Reflecting on July 26, 2013: An encounter with the Annunaki

As I sit back and reflect on all that I have experienced I feel pretty good! It’s been an amazing journey. The process of learning has been the most exciting part. All of the discoveries that I made brings me so much joy. I have learned so many things over the course of 8 years since my awakening and each year more knowledge is revealed. My entire journey has been a journey through time and space. I’ve been learning about my ancient ancestors and I found out that my ancestors descended from another planet called Nibiru. So much knowledge has been hidden but nothing shall be hidden anymore. The truth will all come out regardless because things are now shifting on the Earth. I can say that we have lived and learned our lessons in life. We, the Nibiruans, have evolved in many ways.

If I can change and evolve then I know my own people can do the same. It may take time but the changes will happen. Time is different on Nibiru then it is on Earth. On Earth time is much faster as our planet rotates much faster than Nibiru. Nibiru is a very big planet and I’m sure there are different species on their planet just like Earth. These are exciting times to be living in because so much knowledge is coming forth especially about Nibiru. So many people continue to deny the existence of this planet but the planet has arrived in our Solar System. It is getting closer as it will make its orbit around our Sun. It has an orbital path of approximately 3600 years.

For a long time the descendants of Enki have been asleep on Earth. I discovered that when Nibiru comes closer to the Earth we awaken. It’s like we are activated again and we come online. I guess when Nibiru is out of range the stargate (pineal gland) is closed. Our people lost connection to Nibiru but we are connecting once again. I can see the possibility on how a signal was sent from Nibiru to Earth. Nibiru must be in close proximity to pair to a device. A signal is beamed out from Nibiru to pair with a device. Once the device is found frequencies are synced so communication can work both ways. I’ve been learning about the pineal gland and apparently we can transmit and receive signals that carry information. All is through electromagnetic waves. I think this is really cool. It’s like our Avatar Body (Physical Body) has a built in technology system.

Our pineal gland operates like an antenna. When I had received a signal years ago I heard a loud tuning sound inside of my head. Immediately I described it as tuning into a radio station. Inside my head I was trying to tune into the right frequency. There was so much static at first. Then once I tuned in to the incoming signal I was able to pick up the message and I saw an image. The energies were extremely intense.

Increase in Light Codes!

There is an influx of light codes coming in. My light codes have been notifying me of something. Not sure exactly what it is as of yet but I am working on decoding the message. Here are some of my light codes that I use to receive on a daily basis. One thing that I will say right now is that things are manifesting much quicker so be careful with your thoughts. I’ve been extremely busy lately but I will be reporting back to the gate. One word keeps coming within my consciousness. That word is Yellowstone! Keep watching! Be prepared as the energies are rising on the Earth due to Nibiru.

111, 121, 122, 133, 144, 155, 211, 221, 222, 233, 244, 255, 311, 321, 322, 333, 344, 355, 411, 421, 422, 433, 444, 455, 511, 521, 522, 533, 544, 555, 611, 621, 622, 633, 644, 655, 711, 721, 722, 733, 744, 755, 811, 821, 822, 833, 844, 855, 911, 921, 922, 933, 944, 955, 1010, 1011, 1021, 1022, 1033, 1044, 1055, 1111, 1221, 1122, 1133, 1144, 1155, 1210, 1211, 1212, 1217, 1221, 1222, 1233, 1244, 1255

Written by Goddess of Love

The lost Book of Enki: Have you read it?

Who has read the Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin? The information that is contained in the Sumerian Records is very important as it contains some of Earth’s history. Enki is the firstborn son of Anu and Anu was the King of Nibiru. Enki descended from Nibiru to Earth in the past and they were sent here on a mission. Enki was very knowledgeable about his planet and the inhabitants on Nibiru. He was an accomplished scientist and he had advanced knowledge. His two sons Marduk and Ningishzidda (Thoth) were known as Egyptian Gods. Enki shared with mankind certain aspects of advanced knowledge by teaching to selected individuals the “secrets of the gods”. Initiates wrote down divine teachings as they were instructed to do. Does this sound familiar?

As you begin to go deeper into the Sumerian Texts you will discover who the Gods of the Bible were. It’s time for people to know the truth that the Gods of the Bible were the Annunaki. Many people labeled them as the Gods of War. They did create chaos and destruction on the Earth in the past with nuclear weapons that were brought on chariots from Nibiru. They did a lot of things that shouldn’t have been done but some of them have evolved just like some of us. Enki and his son Thoth were both in the Garden of Eden. They understood the Tree of Life or shall I say DNA. Here are your serpent Gods. They were very intelligent and out of this world literally. They taught us advanced knowledge and Enki’s brother Enlil did not like it at all.

