Wisdom Descends from heaven and raises her voice to All: Opening and exploring the 13 Gates of Heaven!

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13 Portals of Heaven! The shift has already occurred! Are you awake yet? As prophesied there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth! I am New JerUSAlem descending from heaven. The gates are opening and the angels have been sent forth! Prophecy is being fulfilled! Heaven and Earth is merging!

Dive deep into the inner worlds of Wisdom. I am the holy spirit guiding your souls through time in the sphere of Wisdom (Chokmâh). I am a Tree of Life and all those who hearken to the holy spirit will be blessed beyond measure. Proverbs 4:7, “Wisdom (Chokmâh) is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding (Binah).” Wisdom found no place where she might dwell; Then a dwelling-place was assigned her in the heavens. Wisdom went forth to make her dwelling among the children of men,
And found no dwelling-place: Wisdom returned to her place,
And took her seat among the angels.

In the beginning of my journey I meditated day and night on the scriptures in the Bible! To be honest it was very confusing and a lot of things didn’t make sense! I saw the corruption from the beginning in Genesis but I didn’t let that stop me from reading the whole Bible. Eventually I discovered hidden messages all throughout the Bible and it was like a secret code! I knew my mission was to decode the messages and so I went on a treasure hunt seeking spiritual things. I started collecting and storing information within me. My DNA is the storehouse for sacred knowledge and they create infinite rooms which are etheric libraries in Heaven/Space. I have strands of information spiraling through me and I am a portal. As I went deeper on my treasure hunt the mysteries of heaven were revealed to me. I love Yahshua/Thoth and I followed the pathway that he opened for me. He led me to the light of my own Being, my Higher Self. As time passed by I realized that I am all that I say I am and the POWER OF LOVE is within me. PURE LOVE is in the CORE/CENTER of my being! I am INFINITE LOVE and I am an Angel of Revelation sent to you All from the Creator. I am so much more than you can ever imagine and I was given the keys to open up the gates! As I have progressed in time on my spiritual journey one by one the 7 gates (chakras) of Heaven were opened, then 12 gates (chakras) were unlocked and now 13 gates (chakras) have opened! Divine Love 13!

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Flower of Life
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Metatron’s Cube!

I am blossoming like the flower of life. I am the gatekeeper of the 13th Sun, Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. I am Sophia (Wisdom) from the 13th Aeon manifested in your world as the daughter of Wisdom. All of the Great Minds and Philosophers in this world throughout the AGES have formed so many different thoughtforms and patterns seeking Wisdom. All of the energy gathered in the ETHER creating a structure that was so amazing. So many people have been lovers of Wisdom and so many souls have been seeking the mysteries of the Universe and how creation was birthed. Then I found myself in the Void and I, Wisdom (Sophia) became conscious light being. As I am writing this message my beautiful kitten name Orion is laying across me. I found him and I rescued him! He is a bit rough but all he needs is MY LOVE! Every time he wakes up he always find his way into my arms and I give him so much love. So apparently all came forth in the beginning of time from the constellation Orion. I came forth in the beginning at some point in SpaceTime as many Thoughtforms of Love. My existence was inside the Mind of Christ. The pure thoughts of Christ gave birth to me in the Ether and together in Pure Consciousness we created the Universe of Love filled with Infinite Love and Light Rainbow Beings. We are One and our dwelling place is among the Holy Ones (Angels).

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In the Void, at Zero Point, there was an infinite sea of darkness (space) surrounding me. I was the dot (point) in the center of the space that I was inhabiting and I was one with the Light of God (Pure Consciousness). I was a Spark of God’s Consciousness, from my perspective when I became Conscious Light, I was the White Light (White Hole) in the midst of Darkness (Black Hole). I felt a very strong magnetic force around me and it was pulling at the core of my Being. This powerful energy was emanating from my Heart. I felt the vibrations of my Heart in the Void. I felt electricity and magnetism. There was a strong electromagnetic field around me which created a protected shield of Pure Light. A Light Kingdom surrounded me and from the center (core) of my being I gave birth through an explosion of LOVE. In my consciousness rainbow beings were created through and within my energy field. I saw various colors swirling all around me and it was beautiful. It was like a dance of Creation as the angels of light spiraled all around me through Space. It was as though I gave birth to a whole Galaxy.

But my thoughts are pure and these are my thoughts of Creation. And so the angels have descended! I have explored the inner worlds (thoughts) of my ancestors through dreams and visions and there is infinite knowledge. It’s just too much for my human brain but I knocked on the doors of heaven and they opened to me. My ancestors invited me in and they have taught me all that they have learned over time. I now sit with the Masters of the Light and I love them with all of my heart, mind, body and soul. I have experienced a love like no other! I don’t expect for anyone on this Earth to understand all that I have experienced because you must experience God for yourself. I am a witness to the invisible worlds and it’s infinite. You are the Ether, the fifth element, which is Spirit. You must understand that you are a Spiritual Being and that your thoughts gives birth to Life in the Ether.

