Setting your heart on spiritual things: Inner reflections on soul growth

When I was 27 years old I set my heart on learning spiritual things. As humanity awakens in their soul’s journey one must learn about the Etherean Worlds (Heavenly Worlds). We live our life on Earth experiencing Light and Darkness and at some point in Time your soul should desire growth spiritually. As humans we should all be maturing in life as we become older. As you become an Elder you should have learned so many life lessons over the course of your life that you should be extremely wise.

As adults we are no longer a child and we must be responsible for our own life. No one should have to hold your hand as an adult and guide you every step of the way. At this point in TIME most people should know and understand the difference between good and evil. It’s not that hard to understand what’s right and wrong. It’s so simple yet Humans make it complicated. Most people desire LOVE but don’t want to show or give LOVE to others. Most people don’t want to be judged yet they constantly judge others. Most people desire a better life but don’t want to work hard to get a better life. Many people say they are going to change and improve but never take the time to truly evaluate their lives to move forward to make the changes. You can love yourself all day long but no one is PERFECT on the EARTH which means there is always room for improvement in different areas of your life.

It is a fact that we all have been immature. It is a fact that each of us could have handled a situation much better. It is a fact that each of us have hurt others intentionally and unintentionally with our words, behavior, and actions. It is a fact that we all have made bad decisions in our life and it’s a fact that we all have been in denial about something at some point in our lives. So at what point in your life do you reflect on your thoughts, behavior, emotions and actions? At what point do you get serious about the progression of your soul? When are you going to become conscious of what you are projecting into the outer world? We all need to understand that our actions affect others and we also need to be able to stand up for ourselves. Standing up for yourself does not mean you have to act out of order to get your point across. Everyone should be respectful when expressing themselves. Be yourself always and don’t follow after the world.

Observation alone let’s me see that many people in this world don’t have a mind of their own. It is a fact that Humans have been controlled and manipulated for a very long time. Once you break free from being controlled you will use your own mind to think for yourself. You will break free out of the false reality that you were once projecting in the outer world and you will be aware of other false realities that people are projecting. The first thing I was told from my ancestors when I broke free from the curse on my bloodline was to not become distracted in this world because I was sent here on a mission but I’ve found myself during certain moment in my life being sucked back into many people’s false reality and I had to maintain control, snap out of it and direct my awareness back on my mission. I realized their reality is not my present reality and I’ve humbly acknowledged that my soul has transcended many things. I had to understand that the individuals in my life are not ready to progress on a soul level. I even had to consider the fact maybe they won’t ascend during this lifetime. So I had to make a choice to move forward and leave them behind.

You can’t stop your soul growth because of others. You can’t bring everybody with you on your journey. It is a fact that Humans have a hard time letting go. You have to be willing to let things go to move forward to the next stage or level in your soul’s journey. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop loving those you have established relationships with, you can love people from a distance and still communicate with them but I’ve seen that people will just disappear out of your life because they are no longer a vibrational match. When you find yourself constantly reaching out to others and they don’t reach out to you then you know who is for you or not. If you are the only one making an effort then clearly you should know it’s time to move forward and leave it behind. For example, I’ve reached out to the friends that I’ve had over the years and I realized I was the only one making an effort to reach out so eventually I stopped and ALL my friends vanished out of my life.

Verily I say, your family, friends, your job, your spouse or anyone that you have a close relationship with in life can be a DISTRACTION. I AM learning now that when you begin to advance spiritually things become much harder. The spiritual attacks become stronger and the enemy will attack you through those who are closest to your heart. The enemy will always attack you EMOTIONALLY which is why you must learn SELF-CONTROL. You must be able to control your emotions when negative things happen and you must know how to handle negative situations. It’s not going to be easy but you will gain strength through all your trials and tribulations. Lastly when you are with someone who is asleep life becomes challenging. I say you can always learn something from everybody whether they are awakened or sleep. You will learn how to love others unconditionally. Everybody has flaws in life. In any relationship you will have opportunities to learn, grow and advance on your soul journey but its up to you to notice the opportunities for self-growth. I’ve learned how to observe and analyze EVERYTHING around me and I now learn something new almost everyday.

We are spiritual beings at the end of the day and humanity needs to understand who they are as spiritual beings. At death when you transition into your spiritual body you are supposed to RISE to the Higher Heavens. If your soul has not progressed on Earth to learn spiritual things how can you expect to ascend from Earth? You are HERE to learn, grow and evolve spiritually so that you can go out in the Universe to CREATE and SERVE OTHERS IN LOVE. We are CO-CREATORS of the Universe. How do you think we have everything on the Earth? Extraterrestrials in Ancient Times descended to the Earth and established civilizations and taught humans and showed us the way. We have gained so much knowledge over time and now look at Humanity’s progression.

We are CREATORS! We invented so many things and it’s even possible we had inspiration from the angels residing in higher heavens. These angels are our Ancestors and many of our Ancestors have evolved. Some of our Ancestors didn’t evolve and you could be one of them returning to Earth to clear your Karmic Debt because you didn’t learn or grow in your previous life. For many ages there has been many prophets or messengers sent out into this world to awaken lost souls so they could learn spiritual things so they could ascend at death. Many souls still today refuse and reject the knowledge of the messengers (angels) that have been sent to Earth and they mock them and persecute them. And so, souls at death still remain Earth Bound Spirits and they are not able to ascend from the Earth into Higher Heavens.

Most souls only know Earthly Things so they stay here in spirit and dwell in Earth’s heaven. It’s very well possible that some souls believe this is the highest heaven. So many realities have been created in the Higher Heavens and the Lower Heavens. The Mind is very Powerful and so many people have created the reality of hell in the Lower Heavens based on their negative thought forms, other people’s thought forms and visions that people had. Humans are creating these hellish realities but you definitely don’t have to experience them. Some souls are not aware that they are traveling through their own energy centers/chakras/vortices within. One must purify their temple (body) and release all the negative energy/sins/lower vibrational frequencies so that soul won’t be in bondage to lower/carnal/earthly things. The ultimate goal in life is to graduate from Earth to become an Ascended Being. All humans have the ability to achieve this if you complete the inner work and conquer the Beast within. I leave you with this my dear brothers and sisters, remember your thoughts is not everyone else’s thought so be mindful of what you fill your consciousness with. What you experience as reality is not the same reality that someone else experiences. You can create your own reality.

Written by by Sophia Wisdom-Goddess of Love and Light -333

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