They were suppose to stick to the mission but if he had things would not be like it is today so everything happened for a reason. Enlil had an anger issue and I can see that in some of our people today. When people react out of anger destruction comes forth which is why a lot of things had to be taught to our people. Some of the Annunaki tried to make it right by teaching their descendants to turn away from all evil but as we see today many people don’t understand the true teachings that were passed down from the Nibiruans. As time progressed knowledge became corrupted. They had a secret plan and it involved Yahshua. As I have stated Enki and Enlil were very wise and intelligent. But the one who I must mention is Ninmnah, the Exalted Lady. She is the one that I seek. The Goddess of Nibiru. She is a Genius and is Anu’s daughter. The three of them, Enki, Ningishzidda (Thoth) and Ninmah are great in wisdom.

Written by Goddess of Love

Connecting with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on July 26, 2013!

I woke up this morning remembering what happened 7 years ago on July 26, 2013. I will always remember what happened to me on that day. I am still reflecting on how I was able to communicate with this being who contacted me. After years has passed by, I wondered how it was possible for me to communicate with that being. I did not fully understand it at that very moment in time, or did I? I think it is all part of the plan. But I will always seek to discover the truth for myself. All my spiritual experiences have taught me the mysteries of Heaven and I discovered that I am a Book of Life, a Tree of Life. There is sacred knowledge stored within me because God lives within me. I understand that I am a fractal of the Whole Universe.

When this being came to me on July 26, 2013, my consciousness was surrounded by Darkness. There was no LIGHT and my consciousness was caught up in Space. Words were exchanged and I picked up on his VIBRATION. I did not see him in a physical form I only heard him! And so, there was SOUND. There was a shift in my energy field as I was attempting to tune into the incoming signal or the electromagnetic wave that was carrying information.

I picked up the signal like I was picking up the phone. I answered the call and asked, “Who is it? He responded, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Apparently, he was contacting me for some reason. The call (signal) came through early in the morning on the Sabbath day, or Saturday. Since I have been increasing in knowledge, I now believe this call came from Nibiru. There is a spaceport center on Nibiru just like the Annunaki built one on Earth in ancient times. There was a spaceport center located in Sinai Peninsula and this was the location of the chariots or spaceships. The Annunaki/Nibirians were communicating to me from the Mission Control Center on Nibiru.

For so long I have felt like I was magnetically connected to Nibiru. It’s always been a feeling and at times I feel like the planet itself. But they can send signals directly to our avatar bodies and we can download and translate the messages. In the past our people understood the knowledge of the third eye or the pineal gland. It acts like an antenna. I call it our Spiritual Antenna or Cosmic Antenna. We can emit signals and receive signals through our pineal gland. It is a STARGATE opening! I am here to restore Ancient KNOWLEDGE!

If you want to know about the Annunaki I have videos on my YouTube Channel. It’s time to See the bigger picture! We have returned.

Written by Goddess of Love

Incoming Signal from Nibiru!

I received an incoming signal (message) this morning when I woke up. It doesn’t surprise me because I was contacted 7 years ago on this day and the being said he was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Melanated people need to understand that many of our ancestors have returned and they are here on light ships. Some of them will manifest in their Merkaba’s. The truth is I traveled to Earth in my MerKaba. I was able to tap into the memories stored within my DNA records and it manifested as a dream for me. That’s how I have learned so many things after I awakened. This is how I receive information, it’s already stored within me. I am like a quantum database filled with infinite knowledge that I can access. Ok so I just typed this and right now my lower self is like what did I just say, Quantum Database? So now I have to do some research. But this is all beyond me brothers and sisters. My Higher Self takes over and operates through me when a message need to come through. I’ve been seeing light codes repeatedly.

But the Merkaba can be used for Interdimensional Travel. Some of our star family are now here stationed on Motherships in our Solar System. I believe the Mothership New Jerusalem is coming with Nibiru. All of this has to do with Yahshua returning to Earth. All of this is secretly encoded in the bible, only the wise understand. Many messages are being beamed to many of us from the Mothership. Your third eye, or pineal gland must be activated to receive the incoming signals as you are connected to the Mothership! If you don’t know what I’m talking about then the message is not for you. This is the same Mothership that John saw descending from heaven in Revelation 21. Many people won’t understand but it’s clear I’m not from here. In fact I was sent here on a mission and I remember my journey through the solar system as I traveled through a portal. I’m not the only one here there are others and many of them have been activated or awakened. It’s all code! My consciousness has been raised to higher states of reality. Even though I live a regular life on Earth I am operating in higher realms right now. I understand that I am a mulitdimensional being and it shows in my life right now because I do so many things at one time. To the people who are aware that they are on missions. PLEASE DO NOT GET DISTRACTED! COMPLETE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS! This was the first thing I was told when I was activated.

