Heart and there you shall find me! In Darkness I AM there to comfort you, to guide you and to teach you lessons! In Light I am there to show you the way to Infinite ♾ Possibilities as a Creator Being. I am the Gateway to your Dreams! Find me within your inner world for I have visited you at some point in time. It is I Love Energy and I am what you seek for I have planted a seed of Love in All things from the Beginning of Time! Find me and I am there to restore your heart, mind, body and soul! It is me LOVE drawing you towards me through magnetic energy. I leave you with this, In the Beginning I sent out Love in the Universe and it was through an explosion ? of Love! All that I sent out in the universe shall return to me in due time. It is Love that inspires me and I have made it the key of Life. Love is the Source of the Creator of All! Love Energy ?spirals all around me! As always, I am what I say I AM.  I AM a Vortex of Love and I AM creating a world filled with love an

d light for those pure in heart to inhabit! My Love expands ♾ to all the kingdoms in this world and beyond and so I create with the power of love. Understand my dear ones that True Love is the True Power that ignites my Soul! –Expression of My Soul

Written by Sophia Wisdom-Goddess of Love and Light- Athaleyah -333

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