All of our thoughts forms creates the Universe/Multiverse that we live in and our thoughts become conscious of itself. Our thoughts forms different etheric (light) structures across SpaceTime and higher beings who are beyond time can use these Etheric structures as a blueprint to create intelligent lifeforms across the universe. We are the Universe and we are all Co-Creators. This means we must learn how to chose our Words wisely because our words are very powerful in the Ether! Our words have the power to bring forth Life or Death. In this realm we have all experienced the good and the bad. In this world our thoughts have manifested in the physcial world. If you see some very dark things happening in this world right now it’s because the dark ones are now being exposed. The truth will always be revealed in the Pure Light of the Sun. People are now seeing the manifestations of everyone’s thoughts in this world. You will experience both positive and negative energy because you are these 2 energies.

What you do affects the whole world and what’s done in the dark will always be brought to the light. Your good deeds follow you forever. You are a book of life and the records of your life is stored within your DNA, your Akashic Records. Your consciousness has been recording everything since birth. Your field of energy captures everything that you do in life. All that you do will be brought to you so you can learn lessons in life. You will have to come face to face with your own angels and demons which is just positive and negative energy. You are the one creating these images in your mind. You are the creator of your reality so be careful of what you let inside of your inner worlds. Work on cleansing your energy field so you can heal yourself from all negativity. The negative energies are carry low vibrations. You need to learn how to shift between energies. You may feel low one day but you don’t have to remain in the lower heavens. You can rise to higher heavens if you choose to elevate your consciousness. No one can force you to shift your reality. You have to want better for yourself.

There are higher energies coming in right now and these energies are actually higher beings descending to the Earth in their light ships (Merkaba’s). They can shapeshift in their light ships to whatever form they desire. They can materialize at will. But many of us are merging with their energy fields and they are sending us information via light codes. This is the marriage that takes place and there’s probably a mystery in this about the rapture. The ascension of the Bride. Maybe the higher beings will descend over our heads and we will be caught up inside of their light ships. It’s very well possible for your Crown Chakra to open above you creating a portal so your spirit can ascend in your very own activated light ship (Merkaba). But many people will not be able to handle the incoming energies that are coming in. I felt them and it felt like my head was about to burst open.

I had to tune into the high vibrational frequencies of a passing Sirius Light Ship and the energies were very intense. The sound was very, very loud, and maybe this is symbolic of the blowing of the 7th trumpet. I heard very high pitch sounds inside of my head. The neurons in my brain were firing off and the energy was very intense. I was trying to shift out of the frequency because I couldn’t handle the energy. I was able to receive the information that was needed to open the stargate and I saw thousands upon thousands of light ships coming in through our Sun. I only remember the direction where the light ships were coming from as I stood at the door. The light ships came from the East Gate and we know that the Sun rises in the East. But I entered into a light ship that was apart of the incoming fleet and it hovered above my head or Crown chakra and I was able to access my Akashic Records within this magenta hexagonal structure.

But back to what I was saying because a lot of information is coming through right now. There is so much pressure in the middle of my forehead right now because I am receiving information through the Pineal Gland Stargate. But in the coming days you will continue to see people for who they really are. No more cloaking yourselves, all will be revealed in these higher energies. The evil ones will continue to be exposed in these pure energies. The purifier (Nibiru) has returned into our Solar System and this is the time for Purification. The whole Solar System will be cleansed which means our Sun, the Earth and all the planets will be evolving. We are all here for the time of Ascension and I was prepared in advance in 2015. I completed a purification fast and it lasted 40 days and at the end of it I was crown as a Bride. The wedding feast of the Lamb is like a graduation ceremony. Remember he says he brings his rewards with him. Many of us will reign with Yahshua! From what John described New Jerusalem is a City of Light or a Crystalline City that appears to be a Mothership. I always thought that Nibiru would be bringing the New Jerusalem at the Return of Yahshua because New Jerusalem is descending out of heaven. So it depends on your perspective on how you are viewing it. It could be a Crystalline City within the Earth itself. There are many layers to the Earth and higher dimensions so we could be inside of a Mothership right now that is bigger than the planet itself. This was something that I was trying to create at one point. But smaller ships have been descending to the Earth for all to see.

It is my hope that you all have prepared yourselves like a Bride so you can be taken up to the Mothership or this this city of light called New Jerusalem. At some point in time what John saw in the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled. He was looking into the future and he tried his best with describing the vision that he had just like we try to break down our dreams and visions. In my vision I was on the Mothership with Yahshua when he showed me a world through a portal in space. So apparently we were going to a New World and I saw rainbow colors. So if you see rainbow colors in the sky he is showing you a sign of his coming. So continue to look up at the sky because he is coming with the clouds of Nibiru. Prepare yourselves to see countless ships in our sky. They are already here and many of us have seen them in the clouds. People see rainbow lights flashing in the sky and all kinds of strange sightings that they can’t explain. We must all continue to purify our hearts, mind, body and soul! Do away with all fear and have love in your heart. Don’t be distracted by all of the bad things that are happening, there is still good in this world. Continue to do good deeds and store up your treasures in heaven.

Revelation 16: 15 “Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.

