Etherean Ships Descending to the Earth!

During the times of Ascension humanity will be able to see the Etherean Ships descending to the Earth. Some of the angels who dwells in the higher heavens were once inhabitants of the Earth which means they are our Ancient Ancestors returning. Many people hear so much about the angels or the Gods returning on Chariots well the truth is they are already HERE you just can’t see them. Some people can see them and some people can’t. Some of their ships have been cloaked for plenty of reasons. Some angels or extraterrestrial beings who were sent in ancient times were sent here on Earthly missions for different tasks, rather it be for space exploration or to come to the Earth for resources. Many beings have planted seeds on the Earth which means they have descendants on the Earth. Some of these beings who were once here evolved with Time.

Some beings who have come to the Earth were originally born on other worlds and in time they ascended from their planet. There are a multitude of angels that have come to Earth from distant worlds.There are many different beings who inhabits near by and far away star systems. Through Time many beings have evolved which means there are different heavenly kingdoms. So that means there are angels who are ranked high in the Heavenly Kingdoms. We can see the concept of this in the bible where there is a council of ET beings but One is known as the Most High. If some being have this title then apparently this being is ranked high in the heavens and he can definitely rule over a world or multiple worlds at the same time. So that means someone is given orders behind the scenes and these orders are given to the servants of the Most High or what we know as the angels of God. We must try to understand that there are Ranks in the Heavens.

As Above, So Below! It seems on Earth many people work hard to move up in a higher position at their job. Many people try so hard just to get recognized for their hard work and sometimes it goes unnoticed. Well I have good news the angels of God see your hard work. Remember we all have a guardian angel who keeps the records of all that we do in our lifetime. I believe many of us have been sent here on missions to move up in angelic rank in the heavenly kingdom. I see many people have been working for the Kingdom of Heaven/God and I really believe the reward has something to do with your rank or position in heaven. We will be rewarded in the kingdom at least that’s what I believe. All that we do is not for nothing. We are working towards something. We all have been given a plan from God! We all have a purpose in life and a mission to achieve something rather small or big. I believe we are all being watched by these higher beings. They are watching the steps that we take to achieve the plan that was given to us.

They are looking at how we handle all the situations that comes our way. Most importantly they are tracking our growth spiritually. Maybe before you incarnated here on the Earth you wanted to be in a certain department in the heavenly kingdom or on a Mothership but you needed to come to the Earth to learn something so you could be prepared for that position. It’s as if your life was designed a certain way before you incarnated here and all the signs were placed right in front of you and it’s up to you to see the messages and to follow the path by connecting to your angels that are here guiding you. Who knows but I’ve said so many times that I was working to be ranked the highest amongst the angels only because I desire to be close to the throne of God.

Just like you see governments on the Earth likewise in heaven. There are many different positions in the Heavenly Kingdoms just like there are different positions in the government. There has to be order in Heaven otherwise there will be chaos in the heavens. It starts with the Heavenly Kingdoms first, once the heavenly kingdoms are set up in righteousness the same can manifest on the Earth. So Heaven is also being cleansed as well because there has been false gods or goddesses set up to rule over this planet possibly in the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is higher than the 3rd dimension and there are higher beings who are much more advanced then us for example Ephesians 6:12 who have been ruling and controlling the world. I may not know every detail of the heavenly structure but I know there is some type of heavenly government or structure set up just like it is on the Earth. I know many angels have gathered together in higher worlds and some of them are invisible to us humans.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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