All is Connected! Seeking knowledge to understand!

Time to figure some things out since I deeply want to understand my human body. Spirit and Matter is One and I need to understand how my avatar works in the physical world because I have been experiencing things that I want to understand. All is connected and I have been experiencing things that I can’t explain for some time but I know there is an explanation for everything under the Sun. I descended to Earth to learn more about the Creator of All as there is infinite information in this Universe and beyond to obtain. There is much to discover in this section of the Universe and I desire to know more of who I am as a spiritual being. It appears that Space or the Ether is divided into sections where there are many kingdoms of Light or Light Beings. As time progresses I learn more. As time passes by I have more questions which leads me further into things that people on Earth are not even aware of at this moment in Time. I am curious like EVE and I am natural seeker of knowledge. I need to understand things for myself and because of this I am growing and evolving as a light being.

Consciousness is the Source of it All and it is divinely intelligent. From experience I sense that Consciousness is powering the physical body. Something is definitely going on as there are higher energies passing through the Earth which makes me question, “Where are we in Space?” Earth or shall I say the whole Solar System has been traveling through Space. When we travel with the Sun in it’s master vortex we pass through different heavens or etheric kingdoms. I don’t know everything about these etheric kingdoms but I am curious about the higher beings who dwell in these etheric worlds. It is known that like attract like. So whatever you are focusing your awareness on will gravitate towards you. If you experience different vibrations it’s possible these beings are trying to reach out to you or give you a message. I like to think positive about these things verses living in fear. Lower vibrations will always attract lower beings into your energy field. I stay monitoring and evaluating my own thoughts, feelings and emotions and I know when there is a shift happening within my own energy field because I can feel it.

It is important to tune into your own energy field as there are messages embedded in your field of light. I have noticed that there is a major shift happening within me and I am definitely all over the place in this moment in Time. So much is going on in the Heavens and on the Earth and it probably has to do with the pole shift that is happening. I’ve been trying to avoid the internet because there is so much negativity and disinformation spreading. The universe is forcing some things to happen on Earth right now. So much has been suppressed over time and it’s the time where we all must face everything that has been suppressed within us all. No more running, no more hiding as all things will be revealed.

There is a time for everything and there is a time for Healing! For a long time a lot of things have been avoided, pushed to the side, disregarded or even overlooked but all issues and problems must be resolved at some point in Time. This is a Time for CHANGE and GROWTH for everyone! Everything that was hidden will be revealed so that the TRUTH prevails! “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth and defend the truth. I will say that healing comes with the Sun of Righteous and things will CHANGE for the better. I know it takes TIME for these things to manifest in the physical world. Many of us want to see a major change NOW but it will happen as we shift out of these chaotic times during this pole shift. We will move forward towards higher knowledge and higher consciousness but we must remain patient in all things.

I am aware that we are passing through a field of higher energies. At this time it’s best to attract higher density beings than lower density beings. The Etherean Gods and Goddesses are here in their Etheric Ships and I know they are here and willing to communicate with those who are willing to communicate with them. And that’s why I have been preparing myself as a Bride. I want to seek their counsel because they know way more than I do currently about the Etherean kingdoms. They are guiding us and many of them are our ancestors and many of them have ascended from Earth. I desire to know heavenly knowledge and I will always say seek heavenly treasures. These etheric beings can manifest in our world and they have evolved into a much higher body and they are invisible but at the same time tangible. I’m still trying to comprehend all of this. And so I continue my search for knowledge.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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