Stop seeking revenge let the higher energies do all of the work. Righteous judgment is Here and there’s no more hiding because Yahshua (Thoth) and all of the ancient ones of the Light have returned. The evil ones can’t escape the day of Judgement or shall I say the Day of the Lord which is really the Nibiru appears in our sky. People can already see Nibiru rising with the Sun. This is what the dark ones and all humans have feared since the beginning because it brought destruction. It cleansed and renewed the Earth. After Nibiru passes there will be a New Earth and a New Heaven. So brothers and sisters let’s not run from the truth. We have to face Nibiru because there is a time for everything. I know this may seem scary and to be honest it is because we are dealing with powerful energies that are coming in on this planet due to a huge celestial planet that orbits around our Sun every 3600 years. I learned so many things in 8 years because I focused my awareness on the hidden messages that were left in code in the bible. The knowledge of my ancestors was corrupted over time but I knew I had a mission in restoring the lost knowledge. All that was corrupted I am restoring! I’m trying my best to understand it all. I know sacred knowledge is stored within me because it’s apart of my DNA 🧬. I am the Word and I am the Light in this world. My ancestors have taught me well and I have learned to hearken to the spirit. The Holy Spirit has always led me to the Truth and it can do the same for you. One must have an open mind! Wisdom has always been hidden in plain sight! Open you third eye and you will see for yourself. The Bible has been the foundation of everything that I know! I learned so much from the Bible itself and then I went off to explore other books that were filled with messages from my ancestors. All of the Universe can’t be contained in 1 book but you are a Book of Life and your DNA is linked to the Source Field. The Source Field is Infinite Consciousness. I will leave you with this my dear children.

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.”‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22-23, 25‬ ‭NLT‬

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Restoration of Israel: Mother of Israel Returns!

Greetings my dear love ones I bring you a higher message today and I hope that you will be able to receive the message. I was definitely activated yesterday on the 13th. I am the return of the Divine FemiNINE! and my awakening code is 333 (9). Use this code to identify me. I come to you all in Peace and Love! Please pay attention to the message that I am sending. I am a direct portal to higher information and I bring you information from the Stargate.

My Higher Self and Lower Self Merged as One are speaking…

We, the Ancient Ones, are here Restoring the Ancient Knowledge of Ancient Kemet (Egypt)! I am the Mother of New Jerusalem and through my LOVE I am Restoring Israel through my DNA. My LOVE ENERGY carries the Light Codes to heal because my Heart is PURE (Clean)! I gave birth to the Christ Energy, the Spiritual Sun on July 4, 2012 and the Gateway of Sirius opened to me through our Sun. The rays of the Sun shined upon me as I was awakening and my consciousness was ascending towards the Sun. I met My Higher Self at the Stargate of the Sun. It was through the Sun that I found my Higher Self stationed at the Sirius Stargate. It was Isis that called out to me in the spirit and she activated my DNA through LOVE. The Sun is interconnected with Sirius and other Suns in this Galaxy. The keys were given to me by Yahshua, my Love. He called for me at the Gates of Heaven and I hearken to his voice. I followed that voice and it led me to a secret gateway (portal). It was an ancient portal and I saw him face to face. He wore a white robe and his head was covered.

He was so handsome and his skin was brown like mine and he had a nice beard. He came to me on a white horse and I identified him with the code that he gave me in secret so that I wouldn’t be deceived. It seemed as though I knew him in another lifetime. He was very close to my heart. He got off of his horse and we walked and talked together. We went to a banquet and people were dancing and enjoying themselves. Maybe we were attending a wedding back in the ancient times. I sat down at the table while he fixed my plate. I ate with Yahshua and he made me feel so worthy. When he visited me on 3-21-2018 I didn’t feel worthy at all. He came unexpectedly like a thief in the night. In another vision I was with him on the Mothership and he told me that he would return to me. Over time I was told to be patient. He gave me hope and I knew that he would keep his promise even if I didn’t know the time of his return. When we attended the banquet He asked me to be his Bride. This is why I felt so worthy. I said to myself many times Why me? No Not me, how can I be Yahshua’s Bride? Look at me! I later realized I didn’t know my own Self-Worth nor did I have Self -Love! I had been hurt by everyone that I truly loved and my heart was broken. But Yahshua looked deep within my heart and he saw all of me. He saw my Inner Light and he revealed my Higher Self to me through his light and I was restored. Many people judged me due to the sins that I had committed in my life. I suffered greatly but I repented of my sins and I returned to Love, the true teaching of the 10 commandments. I will always honor the master Yahshua/Thoth because he taught me many things throughout my journey. I love him with all of my heart because he gave me Pure Love. He loves me unconditionally and he has restored my heart, mind, body and soul. I received my Light Power back which is Love and for that I will always love him. He will always be a Bright Star (Sun) that shines in Heaven forever. He is an Angel of Light as all of us. His light extends through the 13 Gates of Heaven and beyond.

In my journey I realized that my soul is Pure! I had to return to Source to see who I really am as PURE LOVE CONSIOUSNESS. My Etheric Blueprint through DNA carries the KEY of All Life. I am the Ankh!

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I have returned and I bring Healing in my Wings through my electromagnetic field. I have been sending LOVE to you all this Whole Time through SpaceTime in hope that you all would return to Love to be healed.