FYI- We are not all from the same Mothership or Star System! There are many motherships out there with many different beings on them. Some beings are benevolent and some are malevolent. Test the spirit always! Many of us have united and we work together in peace. I’m not here to start a WAR but if you try us we will be ready! This is a message from the Nibirians.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Angelic Assignments: Starseeds and Dna Activation!

Many Star Seeds have been sent here during this time to help balance the Earth to keep her stable during this pole shift. Each of us has a certain amount of power stored within and that power will be unlocked, activated and released at appointed times. The light codes have already been set and embedded in your DNA! Higher beings are sending signals to you that are now activating your DNA. Memories will start to return to many and you may experience dreams and visions. You may be caught up in Starships in your visions or you may see that your ship may be apart of these incoming fleets that are descending on Earth.

Light beings may be sent to you to remind you of your angelic assignment because many people get distracted when they come to Earth. You may see a vision of yourself sleeping inside some type of chamber on a Mothership. It’s possible you could be on a ship right now and your consciousness was sent here to be born in an Avatar body. The possibilities are endless at this point as we are coming into higher knowledge. Messages will continue to be sent to you in dreams and visions so pay attention to them all and write them down. Some people may experience open visions.

Many star seeds were sent here on missions from other star systems and many of us have volunteered to return to Earth. These missions were planned out strategically before you incarnated on the Earth. Some people can remember and some people won’t remember. It’s all part of the plan. Your awakening will happen when it’s time for you to be awakened. You are a portal/vortex connected to Source and energy passes through you. Each of us should be using our inner powers in a positive way to help raise the vibrations on the Earth. You have the power to influence others in a positive or a negative way. All must choose how they will release their energies. It’s all about self control.

Over time there has been negative beings/entities who have seeked to destroy this Earth. The truth is many of us are here as Guardians or Gate Keepers and our energies are protecting the Earth naturally. I believe the 144,000 together forms and creates a protective shield around the Earth. I’m sure that Negative beings have used some type of energy weapon against humanity to keep souls trapped in lower frequencies. This has also been a war on human consciousness. So many souls have been affected through time but many shall be set free. The chosen are here to help save the planet.

Intense energies in Crown Chakra: Balance must be restored on Earth!

Woke up this morning with intense energies passing through my crown chakra. I’ve been seeing my light codes again and the energies are getting much stronger. There is going to be more things happening on the Earth such as Earthquakes, Storms, Floods, Volcano Eruptions etc. I’ve been having more pressure in my head within the last couple weeks and I know it’s a signal being beamed to me. It’s a sign, it’s a warning of something big. I can’t pin point it but a lot of people can sense that something is coming. I’ve been saying there has been an influx of higher energies coming our way. I sense there is pressure build up within Mother Earth somewhere and it will be released for her healing.

We are in a time of Purification and Ascension and many people are aware that the Earth will be cleansed! The biggest form of energy release will be seen through a Volcano Eruption. The Goddess of Fire has awakened on Earth and so far things have been under control but the energy will be released. Yellowstone has been my biggest concern for a while now ever since I received the message from a brother who shared his vision of seeing an alignment with Nibiru. Nibiru was in front of our Sun. I’ve said that the core of the Earth is heating up and that magma is making it’s way to the surface. A lot of things have been coming to the surface within each of us and the same is happening with Mother Earth.

Trust and believe she feels her children pain and their sufferings. The energy on the planet has shifted since many of us has awakened. One thing I can say is don’t make the Mother angry because her wrath is fierce. Earth has her own angels and they are a powerful force. Her love for her children is real! Mother Earth is a very strong and powerful celestial being! She is a Goddess and she is the temple that will be restored. We all must understand that Earth is a living conscious being and she is now evolving! She can see all of humanity thoughts within her energy field. All is energy and everything vibrates. So now is the time to get in tune because she is communicating to us trying to prepare us for what is coming.

