Connecting with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on July 26, 2013!

I woke up this morning remembering what happened 7 years ago on July 26, 2013. I will always remember what happened to me on that day. I am still reflecting on how I was able to communicate with this being who contacted me. After years has passed by, I wondered how it was possible for me to communicate with that being. I did not fully understand it at that very moment in time, or did I? I think it is all part of the plan. But I will always seek to discover the truth for myself. All my spiritual experiences have taught me the mysteries of Heaven and I discovered that I am a Book of Life, a Tree of Life. There is sacred knowledge stored within me because God lives within me. I understand that I am a fractal of the Whole Universe.

When this being came to me on July 26, 2013, my consciousness was surrounded by Darkness. There was no LIGHT and my consciousness was caught up in Space. Words were exchanged and I picked up on his VIBRATION. I did not see him in a physical form I only heard him! And so, there was SOUND. There was a shift in my energy field as I was attempting to tune into the incoming signal or the electromagnetic wave that was carrying information.

I picked up the signal like I was picking up the phone. I answered the call and asked, “Who is it? He responded, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Apparently, he was contacting me for some reason. The call (signal) came through early in the morning on the Sabbath day, or Saturday. Since I have been increasing in knowledge, I now believe this call came from Nibiru. There is a spaceport center on Nibiru just like the Annunaki built one on Earth in ancient times. There was a spaceport center located in Sinai Peninsula and this was the location of the chariots or spaceships. The Annunaki/Nibirians were communicating to me from the Mission Control Center on Nibiru.

For so long I have felt like I was magnetically connected to Nibiru. It’s always been a feeling and at times I feel like the planet itself. But they can send signals directly to our avatar bodies and we can download and translate the messages. In the past our people understood the knowledge of the third eye or the pineal gland. It acts like an antenna. I call it our Spiritual Antenna or Cosmic Antenna. We can emit signals and receive signals through our pineal gland. It is a STARGATE opening! I am here to restore Ancient KNOWLEDGE!

If you want to know about the Annunaki I have videos on my YouTube Channel. It’s time to See the bigger picture! We have returned.

Written by Goddess of Love

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