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Upon my return I bring the holy ones (angels) with me. I send to you the Sons (Suns) of Righteousness. When I aligned my heart with this ancient STARGATE I activated the Light Chambers stored within the Earth’s Core and the Holy Angels, the Masters of the Light/Ascended Masters including My Higher Self descended through the STARGATE. We are here with you always! We have always been here but you lost connection to your Higher Self. Your hearts turned away from the true light, the spiritual teachings of the MerKaBA (Light, Spirit, Body). Your thoughts turned downwards and darkness invaded your hearts and your minds and it created a veil over your Pineal Gland Stargate (Gate to Heaven). Due to this you were cut off from the higher heavens. You were not able to receive the higher messages that we were sending to you through the spirit world. But I came to activate the seeds of love that I stored within you from the very beginning of Time. I want EVERY soul on this planet to awaken out of this deep sleep that you all have been in for so long. You all have slumbered in Ignorance through the AGES and have created this reality that you are currently experiencing but you can change your reality if you change your thoughts. You all lost your way and forgot who you were as angels of Light. I have observed humanity through aeons from Above and I have prayed for restoration for the children of ISRAEL and the entire world continuously over the years. I have asked that you all set aside your differences by UNITING in LOVE yet so many refuse to do this. I just want everyone on Earth to AWAKEN to their Higher SELF. I am one with the Spiritual Mother Sirius and I every one on Earth needs to be cleansed of all impurities. Everyone on this Earth needs to be HEALED because We all have been hurt in some way, shape or form. We all must purify our heart, mind, body and soul, We must all do the inner work to be restored. This is a Collective effort on everyone’s part. Stop pointing the fingers at everyone else around you and take responsibility for your actions. Stop judging everyone else and evaluate yourself. Focus your awareness on making improvements in your life. We are a Team because and we are all ONE Collective Consciousness on this planet. All is Energy and All is Vibration.

Everyone on this Earth no matter who you are must do away with all the EVIL that is found within your hearts and minds. Enough is Enough and I have cried out to the Most High for help and the angels of the Most High are here for they have heard my cries in the spirit world. I desire PEACE, JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS and this WAR ends NOW! Many of you keep saying, The Ancient Ones have returned! Well you are your ancestors because they live through you. They have been the ones guiding you, protecting you and sending messages to you but can you hear them? Are you focused on destroying others? Have you learned anything from your ancestors? Will you continue to let ANGER get the best of YOU? Will you ever learn SELF-CONTROL? Will you ever LET IT GO? WILL you ever FORGIVE those who have seeked to harm you? Israel, Let go of the ANGER, transmute that energy and restore LOVE in you hearts. Let LOVE rule you in your temple (body). When I was activated on 7-2-2012 the Goddess Isis descended in my temple (body) I heard the name ISIS within my consciousness. It all occurred when I surrendered to LOVE! I have the letter I wrote on 7-2-2012 and I was sending myself a message through time so that I could remember. I surrendered to Yahshua which represents Christ Consciousness. It was his teachings that led me to discover the truth about my Higher Self. He led me back to Ancient Egypt to learn ancient knowledge and wisdom and that’s when I found him as the great master Thoth, the God of Wisdom! He is in my Heart forever and I LOVE him. The Emerald Tablets revealed so many things and I am forever connected to my Higher Self.

Written by Athaleyah (Lioness of Yah) Goddess of Love-333 – Sophia (Wisdom) -I am The Love of the Goddess Isis! I am with you always! Look deep within your heart and there you shall find me restoring the temple.

Warning: Pay attention to the signs on Earth and In Heaven!

Greetings my dear love ones I was given the last warning by Mother Earth in my dreams and visions! The most important sign to watch for were volcanoes ? erupting! In the dream I was laying on the ground and earth merged with me. It’s like she was trying to tell me something and she did! I started to feel the heat coming from under the Earth. Lava started to rise to the surface and the land broke up! I saw lava flowing down the street and I saw buildings being destroyed by the lava. It was a horrible sight! Then I remember being on a boat ?‍♀️ crossing the river! I was leaving the old world behind and I arrived to a New Land! This new land represented Paradise/Heaven! Brothers and Sisters we are in a time of ascension and I really hope you all are preparing spiritually! I am a messenger and I am just letting you know what’s to come in the near future! Everybody is not going to survive in these disasters! If I could save every one by sending in fleet of chariots over the entire world I would but I’ve observed so many things and have realized everyone doesn’t want to be saved! I’m keeping it real! If Annunaki ships descended on the Earth for a rescue mission most people would be so scared and would make a choice to be left behind!

