Flames of Fire: The angels of God!

In the bible the angels are known as flames of fire! Psalms 104:4 states, “The winds are your messengers; flames of fire are your servants. Hebrews 1:7 states, “Regarding the angels, he says, “He sends his angels like the winds, his servants like flames of fire.”

Since I am a seeker of all knowledge I have been led to understand this passage much better. I know that the angels are messengers of God and they are servants but I have learned more details about heaven from the angels themselves through a source that talks about the Flames of Fire and how they descend in etheric chariots. I first learned about the angels descending in chariots in the Bible and this was the main foundation for me because I could connect to the people in the bible. Apparently it was my ancestors reaching out to me in spirit so I started to build upon this. I desired to build upon the information that I received in the bible and I journeyed outside of the bible to get the missing pieces to the puzzle so that it would all make sense. I wanted to learn about the structure in the Heavens and now I am. It’s too much information to obtain but at least i get the point of it all and i can understand there is a lot happening behind the scenes.

So it’s important for humanity to know that we all will be seeing more ships in the sky and it’s nothing to fear. We all need to be aware of this knowledge that there are different structures of spaceships and motherships out there with beings on them and most of them look like us but they have evolved. Some of the motherships in space are big like planets. Many smaller ships descend to our world and they travel through the vortex or magnetosphere of the Earth. I don’t know much about the science of things but the magnetosphere of the earth or the magnetotail extends beyond the orbit of the moon and this is the space that the etheric ships descend to and travel through. The magnetosphere is the region surrounding the earth where the dominant magnetic field is the magnetic field of Earth. Within this energy field is known as the heavens of the Earth. There appears to be heavenly kingdoms set up within the space of the Earth. So this means that there are beings dwelling in the Earth’s heaven in the spiritual world.

For example, When people pass away their souls ascend to Earth’s heaven first before ascending from the Earth’s heaven to a higher heaven. From what I have learned there are Etheric Ships descending to Earth’s heaven to pick up the souls who will be ascending from the Earth. It seems like it will be your star family who is coming to pick you up in these ships. Most people always see someone in their family when they have near death experience it’s like your family or your ancestors are coming to guide you. Many people today discuss how they are Star Seeds and how they come from other worlds. Many say they are here on missions to help with ascension. Then you have people who are being used for channeling information. They have the gift to receive higher information and they are completing their mission by sharing the information with the world. If you are being contacted by higher beings they could be your star family. It’s even possible that you could have made some sort of agreement to be a messenger on the Earth and you are just completing your assignment as an angel. I’ve learned that many people are here to wake people up. Whatever world you descended from there are beings stationed in Earth’s heaven. It seem like this is the time of the Great Harvest because there is a multitude of ships in the sky. The angels are the Harvesters. Either way there are beings waiting for you in the heavens and they will guide you on your soul’s path.

Written by Goddess of Love

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