Intense energies in Crown Chakra: Balance must be restored on Earth!

Woke up this morning with intense energies passing through my crown chakra. I’ve been seeing my light codes again and the energies are getting much stronger. There is going to be more things happening on the Earth such as Earthquakes, Storms, Floods, Volcano Eruptions etc. I’ve been having more pressure in my head within the last couple weeks and I know it’s a signal being beamed to me. It’s a sign, it’s a warning of something big. I can’t pin point it but a lot of people can sense that something is coming. I’ve been saying there has been an influx of higher energies coming our way. I sense there is pressure build up within Mother Earth somewhere and it will be released for her healing.

We are in a time of Purification and Ascension and many people are aware that the Earth will be cleansed! The biggest form of energy release will be seen through a Volcano Eruption. The Goddess of Fire has awakened on Earth and so far things have been under control but the energy will be released. Yellowstone has been my biggest concern for a while now ever since I received the message from a brother who shared his vision of seeing an alignment with Nibiru. Nibiru was in front of our Sun. I’ve said that the core of the Earth is heating up and that magma is making it’s way to the surface. A lot of things have been coming to the surface within each of us and the same is happening with Mother Earth.

Trust and believe she feels her children pain and their sufferings. The energy on the planet has shifted since many of us has awakened. One thing I can say is don’t make the Mother angry because her wrath is fierce. Earth has her own angels and they are a powerful force. Her love for her children is real! Mother Earth is a very strong and powerful celestial being! She is a Goddess and she is the temple that will be restored. We all must understand that Earth is a living conscious being and she is now evolving! She can see all of humanity thoughts within her energy field. All is energy and everything vibrates. So now is the time to get in tune because she is communicating to us trying to prepare us for what is coming.

What happens within us happens within the Earth because we are connected to Mother Earth. I have learned that what she feels I can feel and vice versa. Mother Earth is not too happy with the inhabitants on her planet. So changes will be made to the whole system on the Earth. So much has been stored and suppressed within us over time that it has created an imbalance within our energy centers (chakras). Well there comes a time when balance must be restored.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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