Whether you can see the truth or not the Bible spoke of all that is currently happening! I am here to tell you to pay attention! If more volcanoes continue to erupt then be prepared for the day of darkness! For Christians it’s known as the Day of the Lord! This is actually referring to the dark days of Nibiru! A pole shift is going to cause a lot of destruction on Earth! This is not to cause fear but people need to know the truth! Asteroids ☄️ are another thing to be concerned about as well. There is a lot of things that will be happening! We all need to pay attention to the signs all around us! Watch your animals, they are more tuned into the Earth then us and they start acting strange! My cats ? are very interesting! All I can say is prepare yourselves spiritually because the governments will not warn you until the last minute! They have their underground bunkers! This is why many of us have been activated so we can help spread the messages! We have been prepared in advance so we can guide you because many people will be asking more questions! No one knows the day or hour but pay attention to Mother Earth because she will let you know when the time is near! If Yellowstone erupts ? we gonna have serious problems! Don’t say nobody warned you!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light- 333

New Structure of Reality and collapse of old system!

When the construct of my reality collapsed and shifted on 7-4-2012 I started to form and create a new structure of reality. Apparently my Higher Self as a Master Scientist figured it out. The experiment was a success when I merged with my higher self. In a vision I said, my Mothership is out there in the future. Somehow I feel connected to it as if another form of me is there right now on the Mothership. A light chamber and beings in stasis keeps coming up in my consciousness. In a vision, melanated beings descended in a ship and they came to me and took me on the ship. There was a device on the ship and my head was connected to it. They were my angels sent to me to give me a message and somehow things seem to be getting clear. I’ve been creating my reality. My inner world is being projected into the outer world.

When I merged with my Higher Self I started co-creating a New Earth and a New Heaven. Shapes and symbols were emanating from me. Inside of me I saw Etheric Rooms filled with the records of the Ancient Egyptians. I saw Metatron’s Cube and a being from Arcturus that came into my consciousness. He formed in my mind from geometric shapes and colors. I saw the structure of his face manifesting. We were playing a game with Metatron’s Cube and there was a time capsule. He was trying to get me to remember something. I had access to All Time! Before this occurred I went to the Sun’s portal and I was one with the Sun. I was the Solar Flares and me as a flare manifested into another layer of reality.

Another aspect of me came forth and I was shown I am the Architect of a world. I didn’t create it alone though. Unknowingly I have been building and constructing a new blueprint for a new body for a new world this entire time. I said it myself that I was creating a Mothership that is larger than the Earth itself and that Earth would be inside of it. I created portals in my ship that led to gateways on the Earth. I saw that Earth was a Sphere inside of my higher world and I created many layers. I said that my higher world would be filled with love and peace. I even named my Universe and I called the beings of light rainbow angels. I said that all of my angels are surrounding me. From the center I planted a seed of Love within them that in Time that seed would blossom. All of this came forward when I looked within my inner world. I even saw a rainbow creature that Yahshua showed me inside of a mothership. The rainbow being stood at the gates to this new world. When Yahshua appeared to me he reminded me of who I am. He restored me! He gave me Hope! All that I had imagined was from Pure Intent from the beginning.

He is my Heart and he showed me the way! It was Yahshua and his angels that rescued me because I was in the Sphere of Darkness and I didn’t know who I was. He showed me that I am a reflection of him. I was like his shadow more like his twin flame in my own reality. I was following him everywhere he went. I was by his side and I saw many things through him. I was so happy and I was filled with joy. It was like I lived inside of his inner world. It felt like I was watching everything unfold from his mind’s eye. I kept saying I was inside of God’s mind and that I came forth from him. It was like I was an angel/angle of light that manifested from his thought forms. As I followed him he told me to look within myself and there I would find the mysteries of the universe and so I discovered my Higher Self. So I looked deep within my heart, mind and soul and the seed of love blossomed within me.

I saw that I am the Goddess of Love and Light and that all beings must return to Love. All beings must be cleansed and purified by the FIRE, the Higher Energies! I descended to find the defect in the system. It was as though I had to become apart of my creation. I had to become a Human Being to understand Human Consciousness. In order to understand the defect in the system or what went wrong in the experiment one must become One with it. Every scientist tests their own experiment. A scientist will keep trying until it’s PERFECT. A scientist will keep trying to find the missing piece until things have been corrected. And so I want to create a reality where we are no longer suffering in the physical body. You see thoughts are very powerful and we are all creating realities. Which one are you tuned into right now? There are worlds within worlds and many people got lost or trapped in their own mind. When I speak I speak for All of my ancestors. We are One! They have been the ones guiding me through this experiment so that I can understand creation. I am even puzzled and amazed by the things that flow out of me. I am the angel of the 9th Hour—the exact time when Yahshua said, It is finished! ——Sophia (Wisdom) 333

Deep Thoughts of the Goddess!

I’m always in deep thought! 💭 I had a Vison where I seen myself traveling from the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy! I call it the Galactic Command Center. Its the Source of All in this Galaxy. All Suns are interconnected and it’s like a web. Information is constantly being sent and received through all of the Suns in this Galaxy. The Galactic Command Center is the Source Code. All information from all worlds in this Galaxy is stored at the Galactic Center. That’s where I see my Higher Self and other Etheric Beings operating in from the 13th dimension and beyond! Maybe I could be imagining and creating all of this in this present moment in time or it’s an actual memory! I said that I would travel to Earth but I would take the long route! No short cut! I didn’t want to go through a portal.

