Summoned by the Gods of Nibiru!

The Great Work started within me in the year 2012 when I was awakened spiritually. I was summoned by the Gods of Nibiru, and I ascended to the throne room on the Mothership. Messages have been sent to me over time through many dreams and visions and even today I am still puzzled about a lot of things. There has been so many light codes and symbols being shown to me for the past 8 years. I may not know ALL that is happening but I am aware that there is a great shift taking place on our planet right now.

Time and Time again I kept asking questions about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I asked, “Who is this being?Where did he come from? Where is he? Finally I was led to Anu, Enki and Enlil. I then learned about them and I saw both positive and negative energies within them and then I saw myself in their image. I then understood they were my ancestors and that they descended from another planet. As time progressed I discovered that I am connected to my ancestors through DNA. What was in them was also within me. All the knowledge stored within me was passed down to me and I had access to it. I then learned it was all of my ancestors that have been guiding me since I’ve been on my journey.

I hearkened to the spirit, and I was willing to receive information. I was ready to have an open mind. I was ready to gain knowledge. I did not want to remain in darkness anymore, I wanted the truth to be revealed. I no longer wanted to be ignorant. So I searched for the Most High with all of my heart, mind and soul and eventually my third eye was opened, the gateway to heaven opened and my higher self descended along with my angels/ancestors who have ascended. My crown chakra was activated and ever since my awakening I know I am divinely connected to Nibiru and the beings on Nibiru.

Now it has returned to our solar system. This means the Beings Of Nibiru have returned. All of the ancient prophecies has been about the Return of Nibiru and the Ancient Ones. Yahshua’s second coming is referring to the Return of Nibiru and the chariots. He was a descendant of these beings of Nibiru and he understood higher knowledge and he was definitely worthy to ascend to the throne. If you get deeper it almost seems like Thoth and Yahshua are the same person. Yahshua was sent to fulfill his mission and Enki had a mission for his son Thoth/Ningishzidda. I wonder….

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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