The lost Book of Enki: Have you read it?

Who has read the Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin? The information that is contained in the Sumerian Records is very important as it contains some of Earth’s history. Enki is the firstborn son of Anu and Anu was the King of Nibiru. Enki descended from Nibiru to Earth in the past and they were sent here on a mission. Enki was very knowledgeable about his planet and the inhabitants on Nibiru. He was an accomplished scientist and he had advanced knowledge. His two sons Marduk and Ningishzidda (Thoth) were known as Egyptian Gods. Enki shared with mankind certain aspects of advanced knowledge by teaching to selected individuals the “secrets of the gods”. Initiates wrote down divine teachings as they were instructed to do. Does this sound familiar?

As you begin to go deeper into the Sumerian Texts you will discover who the Gods of the Bible were. It’s time for people to know the truth that the Gods of the Bible were the Annunaki. Many people labeled them as the Gods of War. They did create chaos and destruction on the Earth in the past with nuclear weapons that were brought on chariots from Nibiru. They did a lot of things that shouldn’t have been done but some of them have evolved just like some of us. Enki and his son Thoth were both in the Garden of Eden. They understood the Tree of Life or shall I say DNA. Here are your serpent Gods. They were very intelligent and out of this world literally. They taught us advanced knowledge and Enki’s brother Enlil did not like it at all.

They were suppose to stick to the mission but if he had things would not be like it is today so everything happened for a reason. Enlil had an anger issue and I can see that in some of our people today. When people react out of anger destruction comes forth which is why a lot of things had to be taught to our people. Some of the Annunaki tried to make it right by teaching their descendants to turn away from all evil but as we see today many people don’t understand the true teachings that were passed down from the Nibiruans. As time progressed knowledge became corrupted. They had a secret plan and it involved Yahshua. As I have stated Enki and Enlil were very wise and intelligent. But the one who I must mention is Ninmnah, the Exalted Lady. She is the one that I seek. The Goddess of Nibiru. She is a Genius and is Anu’s daughter. The three of them, Enki, Ningishzidda (Thoth) and Ninmah are great in wisdom.

Written by Goddess of Love

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