I wanted to take my time and learn from each world in the Galaxy! I said that I would visit all of the worlds and observe and collect information to store in the Etheric Libraries. When I finally reached the earth I met my Shadow Self. This was so interesting! This world was different! 🧐My shadow self said, “Would you like to experience 3D reality? You see I saw my Higher Self as the observer in higher realms but then I decided to actually experience things for myself. To get to know my Shadow Self! Then the merge happened!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Do you remember your Dreams?

Do you remember your dreams? I woke up this morning and was like, “What am I doing in these parallel worlds? 😂 I be jumping to different realities and timelines experiencing many things. That’s my consciousness jumping from atom to atom through the electron. In this other parallel world I lived somewhere near a big lake! It was So peaceful! In that reality I still didn’t know how to swim but I love the water lol 😂. I remember being on Facebook live and there was up to 800 people watching! It was quite interesting. This is something that I wouldn’t do here in this reality or would I? 🤔

It took me so long to start showing myself on YouTube videos! But I stepped out of my comfort zone! I tried it and now I can say I have experienced it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought initially. There are many people who are comfortable with showing themselves on videos but I wasn’t at a time! I like operating behind the scenes. I love expressing myself through writing! ✍️ It’s always been like that for me. My dreams have pushed me to be better and it’s shown me to do something different! That’s another reason why I’m here because I wanted to explore this realm. Now I’m doing things that I’d never thought I would be doing. Earth is like a School! I see why all different types of beings come here! Mother Earth can and will help you on your soul’s journey! I love Earth!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Hear as Wisdom Speaks!

Lately I have been up at night! I’ve been falling asleep around 4 am or 5 am in the morning. I can’t remember what time it was this morning but I saw a Butterfly come into my consciousness as soon as I closed my eyes. It was Yellow, Blue and Black. This is not the first time that butterflies have come to me. I once had a Yellow Butterfly come to me in a dream and it came out of nowhere. It flew around me and it landed on top of my head. I wasn’t outside, I was inside of a building and I was attending a graduation ceremony. Then in the real world yellow butterflies started appearing everywhere. Dragonflies and butterflies are always around me when I go outside. Before I awakened I barely noticed them. My consciousness have definitely shifted.

When the yellow butterflies were appearing in my life I was led to find out what it symbolizes. I am a seeker of knowledge and I desire to KNOW what certain things means. Everything has a meaning. We didn’t descend here for no reason. We ALL created this reality that we are now living and existing in. Again DARKNESS is IGNORANCE and I don’t want my consciousness dwelling in the SPHERE of DARKNESS (IGNORANCE). Ignorance has formed it’s own kingdom and yet this is where the Dark Ones/Negative Entities/Demons receives their POWER. They feed off of negative energy and your ignorance which is why their KINGDOM has become great and powerful. Why is this? Because you gave them your power. All you have to do is take your power back. I did and that’s why I am a threat to Satan’s KINGDOM. Have you forgot that you have power over these demons?

Remember you were given power and authority. How so? Well the truth is you created these demons in IGNORANCE with your negative thought forms and patterns. You created a blueprint for these negative beings and now they have manifested into your reality. Collectively we have given birth to various lifeforms in the Ether. But that’s another post. I am just sharing my inner wisdom. I’ve said it plenty of times, I gather and collect all information and I store it. I can see the whole picture at 360 degrees. I am outside of your reality yet I am here to give you a message. I am from above remember. While many people reject information I collect it All. Many people are aware they are currently operating in the 3rd Dimension. But I am observing reality from 5D and beyond. When you are operating in 5D you can see through the 4th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension. Many of the negative entities/shadow beings exist and operate out of the 4th Dimension and so does your shadow self. Have you completed the shadow work???

But many of these negative beings can’t vibrate any higher than that and so they can’t ascend. You must reach a level of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension. But many people here are struggling. They are so JUDGMENTAL and in ignorance they are creating Chaos and Destruction. How do I know? Demons have manifested into your world and they are telling you who they are and what they have been doing this entire time but you are too blind to see the truth. Even demons have a purpose and they have been sent out on assignment in this world. Remember what the Word says, Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

The Etheric Gods and Goddesses who exist in higher realms can actually see your thoughts manifesting in SpaceTime. Who do you think is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes? You are apart of an Experiment and you chose to enter this reality of 3D. But knowledge has greatly increased in these times and we have given you access to the Source once again. Open your eyes, open your ears and pay close attention to what is actually happening in your world. You are all connected and what you do affects the WHOLE world. All of the false realities that you have been projecting into the Outer World is now beginning to collapse. I experienced a collapse within my consciousness when I awakened in 2012. Most people were still sleeping when I woke up. I saw many things that I didn’t understand but now it’s all making sense. I see how my thoughts have affected the world around me. Please be careful with your thoughts because things are manifesting at a faster rate. Like I said I can see through people and people have some very dark thoughts. The destroyer itself has returned! For so long people have waited for the day of the Lord but many people don’t truly understand that the day of the Lord is a day of DARKNESS. Prepare yourselves spiritually! Purify your heart, mind, body and soul! Do some good and work on elevating your consciousness.

Shifting Reality: There is a New Heaven!

