Stargate Opening! Time of Ascension!

Duty calls…..My Stargate is opening! Last night the angels were speaking to me through a source and right now so many things are happening behind the scenes that people are unaware of. We are living in a time of ascension which means humanity will see the Earth surrounded by Etheric ships. It is almost time for the Great Harvest and the angels are the harvesters. Some souls will be ascending to a higher heaven at the end of this age and some souls won’t because they haven’t completed the inner work to ascend from Earth.

In the past I prophesied that the ships were coming to the Earth! 🌍 I even gave people the sign in heaven which is Nibiru and people didn’t listen and thought I was crazy! Now they are seeing it for themselves. Well these ships have now arrived in Earth’s heaven or (magnetosphere) and they travel through portals (vortexes)! One must understand that the tail of the magnetosphere extends beyond the orbit of the moon. People have been seeing ships passing by the Moon! These ships are within the vortex of the Earth which means the gates (portals) of heaven will open on the Earth and higher beings will descend through them!

There are messengers (angels) on Earth who have been assigned the task just to capture these ships to show you proof. There are so many souls on Earth who volunteered to come here during this time of ascension. We are scattered out everywhere all over the world putting in work. Everybody does not have the same assignment because everyone is ranked differently. Yes there is a heavenly rank amongst the angels and many people are here working on moving up in the heavenly kingdom. But there are thousands upon thousands of ships near our Sun and many of them are passing throughout our solar system. There are Motherships in Space and one of them maybe orbiting the Earth soon! I am aware of one specifically, the New Jerusalem Mothership and the 144,000 is connected to this ship.

Many of the angels have descended to the Earth and the angels are here walking around surveying the Earth as I speak! You just can’t see them as they are vibrating much higher than us. If you raise your vibration you can probably detect them around you. I see flashes and streaks of light all the time in my home as they are passing by.

Written by Goddess of Love

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