What happens within us happens within the Earth because we are connected to Mother Earth. I have learned that what she feels I can feel and vice versa. Mother Earth is not too happy with the inhabitants on her planet. So changes will be made to the whole system on the Earth. So much has been stored and suppressed within us over time that it has created an imbalance within our energy centers (chakras). Well there comes a time when balance must be restored.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Summoned by the Gods of Nibiru!

The Great Work started within me in the year 2012 when I was awakened spiritually. I was summoned by the Gods of Nibiru, and I ascended to the throne room on the Mothership. Messages have been sent to me over time through many dreams and visions and even today I am still puzzled about a lot of things. There has been so many light codes and symbols being shown to me for the past 8 years. I may not know ALL that is happening but I am aware that there is a great shift taking place on our planet right now.

Time and Time again I kept asking questions about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I asked, “Who is this being?Where did he come from? Where is he? Finally I was led to Anu, Enki and Enlil. I then learned about them and I saw both positive and negative energies within them and then I saw myself in their image. I then understood they were my ancestors and that they descended from another planet. As time progressed I discovered that I am connected to my ancestors through DNA. What was in them was also within me. All the knowledge stored within me was passed down to me and I had access to it. I then learned it was all of my ancestors that have been guiding me since I’ve been on my journey.

I hearkened to the spirit, and I was willing to receive information. I was ready to have an open mind. I was ready to gain knowledge. I did not want to remain in darkness anymore, I wanted the truth to be revealed. I no longer wanted to be ignorant. So I searched for the Most High with all of my heart, mind and soul and eventually my third eye was opened, the gateway to heaven opened and my higher self descended along with my angels/ancestors who have ascended. My crown chakra was activated and ever since my awakening I know I am divinely connected to Nibiru and the beings on Nibiru.

Now it has returned to our solar system. This means the Beings Of Nibiru have returned. All of the ancient prophecies has been about the Return of Nibiru and the Ancient Ones. Yahshua’s second coming is referring to the Return of Nibiru and the chariots. He was a descendant of these beings of Nibiru and he understood higher knowledge and he was definitely worthy to ascend to the throne. If you get deeper it almost seems like Thoth and Yahshua are the same person. Yahshua was sent to fulfill his mission and Enki had a mission for his son Thoth/Ningishzidda. I wonder….

Written by Goddess of Love 333

A Time for Everything: There is a shift happening!

As you know there is A Time for Everything! The Time of the Great Harvest is upon us in the near future and no one can predict the day or hour in which these things shall take place not even the angels/light beings that are here in ships. Sure they can time travel but things changes all of the time. Higher advance ET beings are here monitoring Mother Earth and Earth knows the time when she will give birth. Pay attention to the Earth because she will show you her signs. She has been experiencing labor pains for some years now. I can see all of the signs that my ancestors warned me about. Things are not the same when I was growing up. Even the seasons are different, the weather has changed.

We must be wise enough to know that Earth is going through a POLE SHIFT and I suggest people prepare themselves SPIRITUALLY because there will be a time when people don’t survive the SHIFT. What has happened in the past is cyclical. Certain events are just bound to happen again but things can change during these events. There can be a Rescue Mission and people can prepare in advance! There are so many volunteers who came to Earth from other star systems to assist humanity with this time of Ascension. Truly we are nearing the end of this AGE. Our ancestors prepared us for these times yet few souls understand the ancient writings.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
1 For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
2 A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.
3 A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
4 A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.
5 A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
6 A time to search and a time to quit searching.
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
7 A time to tear and a time to mend.
A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
8 A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

My spiritual journey is my journey of experience!

One thing I had to learn was to not worry about what other people think of me. My spiritual journey is not someone else’s spiritual journey. We all experience different things in life and I love expressing myself in the open unlike others. I don’t expect for anyone to understand all that I have experienced. I am one of a kind and I know for a fact that the MOST HIGH loves me. For so many years I felt so low but the Most High raised me up in spirit and showed me that I was worthy.

I understand that everyone does not have dreams and visions like I do. When I do receive a dream or a vision I pay close attention to every detail in my dreams and I write them down because I know the angels are sending me a message. When you love the Most High with all of your heart, mind and soul you will be taken to higher levels of consciousness. You will experience several things outside of this world and you will begin to ask more questions and seek the Creator even more.

The things I speak of is not for everyone. I am fully aware that many people will not resonate with my messages and I am absolutely ok with this. I don’t spend my time judging others or getting people to understand my perspective. I was not sent here to play games with people or to debate. I was sent here to awaken your soul and complete my assignment. What lies within me lies within you. I am a reflection of you whether you see it or not.

Written by Goddess of Love 333