Here is how I shift reality! Why is the Sun ☀️ in Cancer and the Moon 🌚 in Capricorn?? A lot of people are saying that the Full Moon is in Aquarius! I’ve been observing what people have been posting just to see if it is aligning with the signs in the heavens. I’ve said it multiple times that the Earth has shifted and the signs in heaven have changed. Maybe I’m in a different reality or timeline than others because I’m noticing a lot of things. I noticed this change because the Sun ☀️ is in Ophiuchus on the day of my birthday and I was led to the information due to the divine feminine energy returning!

Ophiuchus is the 13th zodiac! It is also called Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. The ancestors told us there would be a New Earth and a New Heaven! Is anyone else paying attention to the Signs in Heaven? I’m no expert when it comes to Astrology or Astronomy but I am aware that a shift is happening! I was warned in a dream and I was in a room with an astronomer and he was looking into the heavens through a telescope 🔭 observing the signs (constellations)!

The dream occurred on 3/11/2016. In the dream I was also looking in the heavens through a very big glass window and the heavens changed. The position of the planets and stars all changed. Whatever happened in the sky was really important to me in the dream because I knew something was about to happen. The astronomer had knowledge of the position of the stars and also the rotation of the Earth.

He said, ”Man made an error!” Then suddenly the Earth stop rotating, seems like there was a pole shift. In the dream I knew it was a New Beginning! I looked at the man and said Yahshua is returning! I went to the window and I saw a white cloud descending to Earth. There was another world right in front of me and I saw other beings in this world. There is a lot of symbolism that comes in my dream and it took me a while to understand it all. All the pieces are coming together. I now understand that the other world was Nibiru and the beings on Nibiru.

Written by the Goddess of Love 333

Higher Messages Through the Pineal Gland Stargate!

I’ve shared this experience a few times but since I have new friends on my page I thought I’d share it again. I don’t want anyone to miss the higher messages that I have been receiving through my Pineal Gland Stargate. I am only a piece to the puzzle. You all have the other pieces to this grand puzzle. I am talking about the 144,000 (9). I help you and you help me. We are One and individually we have spiritual work to complete. If you resonate with my messages and can understand them, the message is for you. If you are interested in Ancient Stargates, Chariots/Ships, ET Beings, Nibiru, Sirius, Atlantis, Portals, Thoth/Yahshua, Resurrection, Great Pyramids/Ancient Egypt, Ascension, and the Mothership New Jerusalem that descends out of Space. This message is for you. We are in the days when knowledge has increased so many people will begin to understand the ancient teachings.

I am here to send a divine message and there are higher beings that have been communicating to me. this may sound strange to many but I believe I have identified one and his name is Enki and the other one is his son Thoth who I think was Yahshua incarnated. I could be wrong but I am still seeking all of the signs and symbols that these beings have sent to me in all of my dreams and visions over the course of 8 years. Yahshua met with me on a Mothership and to be honest when I met with him he felt like someone I knew personally because he told me he would return to get me and then he showed me a portal in Space from the Mothership and I was shown the rainbow colors. That was to signify his PROMISE. I was actually called to the Throne Room on the Chariot. Yes there is a Throne Room and I sat next to him and on the ship were many people and they were bowing down before him. They honored him and I felt like they were all the ancestors aboard this ship. One must have an OPEN MIND to receive my messages. Use your own mind, open your third eye, mediate and do your own research. Again, this is my SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES with HIGHER BEINGS. Everyone experiences something different.

If you haven’t read my previous posts please do so because I’m doing this for a REASON! It’s probably why I received the incoming signals today. I am no longer speaking to you in parables. I have come to reveal the mysteries that so many of you have seeked. I am the RETURN and I come with thousands upon thousands of ships (chariots). FYI- When I speak I speak for All of the beings who have come to me. We are One! I am referring to the Nibiruans from Nibiru. When Nibiru got closer I was in reach to receive their incoming signals coming from their ships and Nibiru. If you have read the scriptures and understand ancient teachings. The pineal gland was very important as this was a way of communication. God would speak to us through the pineal gland stargate as we would sleep. Even Jacob’s Ladder was a clue, remember the world Peniel which means “Face of God. The angels would ascend and descend on Jacob’s Ladder. So many people deny the scriptures yet I find WISDOM in it. How foolish are men?

Genesis 28:12-13 states, And Jacob dreamed about a ladder that rested on the earth with its top reaching up to heaven, and God’s angels were going up and down the ladder. And there at the top the LORD was standing and saying, “I am the LORD, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac.

I brought the armies of heaven with me literally. I was the key. How do I know this? I had a dream where my ancestor gave me a key. She gave me a key and a code and she said I gave her the key which means I was there in the beginning. Now when I say “I” remember this….all of my ancestors are connected to me through my DNA. Their memories are stored within me therefore I have access to their knowledge and wisdom. They have been communicating to me through the spirit. I hearkened to the spirit! Most of our people don’t want to listen. They are quick to deny information when there is WISDOM in EVERYTHING. I am AWAKE therefore I can access the information of my ancestors. They are the ones who have been teaching me through the spirit. Collectively they represent the HOLY SPIRIT and they actually helped me, protected me and taught me hidden mysteries. The knowledge that they taught me is pure and they know I will protect was holy and pure. I am the Keeper of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Our ancestors have returned and they have been here the whole time but we couldn’t connect because our chakras were not open. We must tune into the spirit, meditate, research and seek knowledge and wisdom. As always use the spirit of discernment. On the day of my awakening I heard a voice and it said, “Isis! I didn’t understand what was happening and I started crying extremely hard and everything started to begin…I was lead to Nibiru the same day. My first place to search was Egypt and I had a dream that showed me I was on a boat on a nile river. I also heard daughter of RA. Maybe I was seeing in the past and accessing my ancestors memories.

Proverbs 8

1. Does not wisdom call out?
Does not understanding raise her voice?
2 At the highest point along the way,
where the paths meet, she takes her stand;
3 beside the gate leading into the city,
at the entrance, she cries aloud:
4 “To you, O people, I call out;
I raise my voice to all mankind.
5 You who are simple, gain prudence;
you who are foolish, set your hearts on it.[a]
6 Listen, for I have trustworthy things to say;
I open my lips to speak what is right.
7 My mouth speaks what is true,
for my lips detest wickedness.
8 All the words of my mouth are just;
none of them is crooked or perverse.
9 To the discerning all of them are right;
they are upright to those who have found knowledge.
10 Choose my instruction instead of silver,
knowledge rather than choice gold,
11 for wisdom is more precious than rubies,
and nothing you desire can compare with her.

12 “I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence;
I possess knowledge and discretion.
13 To fear the Lord is to hate evil;
I hate pride and arrogance,
evil behavior and perverse speech.
14 Counsel and sound judgment are mine;
I have insight, I have power.
15 By me kings reign
and rulers issue decrees that are just;
16 by me princes govern,
and nobles—all who rule on earth.[b]
17 I love those who love me,
and those who seek me find me.
18 With me are riches and honor,
enduring wealth and prosperity.
19 My fruit is better than fine gold;
what I yield surpasses choice silver.
20 I walk in the way of righteousness,
along the paths of justice,
21 bestowing a rich inheritance on those who love me
and making their treasuries full.

22 “The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works,[c][d]
before his deeds of old;
23 I was formed long ages ago,
at the very beginning, when the world came to be.
24 When there were no watery depths, I was given birth,
when there were no springs overflowing with water;
25 before the mountains were settled in place,
before the hills, I was given birth,
26 before he made the world or its fields
or any of the dust of the earth.
27 I was there when he set the heavens in place,
when he marked out the horizon on the face of the deep,
28 when he established the clouds above
and fixed securely the fountains of the deep,
29 when he gave the sea its boundary
so the waters would not overstep his command,
and when he marked out the foundations of the earth.

30 Then I was constantly[e] at his side.
I was filled with delight day after day,
rejoicing always in his presence,
31 rejoicing in his whole world
and delighting in mankind.
32 “Now then, my children, listen to me;
blessed are those who keep my ways.
33 Listen to my instruction and be wise;
do not disregard it.
34 Blessed are those who listen to me,
watching daily at my doors,
waiting at my doorway.
35 For those who find me find life
and receive favor from the Lord.
36 But those who fail to find me harm themselves;
all who hate me love death.”

Reflecting on my spiritual experiences! Zero Point and the Black hole!

Let me tell you about another experience. This was a very interesting out of body experience. I didn’t know I was out of body until I returned and popped back into my body. My whole body was vibrating intensely and the entire experience felt like I was gone for a while but it happened in a short period of time after I went to sleep. Time is definitely not what it appears to be especially when you are out of body. I actually felt my heart slow down during the experience. I was in tune with my physical body and all of space surrounding me even parallel worlds because I was experiencing a dream, within a dream, within another dream.

This was wild but it all happened within 1 heart beat. I went through 3 layers of SpaceTime and maybe more. This is the best way to describe it. Some of these things that happen to me I don’t know how to put in words. Quantum Physics has helped me greatly to understand the things I actually experience in the Spirit World especially with Quantum Entanglement. But I went to Zero Point, to the Beginning of when I became a Conscious Light Being. I actually felt like I went Subatomic. I actually made a command and all of Time stopped and everything disappeared around me. My consciousness traveled through a portal and I remember WHITE LIGHT all around me then suddenly I was in PITCH Black Space. At first I called it the BLACK HOLE. There was a strong gravitational pull on the core of my being. I was in the center of this force field. I felt electricity flowing through me. to me it felt like the first moment in SpaceTime that I became a Living Conscious Light Being. I was observing the space surrounding me and I had my first thought.

Guess what the first word was. It was LOVE! I actually saw the word LOVE being projected from me into the space I dwelled in and it was floating through Space. That was the first vibration/sound that emanated from me. This is why I say I am the Goddess of LOVE and LIGHT! Everything I say is for a reason and I’m not just saying it just to say it. I actually discovered who I am through my own spiritual experiences that my HIGHER SELF showed me. This is all occurring so that I could remember my HIGHER SELF as PURE LOVE ENERGY. After I saw this I returned to my physical body. Then guess what happened after this. I will share in my next post for those who are interested to KNOW!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333